The War [remade]
[Image: 0d9e1cb3be.jpg]

It all started with Giovanni, who wanted to toy around and experiment pokemon with human DNA, making them have strange physical mutations; Ratattata's with small, human hands or perhaps a Pidgeot with long, golden blond hair and feet. They weren't pleasent features, and weren't much of a use. But Giovanni knew that they would come to use one day, and so he kept experimenting until more ideas crossed into his mind. How about mixing it up? To put Pokemon DNA in a human instead?

Well that, had indeed changed the circumstances. For normal human beings could get physic powers from the DNA of an Alakazam, or the ability to use Thunder from the DNA of a Raichu. And the experimenting continued, Team Rocket toying with science. At first people had to volunteer to be tested on, but soon enough people grew cautiouse about the idea and few volunteered. Growing impatient, Giovanni gave orders to kidnap trainors or normal people for their own usage. The experiment became secret, only Team Rocket knowing the plan. What plan, you ask? To dominate the world with these powerful beings, control their minds and use their power. And they all had it working out pretty good, until one day.

That one day had ruined Team Rocket's hard worked plan. For the secret was revealed to a few officers that were above the surface of their Underground Lab and they told higher authorities, the FBI, for example. Pokemorphs were sent to be free as normal citizens, but then people began to feel that Pokemorphs were untrustworthy because they had so much power that might be used. They were isolated and most were made fun of and it even got worst... The government demanded that all Pokemorphs were to be sent to a uncharted island. Thousands of the strange beings were chained and shipped... Most families were seperated and said that they would not be able to see their loved ones again. That day was a good and bad day, because some were sad for their lose and others proud to have their region safe once more. They thought this was the end of the Pokemorphs.

They were wronge...

Two Pokemorphs, a Charizard and Steelix morph, had decided to make a small milita and fly over the seas back to the Pokemon Regions. They attacked small towns, trying to show their revenge. Angry at this, the 'normals' (As Pokemorphs had named them) sent a large army at the huge Pokemorph Island, and soon enough, a war commenced.

An old prophecy stated, "The one with the heart of pure, can cleanse the world of hatred and rage" in the tombs of Silentri. No one really knew that they meant one little Pokemorph.


Long plot, whatever. This is based from my old roleplay in the old forums. This has much more restrictions though and plot line.

- You must be able to post atleast three sentences each post. They have to be good, too, not some crap. I do understand Writer's block though, so it's all cool.
- Spell check if your not a good speller (-cough- Dogar -cough-).
- No power playing, meaning you may not control any other character's unless the roleplayer's allow you to.
- Stick to the plot line and you may not add anything with out asking. Got it? That's what ruined my last roleplay.
- Legendary Pokemorphs are alright, just you can't be too powerful. Kays?
- Obviously, have fun even though I want you to be a little literate and good.

I also must accept your biography before joining, also if I've never seen you roleplay then I'll probably ask you to PM me an example of you roleplaying. I'll be making up the type, so you don't go and copy somthing else. Believe me, it's happened plenty of times before.

Head Military leaders and Generals of each side (Normal and Pokemorph) are needed before roleplaying. All spots must be filled or it'll end of crap. Got it? No neutrals but me, because it's part of the plot line. Don't like it? Get out of my thread.

Biography form for Pokemorphs;

Name --
Age -- If in military, you must be older then 18.
Gender --
DNA --
Appearance -- Three sentences unless you have a picture.
Personality -- Three sentences or twenty words describing your character.
Powers -- What is your Pokemorph able to do beside morph into it's pokemon form? Can it thunderbolt like a Pikachu? Can it use water gun like a Squirtle? Be creative!
Military stage -- Soldier, General, ect. Lead General is OPEN for Pokemorphs.

Biography form for Normals;
Name --
Age -- If in military, you must be older then 18.
Gender --
Pokemon -- Two for a normal soldier, six for a General.
Appearance -- Three sentences unless you have a picture.
Personality -- Three sentences or twenty words describing your character.
Military stage -- Soldier, General, ect. Lead General is OPEN for Normals.
*squeal* ^___^

I'll just copy and paste =P

Name: Joey Ferguson
Pokemon DNA: Agunomuu
Appearance: [Image: agunomuumorphitsaboyforgodssakegk0.png] -IT'S A BOY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. (I tried my best to make hikari into a boy. and failed miserably) SPRITE IS FROM OCTOBER, BLAME GOD IF IT SUCKS
Powers: Telepathy, weak telekinesis, //moves Somersault/Explosion/Flamthrower/Thunderbolt; moves when fully morphed only.
Personality: Mostly nice to others, but tends to get pissed off easily. Needs to know someone well before going on with the relationship. He's not the kind of person to jump into a fight, however he'll fight if needed.
History: He didnt care about the war and tried to avoid it as much as he could, however, he got jumped by 'normals' and had to run. In his rush, he found an island inhabited by other Pokemorphs, and immediately made it his home.
Position: Helper

my sprite is horrible ;-;
OOC: I'm making two characters, and they are the same ones from the previous war. here's their profiles:

Pokemorph Profile:

Name: Max Sivogar
Age: 21
Gender: Male
DNA: Deoxys
Apperance: [Image: maxsivogarfd8.png]
Personality: Max didn't become a pokemorph by choice, and wasn't done so by Team Rocket. An accident in Devon Corp was what made him who he was. Because of this, he thinks that being a pokemorph is a curse, and hates his powers, despite him being able to utilize them well. However, he is loyal to his friends, and would risk his life for them. He has a good tactical mind
Powers: Naturally, being a Deoxys morph allows Max to utilize all forms of Deoxys. While in those forms, he can gain the powers of the form he's in, and can use the same attacks his form can use.
Military Stage: General.

