a couple reunited and a new threat(part5)- you'll have to read to find out.
That night, i couldn't stop thinking about the approaching battle with Abyssion. we all knew that would be the final battle between me and that sinister evil that was born of my own hatred. it would be a battle to the death and Reaper Death Seal wouldn't work this time. I was hoping to avoid getting Latios and Latias involved, but knowing Latias, she probably had a way to track me and wouldn't let me leave without her following. That would make my job even harder. i also had to defend those two. They were strong, but they looked like puppy dogs compared to me and Abyssion. Man, this fight will be like a monsoon vs a volcanic wildfire. Win or lose, there will still be horrific damage cause. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I felt a warm glow come over me and looked up to see Latias standing over me with her hand on my back. "I can feel your fear about the impending brawl. You forsee great destruction and the possbility of losing your life as well as Latios and I losing ours. I know that this will be unlike any battle unlike anything before. I'm not worried though. Can't you feel the joy in my heart? the joy of having known you, and the joy of knowing that i will continue to know you even if we both die. we would be reunited in the spirit world." I could indeed feel the joy. she was letting me feel her joy the same way that she had felt my fear. it was almost like magic. The torture of all that desperation, all ended by this joy and love.
"Thank you, Latias. i needed that. You helped me remember that you and Latios swore you'd be with me until the very end. My mind became clouded and i lost sight of that, but you helped me."
"I thought so. would you like me to stay here for a while?"
"Yes. i'd love to have you here by my side."
She sat down on the bed beside me. She kept her hand on my back and began to hum a soft tune. Her touch felt so warm and friendly. i fell asleep instantly.
When i woke up, I noticed Latias was draped over top of me. She hadn't returned to her room, but stayed with me through the night. I carefully picked her head up off of me and lay it down on the pillow. I grabbed my swords and went outside to prepare myself for the battle. I meditated to focus my energy. The same fear from the night before entered my head, almost as if it were a lasting genjutsu. i looked up and i saw a gruesome image of my own demise. Abyssion tearing Latias apart. Latios' cold body lying right beside me. then Abyssion came after me. He began to slash me rapidly with his sword and there was nothing i could do to stop it. He then used Reaper Death Seal, permanently subjecting me to the horendous torture of the Reaper. It was so nerve-racking i couldn't move.
While in the reaper, i saw a bright light. i didn't recognice it, but it felt so familiar, so kind and gentle. the light began to overcome the darkness. I opened my eyes to see Latias in front of me. "Kratos, are you ok?"
I threw my arms around Latias. "It was only a genjutsu. thanks goodness."
"How did Abyssion affect you?"
"It was my own fear. it was impossible to dispel it and it turned into an illusion against me. It was such a terrible image. i saw Abyssion destroy you and Latios, then he sealed me in the Reaper's belly. i could never come to see you in the spirit world. Then you appeared as a light. it seemed mysterious, but warm and friendly and quite familiar. the light began to grow and next thing i saw was your face."
"Wow. You were really that scared of this fight?"
"Yes. the entire time, i was praying to avoid having you enter the fight. Long ago, our power was enough to tear galaxies to shreds. Now our powers pitted against each other would probably destroy the entire universe."
"If that's true, it wouldn't matter where Latios and i were. we'd both die. at the least, we'd want to try to prevent that destruction in anyway we can."
I began to cry. "Thank you Latias. i needed that now more than ever."
Latios came out of the castle then. "It's time. Abyssion is waiting."
"Latias and i are with you until the end. We'll never stop until Abyssion's dead."
"Kratos, you have to believe in yourself like i believe in you. Together, our power is unstoppable."
We teleported to where Abyssion was waiting for us. It was a dark, malicious world with evil spirits floating around in the air. Is this the demon world? no. it's having no effect on Latios and he's not immune to demonic energy.
"hahaha. So glad you could come Kratos. Welcome to the abyss. i created this world specifically for this battle so that afterwards i can enjoy destroying the universe piece by piece instead of destroying it all at once during our battle."
"This will be your final resting place, Abyssion." My eyes began to glow the same way they had during the last fight. I charged at Abyssion and he teleported as did i after i missed. I appeared just behind him and slashed him, then he slashed me with his sword. Our battle continued at this high speed. We were moving so fast that Latios couldn't even track our movements.
"What's going on up there? i hope Kratos isn't getting hurt too badly."
