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Bringin it back. Posting previous work before a new one right after, so expect lots of stuff in here.

This thread is open to discussion, but i ask you to not go insane. I don't want super nubsplosion going on. Mostly this will just be my thoughts in standard rant format, similar to my last one (for those of you who read it). So expect something like that, but a little more light.

This will also be the Adam tracker. When i'm going away for an extended period, this will be the official place i announce it. Even if i'm gone for a week unannounced, i will at least update this at my first possible moment. Other mods, i ask you to take care of this in my absence as well. I dont mind off topic, but if flaming gets out of control get rid of it all. If useless spam comes up get rid of it. I dont want a page and a half about MC hammer showing up by the time i come on the next day.

Also, some things are forbidden here. Here is a list, albeit short, of what i currently do not want to see, unless i open the floodgate. This list may update at any time so check back occasionally.

-Stale Debates, such as the current middle east situations
-Nationalistic (context?) flames like Spain sucks
-Flame wars that dont start in here (such as kakashi/CL flaming)[/COLOR]

These are off limits (as in must be deleted) if it appears without me starting it. It will also end when i say it. It will be obvious, such as:

Quote:The current religious discussion is now closed.

Anything in said subject following said message, will be deleted. Deleted reasonabley of course, if you're typing a post while i give the message, i'll let it go. The beauty of checking post times. 10 minute window, about that.

These are the ground rules.
The album "Buzz Ballads" is where music fell off the ladder. I was looking for the exact moment when music went from great to horrid. This album IS that time. Mid 90s i think, maybe late 90s. When Staind was popular with their one song, when all white rock bands sounded the same. That song by Lifehouse (i think thats the band) is playing in the commercial, you cant understand a single word. The magic of this song is it sounds like every new rock song you hear on the radio. It is the epitomy of horrible music. Some songs sounded good though, like Doll Parts, Long December, and of course Sublime can never suck. Everlast or however its spelled is on there, with their first hit song "What It's Like" which was pretty good.

The name is also funny. Buzz Ballads = stoner tracks. Easilly noticed for your sharp eyes though eh? Take your buzz to the next level!

Leonardo Decaprio. Gay? Maybe. He's still a great actor i noticed. Titanic sucked though. I saw "The Aviator" which was an ok movie, but Leo did a great job in it.

Law and Order is one of the best shows on tv today. Sam Waterston is phenominal. Watch him if you havent, a truely brilliant actor. Angie Harmon was the best ADA, and Fred Thompson was the best DA. Jerry Orbach+Jesse Martin (i think thats his name) was the best detective duo. Its on TNT constantly, watch it.

Julian McMahon. A gem in the rough. Played a quite loveable demon on Charmed (I watch a lot of tnt). It was only a great character because of Julians skills. He made the demon loveable instead of annoying (his character had a horrible plot of die+reappear and die again for the length of 2 or 3 seasons). Fantastic Four was a huge step back imo for his acting. Beneath his talents. He played Dr. Doom for those who dont know. Nip Tuck is a saving grace, at least he's employed.

After a discussion with tim, the consensus is this. Jon Stewart brings the hammer, but Colbert is the street justice. 1-0 Stewart. I still love Colbert though, and i want that bridge named after him!

South park. "The first episodes were the best!" Shut the hell up loser. The first episodes were good but the new ones rock way harder. Thats not just the graphics talking.

Dave Chappelle. Shattered my trust. He gave up. Better to die in a blazing flame than a flickering candle though.

Carlos Mencia. The poor mans Chappelle. It was funny at first but mencia gets so hyped on being non PC that he doesnt even seem funny anymore. He makes retarded jokes (im a comedian buff, i know what im talking about) and says "I dont care if you hate it!" and everyone cheers. Retards. Example? Mencia said something along the lines of "If black people could swim then hurricane katrina wouldnt have been a problem". He also said not to rebuild new orleans, but instead to put in diving boards. Thats kinda low mencia. Of course the crowd cheered.