Now for my normals character

Name: Malak Shimmra
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Omastar, Armaldo, Groudon, (if I can't use groudon I'll change it), Blastoise, houndoom, dragonite
Apperance: [Image: 200px-Nom_anor1.jpg]
Personality: Malak hates, hates, HATES the pokemorphs because during one of the first attacks, his family was killed. Like Max, he has a good tactical mind, and is also very skilled at taking advantage of others. He often will sacrifice his comrades to kill a pokemorph
Military stage: general.
Other: usues broadswords for combat.

Are those good?
|ooc| Both accepted, but Kardosinno, you can't be lead general of the normals. It might be reserved, I think.. You can be general in the normals, but if you do that you can not be general for the Pokemorphs so pick one of them.
|ooc| Ahh, scratch that. CL, you need to use the form above, please. Yours in fine, I just want it to be perfect. Tongue
Name -- Joey Ferguson
Age -- 15
Gender -- Male
DNA -- Agunomuu
Appearance -- [Image: agunomuumorphitsaboyforgodssakegk0.png] <-- it sucks, I know.
Personality -- Mostly nice to others, but tends to get pissed off easily. Needs to know someone well before going on with the relationship. He's not the kind of person to jump into a fight, however he'll fight if needed.

Powers -- Telepathy, weak telekinesis, //moves Somersault/Explosion/Flamthrower/Thunderbolt; moves when fully morphed only.

Military stage -- Helper [he doesn't fight unless in extreme emergencies; he'll go search for help instead]


Pokemon aren't allowed for Pokemorphs, now? =[
|ooc| No, sorry. ^^ Well, accepted.
OOC: Wait, what am I supposed to change? I will change what you want me to change, but I don't understand what.
OOC: I've improved in RPing Kelsh. Would you like me to send you a new example? Also, do you want me to create a new character. I can retrieve those maps for you if you want.
|ooc| Kardo-chan, just you can't be lead general of the normals because I think that's reserved for right now. You can be general of them, though. And Solly, I believe you, just remember to post atleast three sentences that are descriptive and acceptable. No, Dogar probably will remake maps. He doesn't get on until tonight though so we'll wait. I'm going to invite Xion, KAkashi, and Peeki too because we need more then just four people.
OOC: Ahh. I see. Very well then. Modifying profile now....
OOC: Ok. I'll put in my retrieved profile, with a few changes of course:

My Form: Pokemorph

Name -- Soluco
Age -- 30
Gender -- Male
DNA -- Lucario
Appearance -- A man with black hair. He has blue eyes with black patches surrounding them and a blue tail. He has black paws, with thumbs, and feet like Lucario's. He has large ears coming out of the top of his head.
Personality -- He used to care about the war. He lives in a hut upon a hidden river on a small island called Silintro, North of Mossdeep, with other pokemorphs.
Powers -- Moves: Hyper Beam, Mega Kick, Metal Claw, Seismic Toss. He can run quite fast and has steel underskin (Though it can be shot through, as shown in the other RP). Soluco can also talk to normal pokemon.
Military stage -- Lead general, as I was before. Though he usually stays hidden unless he is called upon by war.

I also found the Silintro anthem:

"The island of Silintro,
The island for me,
Catching or fishing,
In the great grand sea,
The island were I live,
The island of fun,
Were we sit around,
And watch the rising sun."
|ooc| Accepted. Now I just have to wait for a lot more people to join.
and whilst that, my RP is dying! ;-;
OOC: hi! i'm back and i'll join!
me too =D
i'm so happy to be back!
meep ^^-;
Name -- Kari Sophie Winifer
Age -- 19
Gender -- female
DNA -- Articuno
Appearance -- [Image: big1.jpg]
Personality -- Kari is fun-loving and happy, usually. but lately she's been losing her temper and beating others up due to the war, she doesn't like being a pokemorph.
Powers -- Kari can make blizzards and freeze things, and she can fly when she is in her Articuno form.
Military stage -- Lead General
Name -- Fashia
Age -- 15
Gender -- female
DNA -- Charizard
Appearance -- [Image: 1135723689_sfireangle.jpg]
Personality -- Because of the experiments, she trusts almost nobody. She only trusts a couple of Pokemorphs. Her temper matches her DNA: fiery when unleashed. If somebody talks to her, she glares unless it's another Pokemorph.
Powers -- Ember that's a little (< emphasis) more powerful than normal, weak Fire Blast, Seizmic (I can never spell that) Toss (when in Charizard form)
Military stage -- N/A
[Image: kikibnr.gif]
Made by Peeki! Thanks! :3
Kratos' forum: Pokefrenzy
Paired with: SM, Nanaki, SK
|ooc| Last bit of pokemorphs until we have three or four more normals.
tell 'ephram' to join =P

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