"They're both perfectly matched, Latios. i can't explain it, but it's almost as if i can see them by tracking their spirits."
Our swords clashed and we were both thrown back. Both of us were completely unharmed. Only our swords had hit each other. "So, you have some fight in you after all. It's time we take this up notch." Abyssion surrounded himself in a black aura. Latias and Latios both got pushed back from the shockwave the aura created.
"I wouldn't have it any other way." i closed my eyes and when i opened them, i was using the Sharingan.
"That old trick? Please. You know i've picked apart the Sharigan before. You don't stand a chance without your aura." Abyssion charged at me. He slammed into a substitute i created out of pure energy. with the slam, he released a powerful explosion of energy. he turned around and repeated the attack. Once again he slammed a substitute. telepathically, i spoke with Latias. Latias, i have a strategy to weaken him, but i need your help. i need to use your body. I used my shadow clone jutsu and created 10,000 clones.
"That sorry trick won't help you. i'll just smash them all until i find you." Abyssion proceeded to do as threatened, releasing huge explosions of energy with every attack. When he's destroyed all the clones, he was rather tired. "Where are you Kratos?!"
"Maybe you've been looking for the wrong target," latias said. I stepped out of Latias' body.
"So that was your plan. you created the shadow clones to force me to use up my energy while you hid inside of her, knowing that i wouldn't target her while i thought you were fighting me, all the while you were recharging."
"That's not all i had in plan. Latias, time for Armor Fusion again." We flew into the air surrounded by light just like during the fight against the demon king. When the light faded, it produced the same result.
"I see. A Kekkei Genkai of yours. That won't do you any good, though. I'll just kill you both at once."
Abyssion and i both surrounded ourselves with aura. We repeated the same attack style as before. constantly charging at each other blowing each other away. this time, the explosions were much greater and, thanks to my latias armor, i wasn't affected as badly as Abyssion.
We landed, both out of breath. Abyssion's body was badly beaten from the explosions. "How...did you become so strong? i have to think of something else." Abyssion looked around, then dissapeared with an evil grin on his face. he reappeared next to Latios.
"Kratos, help!" Abyssion had trapped Latios inside a sphere of demonic energy.
i began to run toward him. "Hold it right there Kratos. one step closer, and he dies." How was i supposed to stop him? he had captured my friend and if i moved, Latios was dead.
I remembered, then, about my pact with the demon king. I held up my sword and began to chant. "hahaha. a wasted effort. Now, say goodbye to your friend."
Abyssion shot a ball of energy at Latios, but it was pulled straight to me. "WHAT? What happened?"
"You, Abyssion, should no better than anyone that you can't attack a mortal with demonic energy when another demonic energy is present."
"No. it can't be. You made a pact with the demon king?"
"Yes. now we can finally finish this fight, once and for all." Latias, i'm going to charge directly between them. right before we get to them, i'll split the fusion. you go through the sphere and get Latios out of there. I'll take Abyssion. As i had just said to Latias via telepathy, i charged straight between them. "You'd best check your eyesight. your not even close to me."
Release! Latias and I reverted back to our normal forms. Latias flew through the Demonic Prison and got her brother out while i went to finish Abyssion once and for all.
"hahahahaha. Now i know why i'm having so much fun in this fight, Kratos. The next attack will decided the winner."
We both surrounded ourselves in aura once again. this time, mine was laced with darkness from my pact with the demon king. We fired the auras at each other. The collision produced an impact that could have ripped the world apart. When the field was visible again, i was unconscious and Abyssion was still ready for more.
"Latios, Abyssion still isn't dead, but he can't be hanging on by much more. Let's finish him with a combo Chidori blast." They both began to charge up Chidori and Latias' was larger than mine normally was. They both flew towards Abyssion and began to spiral around in the air. Their hands struck Abyssion in a powerful burst of energy.
"Ugh.........No! How... could you...low lifes...beat me?"
"Because we're fighting for the ones we love. we can't let you stop us."
Abyssion stopped breathing, finally dead. i began to wake up. "Latios, Latias, did i kill him?"
"No, but you weakned him enough that we were able to."
"So, it's over? he's finally gone?"
"Yes Abyssion will never haunt this world again. I'll teleport us home." Latias did as she said and carried me to my bed.
"You were right, Latias. Together, we were able to accomplish anything."
"I told you, didn't i? i live for the joy of the world, not for the sorrow."
"And now, with abyssion gone, there is much joy to be had."

Keep it all in one thread.
It's really good.....now it's time to get the Kaiser back! and yes, keepit all on one thread. happy
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i was gonna combine them when it was done. this is by far my longest story yet. normally all of them would only span 3 parts, but by popular demand, i had to continue it.

i need you to dellete some of your old mail it is to cramped in your files i have 98 you have the limmit.
Dracko Wrote:i need you to dellete some of your old mail it is to cramped in your files i have 98 you have the limmit.
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dude this story rocks my socks off. just dont bring Abyssion back..... the whole kill someone off and bring them back is gettin' kinda old, its losing its effect.
i know, but a friend requested that i bring him back at least once. however like espegirl said, it's time to get the kaiser dragons powers back. in part 4 of this story (This thread is part 5) the gods said that the kaiser had been revived. i just have to kill it to get it's powers back.

bring who back at least once?

you've brought Kratos back 2 times
Abyssion 1
Latios 1

it just loses the effect after a while and gets old.

Its the only problem i have about the stories.
abyssion. and techniqually, i didn't bring latios back. i went into the past and gave him eternal life so he never died. lol

To tell the truth, I didn't read it.
aww. now you mad me sad

*sarcasim* Oh wah! Get over it!(JK)
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i was hoping someone would follow up on that fake "i am sad" thing. lol
I'm just smart. Everyone else thought you were serious.
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that's funny
...I know ^-^
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it took a while to come up with the 6th part of this, but i have a good feeling about it. mind you, this story still isn't finished even with this part6.

It was true. we did have a lot of fun. It almost seemed as if we hadn't fought at all and like we'd always been together until one day, i asked Latias a simple question. "Hey Latias. What did you do when Latios and I were both dead?"
"Mostly, I couldn't stop looking back on the memories we had made together. Even when they were happy memories, i couldn't help but cry. I thought that there was no way we could be re-united."
"True love is a powerful force Latias. How do you think i got the energy to face down the demon king? It was because of your love giving me strength and my love for you making me push myself harder. If you just believe in the love in your heart, you will be united with the 1 you were meant to be with. That's what I've read in journals by great writers of Spirion."
"It's all in the past now, Kratos. Now we can stay together. Just you, me, and my brother. 1 big happy family."
"...As nice as that sounds, I'm not complete. Remember i was revived without the Kaiser Dragon's powers?"
"Don't tell me you have to leave me to find the Kaiser a 2nd time."
"Quite the opposite actually. i'm going to leave to find the Kaiser, but i want you to come with me. Your brother too."
".......Would we stand a chance against it?"
"I wouldn't without you. I may be strong, but I can't fight full strength without you by my side."
"All right. I'll come."
"Well, if my sister's going, i'm going too."
"Thanks guys."
We set out the next morning. I could still feel the Kaiser's power inside me, so we were able to use that as a tracking tool, though it was still a long journey. The 1st day was rather easy going on familiar ground. Then a few days after that, the terrain became foreign and unwelcoming. It wasn't much of a problem for us, but we still had to watch our step. We were about to set up camp for the night on the 8th night of our journey when in the distance, i could hear a faint cry. "Latias, Latios, listen." I heard the cry again. "You hear that? It sounds like a creature in pain. Judging from the sounds, i'd say it's a pokemon."
"Kratos, let's go find it. If it's a hurt pokemon, we can't leave it out here."
We flew into the air to search. Latias and Latios searched using their speed and i searched through listening. My hearing was more acute than their's. "Kratos come quick!"
I flew off towards Latios' call. "Look down there. It's an Eevee"
"They aren't native to this area. Not according to the map i have."
"Well that's definitely an Eevee, and from the look of it, it's not doing too well."
"Well, let's get closer and see if we can see what's hurting it." We crept closer, Latios by invisibilty and me by fusing into the shadows. We finally got close enough. The Eevee was very badly beat up, scratched, and bleeding all over. to top that off, it's leg was caught in a bear trap.
"That ain't right. We can't leave the poor thing to die."
"But it will probably run as soon as we get it's foot out of that trap. We wouldn't have the chance to heal it."
"Somehow, i don't think that will be a problem, Latios. Look at it. It's exhausted, barely staying on its feet. It looks like it's been running from something for days."
I moved in slowly to help Eevee. Eevee growled at me and tried to back away, but tripped over out of exhaustion. "Relax, Eevee. I want to help." i reached down and ripped the trap open. "That's should start to feel better now." I put one of my special amulets around Eevee's neck, as i do with any pokemon i meet.
"Thank you, sir, but why did you help me?"
"No one wants to watch an innocent pokemon suffer, so I did something about it."
"It still hurts really bad."
"I'd expect that, but if you come with me, i have some things back at my camp that i could use to help you. I'll carry you there so you can stay off that bad leg."
"Thank you." I reached down to pick her up. She instantly passed out in my arms after she saw i wasn't going to hurt her. Latios and i took off towards camp.
When we landed, Latias was there waiting for us. "That Eevee. is she the 1 you heard crying in pain?"
"Yeah. You see..." i explained the story of what i thought happened to her ending with us bringing her back. "Wow. Good thing you brought her back so quickly. If she loses much more blood, it will be all over for her."
i took her over and set her on the blanket and began to bandage her wounds. I looked at the leg that had been caught in the trap. It the skin was completely torn away. She must have tried to chew it off to get away. Good thing we showed up when we did. The bone wasn't fractured, though judging from the damage to the flesh and nerves, she wouldn't be able to use that leg too effectively for a little while. "Well, i've done what i can. Now it's up to her body to heal itself. For now, i suggest we all turn in for the night."
I was dreaming a rather peaceful dream that night. I pictured Latias and I sitting on the beach with the moon in the sky, the same way as it was when she first said she loved me. Suddenly, Latias began shivering. I woke up and saw that it was Eevee who was shivering. I had forgotten to give her a blanket. I didn't have any spares other than the ones i'd put her on when i dressed her wounds, but those ones were covered in blood. I got up, went over, and put my blanket over her while trying not to wake her. She woke up anyway and said, "Hmm? Excuse me, but what are you doing?"
"You were shivering. i couldn't just let you lie there in the cold. You can use my blanket tonight."
"But how will you stay warm?"
"Don't worry about me. I'm not the one covered in injuries here. You are. Besides, i have my jacket."
"Thank you, sir."
"Please. call me kratos. And these are my friends Latios and Latias."
"Ok. Thank you, Kratos. Goodnight."
"'Night, eevee."
When Latios, his sister and i awoke the next morning, eevee was still sound asleep. "Maybe we should just let her sleep and keep moving."
Just as we turned to leave, eevee said, "Kratos, where are you going?"
"Currently, we're on a journey. last night, we stopped to help you, but we have to keep on moving."
"Kratos, i want to come with you." i walked over and knelt down beside Eevee.
"You do realize that this is a perilous journey correct?" she nodded. "You do also understand that your leg is injured beyond the point of use for the moment, right?" she nodded again. "If you can't freely move around, there is little chance you'll survive this journey. Knowing that, do you still wish to come?"
"Yes. i can't explain it, but i feel like i owe it to you. after all, you did help me out with the trap back there."
I talked it over telepathically with Latios and Latias. "All right, Eevee. You can join, but don't push yourself until that leg of yours heals."
"Yay!" I reached down and picked eevee up and cradled her in my arms.
"It may seem a little child-like, but until your leg get's better, I'll be carrying you instead of you walking." we took off into the sunrise with our new partner.
Aawwww! I love eevees!
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same here. don't worry, eevee is going to be okay. i can say that much, but if i say any more, i'll be spoiling the rest of it.
man, i was just on a roll, so i decided to go ahead and and post the 7th part. this is my longest story yet and i still don't see an end in my mind.

Over the next few days, Eevee began to feel a little better, though i still had to carry her. I didn't mind at all, though. I think i was beginning to earn her trust a little more. A powerful storm began to roll in just as night was setting in. "This is one heck of a down pour. Barrier." I put up a barrier over top of us to act as an umbrella. "Latios, i want you to use your Byakugan and try to find some place for us to get out of this weather."
Latios nodded and used his Byakugan. It didn't take long before he said, "About kilometer away from here, there's a cave we can duck into. it doesn't look like there's anyone in there right now."
"Come on Kratos. Let's get out of this rain." We took off walking in the direction Latios led us, me still using the barrier as an umbrella for us all. We finally arrived and quickly ran inside.
"Kratos, Latias, Eevee, it looks like there's something big heading this direction. I can't tell exactly what it is, but it looks like major trouble and it's probably following the energy trail Kratos' barrier left."
"Give me a size and description."
"I'd say about 20 feet in height. The only other thing i know is that it's coming this way fast."
"What do we do?"
"Well, Latias, we'll have to try to wait out the storm here and hope that monster doesn't show up."
"And if it does?"
"We'll cut it down like we do any monster."
We went in and Latios and Latias laid down a tried to go to sleep, but i could still sense the restlessness in their minds. I made a bed for Eevee using my jacket and one of our blankets. "Thanks, Kratos. I'm sorry to have caused you this much trouble."
"Who ever said it was trouble? Dwarven vow #2. Never abandon someone in need. Besides, since i said you could come with us, it's only proper that i help take care of you when your injured. Never leave any comrade behind i say. Now try to get a good night sleep." Eevee closed her eyes and tried to get to sleep, but she was as restless as Latios and Latias had been. I sat down beside her and began to gently pet her head. It wasn't long before she was snoring. I simply kept petting her.
about 3 hours after she fell asleep, she woke up and said, "Kratos, we have to get out of here now."
"Hmm? Why?"
"that thing Latios saw before. It's still coming and it's not far away now."
"I can't sense it at all, Eevee. Just relax."
"I'm telling you it's coming. i can feel the vibrations it's making with every step."
"You can? well i have no reason not to believe you, but like i said before, Latios, Latias and i will fight it. How far away is it and how quickly is it moving?"
"It's about 500meters away and it's coming ratherr quickly. I'd say it will be here in about 5 minutes."
"That gives us little time to prepare." i turner towards Latios and Latias. "Wake up! On your wings! Look alive!" They instantly sprang up. "We have a situtation. Latios, the thing you spotted earlier, it's still coming this way. we have about 5 minute until it's here. We have to fight it."
We were standing at the mouth oif the cave ready to defend ourselves. "Eevee, you have to stay back."
"Kratos, i want to watch the 3 of you fight. From what you've told me, you're very powerful fighters, but i've never actually seen you. I want to witness your power with my own eyes."
"Ok, but don't leave the cave. I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you."
The rumbling grew louder. The trees were being knocked over. Out of the distance came an enourmous sand demon. Sand demon? In the forest? Could it be him? The 3 of us flew out towards it, hitting it with everything we had. Its body simply absorbed most of our blows. Even our energy attacks seemed useless. It easily blew us back several times. I looked around. Latios and Latias were both unconscious. The sand demon was going after Eevee. It seems there's no choice. i have to use my trump card. That technique i was hoping i wouldn't have to use. I picked up Latios and Latias and flew towards the cave. I managed to knock the sand demon back with a powerful exploding energy wave. The sand was only temporarily disrupted. I set the 2 down next to Eevee. "Eevee, do your best to wake them, but don't let them rejoin this fight."
I flew off towards the sand demon.

yeah it's a cliffhanger. Man i love leavin cliffhangers.
I aways imagined Kratos as older Sasuke and the sword helped.

my brain completely blanked. when did i use a sword besides in the Lucario story?
My eyes began to take on a dark violet aura. I charged straight at the sand demon and sent him flying. He got up and i repeated that attack, adding in an energy field with the impact. He kept getting up and i kept on attacking.
Latios began to wake up. Eevee turned around to help him. "Good. you're awake."
"Where are my sister and Kratos?"
"Your sister is right next to you, but Kratos is still fighting."
"No. he can't survive without our help." Latios tried to take off to rejoin the fight. Eevee cut him off.
"He told me to make sure you 2 don't try to keep fighting. Besides, i think we'll be ok. Look at how badly he's beating up the sand guy."
Latias began to wake up now. "What? Where is Kratos? Where's is that sand demon?"
"Still fighting. Kratos was really holding his own while you guys were out cold."
"Oh no! Tell me he didn't..."
"Didn't what?"
"There's no way we can win this fight if he used that."
"What are you talking about, Latias? Eevee just told us Kratos has been holding his own."
"Yes, but i fear he may have used the Darkness technique."
"Darkness technique? What is that?"
"Well Eevee, you've seen our powers, but Darkness is 1 technique of Kratos' that no one has ever seen before. It's 1 of his 2 trump cards. He's told me quite a bit about it. When used, the user becomes extremely powerful and incredibly fast, but it's not a technique anyone wants to use too often or for very long at 1 time."
"I see. it's that kind of technique, isn't it?"
"Yes, brother. He can't keep fighting like this for very long."
"Wait a minute you 2. What kind of attack is it and why can't Kratos keep fighting long?"
"It's a sacrificial attack."
"Yes. While it may be incredibly powerful, it's also incredibly damaging to the user. Every blow Kratos lands while using Darkness, whether the sand demon hits him or not, not only hurts the sand demon, but badly hurts Kratos."
"Is there any way that the damaging effect can be stopped? Maybe we could find something."
"There is only 1, but the records of it were lost long ago. The Seal of Ragnarok. Unlike the regular Ragnarok, the absolute destruction of the living world, the Seal of Ragnarok is sought after by all summoners and magicians. It increases their magic powers far beyond any comprehension. It has little purpose to a person like Kratos, but it would allow sacrificial attack such as Darkness to be used without any damage to the user."
"I've heard that Kratos once found an archive with magical seals in it, 1 of which being the Ragnarok Seal, but when he tried to copy the seal, he messed up and the power burned the book entirely and burned his body very badly. That was long before he met my sister and I, provided it's even true."
I was causing some considerable damage to the sand demon, but my body felt like it was trying to split in 2. I couldn't even fly much longer. The demon bellowed, "So, this is the limit of your power? Pity. I was hoping you'd make this fun for me." He swung his arm at me and sent me flying towards the ground. Latios rushed to me and managed to catch me while Latias stayed with Eevee.
"Oh, no! With Kratos down, we have no chance to beat that thing now. I'm out of energy and you're still injured and too young to fight something like this anyway."
The demon shot large spheres of sand towards them, Latias managed to shove Eevee out of the way, but took a massive hit herself, knocking her out again. "Latias! Latias wake up!" Eevee couldn't wake her no matter how she tried. She turned towards the sand demon. "You hurt my friends." Her body was beginning to let off a dark aura. "There's no way i'll let you get away with something like this."
The demon just laughed. "How can you expect to beat me little girl? You can't even stand on all 4 legs!" He shot more sand at her.
"Shut up!!!" Eevee deflecting the sand somehow. "I'm gonna kill you!!!!!!!!!" Eevee somehow lifted off the ground and flew towards the demon, dodging all of his attack. She slammed into him and sent him flying farther than any of my attacks had sent him.
"WHOA! That was Eevee? I've never seen anyone fight like that."
Could it be? Could she really be using Darkness?
Eevee flew below the demon, then went back up and sent him flying into the air. She then began to slam him from all sides, then sent him straight into the ground. "I'm not done with you yet." She began to charge up and enourmous Shadow Ball and let it go. The sand demon was completely obliterated. Eevee landed next to Latias.
Latios had helped me get back to the cave. "Eevee, tell me. Was that Darkness you were using?"
"I don't know, but i think it was. Latias told me about Darkness and when she got hurt, I just used the first thing i thought of."
"That was definitely Darkness, but you don't seem hurt at all. Well at least no worse than you were before this fight."
"What? How could she have used Darkness and not been hurt? i thought the Seal of Ragnarok was required for that and you burned the last copy of it a long time ago."
"Is that what the story says now? That's amusing. Help me over to Eevee."
I put my hand on Eevee's head. Some strange markings began to appear. "Latios, this is the Seal of Ragnarok."
"But how?!"
"I don't know exactly, but I can help clear it up by shedding some truth on the matter of the seal. You see, i didn't end up burning the seal. Well at least not before i made a successful copy of it. It was actually not too long ago that i found it. While you, your sister and I were on seperate journeys for training, I came across it. I was about to make the seal for myself when I found an Eevee suffering from an intense fever. She was almost too hot to touch, litterally. I tried giving her some medicine, but to no affect. It seemed like the fever was trying to tear her apart. Since i couldn't find a cure among any of my medicines, I turned to the only other 1. The Seal. I was successful in putting the Seal in place for her, which brought her fever down, but after I put the Seal in place, the book burst into flames for some reason. Apparently, when the Seal is placed, the record in which it was depicted is automatically destroyed. Regardless, i couldn't remove the seal, so i simply left. Eevee, tell me. Do you remember your mom at all?"
"Yeah. i got seperated from her not long before you found me."
"Tell me, did she have a mark on her forehead?"
"Yeah. It was really wierd, but she said there was a man who put that there when she was really sick. When he put it there, she got better. That's what she said."
"So, it was her. You mom is the 1 i put the seal on. Apparently, the effects of the seal carried over to you. That's very rare."
"It doesn't matter now Kratos. You need to rest. You had Darkness active for a long time. I'm surprised you can still move."
"I know, Latios. Just help me get to the cave wall."
I sat up against the wall. Not much else i could do. Without someone to help me get around, i couldn't even stand up. Not too different from Eevee with her leg still injured.
Latios went back over to sleep beside his sister. About 1 hour later, I saw Eevee tap Latios on the shoulder to wake him, then she whispered something in his ear. He picked her up, brought her over to where i was, and set her down in my lap. "She asked me to bring her over to you. I'm going back to sleep."
"I wanted to keep you company, Kratos. Thought it might have been lonely sitting here all by yourself."
"Well, i did kinda want some company. Thanks, Eevee."
"No problem. Now we're both hurt, so we have to stick together now more than ever."
In my mind, i couldn't help but laugh. "They say being with your friends helps you get better faster."

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