My pokemon emerald game is pissing me off. after a long while i have 6 silver symbols, which is kind of pathetic for someone of my perfectionist type nature. i always thought the more restricting challenges (like battle pyramid, factory etc) would be the hardest, but they werent. the battle tower i cant beat for some reason. the least restricting fighting facility of all and it kicks the crap out of me.

this is how it goes. the first set of 7 is cake, the second set of 7 is also cake. the third set i may have 2 or 3 fights that make me use my second pokemon, the 4th set is challenging since the opponents are evolved and stuff finally. the 5th set (where you get the symbol) i cant make it past the 3rd fight <_<. what sucks is its not because my team fails me, but because i fail me. i always choose the wrong pokemon to go into that set with. mainly my team revolves around skarmory leading, either regice/dusclops for more tankish purposes, and a heavy hitter like my CB slaking or alakazam. the most recent attempt, i lost the first fight. Aggron landed an iron tail on my alakazam that had bright powder and 1 shotted it when all i needed was to glance at aggron to kill it. iron tail should not hit through bright powder! case of bad luck.

battle palace was lame. the message "<pokemon> is incapable of using its power!" is a way of the game saying "we know your pokemon would dominate this fight, but we're going to even the odds!". my regice almost lost to a freakin lapras at 30% hp that was paralyzed. it horn drilled my slaking and alakazam (lucky) and regice just had to hit it to kill it. of course, being automatically controlled, regice uses rest until it runs out of pp for it. it knows to use thunderbolt over icebeam at least. as soon as i grow more salac berries im putting my heracross back in there. the reason it couldnt dominate was because it needs the speed. speed nature + speed evs still arent enough to outspeed base 120s. the pokes in the BF dont have natures or EVs, at least i dont think so. thats just speculation.


My dad listening to a george bush speech in the other room doesnt help. i just said i didnt want to do politics this early in another thread too.

3rd world war?

-Religion in these parameters is now open to discussion-

Sounds like evangelicals trying to go home. 3 countries are fighting in the middle east that i know of. America, iraq and...and...ok 2. Lebanon is over. No more world war! Stop trying to bring on armageddon by killing the earth from global warming or bombing places so you guys can meet jesus. Wait until he shows up before ending the other 7 billion people that would love to live out their lives before existence ends.

I hope not all christians/muslims are like this. Keep some sense about ya.

I hate america sometimes. The government i mean. Big corporations own everything, which i dont mind. Monopolies are cool. The problem is the big corps push their policies on us. Not cool. My countries leader is someone i could have sworn belongs in special ed. My state leader is the terminator! Top that other 99% of the earth.

Of course, as we all know, smart people die in this world. Martin luther king was assassinated for saying equal rights. JFK (not up to date on him, but my parents tell me he was a good man, which is hard to find in this age) and he was assassinated. His brother was assassinated also. Even Jesus was killed. A guy who more or less told us to treat each other with kindness, was killed! I hate retards!

Im amazed my country hasnt rebelled yet. Maybe we're too lazy or sick from all the unhealthy food, or all the prescription pills that get shoved down our throats from big corps, or we like our hemi SUV cars that get 30 feet to the gallon of gas.

Gas prices dropped finally, pretty substantially too. Why? Because america was FINALLY ready to get on alternative fuel sources, even hybrids. So major gas companies had to lower their prices to reel in the retards again. So now fat white redneck pseudo patriots that think george bush was the right choice, are now saying "Gas prices are down, that must mean global warming is over". Wrong. Companies lowered their gas prices because everyone and their fucking goat knew they made insane record PROFITS over the 2005 year. They won a gamble, so they took their chips and left. Thats exactly what happened. Dont let your parents feed you anything different, or even say you're too young. Tell them Adam knows wtf is up, and they arent fooling him.

Side note: Bush just said "America will not bow down to tyrants" and everyone clapped. What tyrants...where? Who poses a threat to us besides china? China doesnt even want to fight us. Retard. I hate how people clap at these things. They even cheer. They sound like frat boys, and i know frat boys arent republican. They have a liberal standpoint on prostitution.

People wanting to be on one side too easilly. Chris Rock had this one down. He said everyone wants to be a democrat or a republican just to say they are, and they say they are before they see the issue. Let the issue swirl around in your mind and then form your OWN opinion, you may be liberal about it or conservative, even if you say you are the opposite.

Omg ninjas make me think hard Sad
People in general are interesting. Bizzarre indeed.

They take what they want from you, and never let you ask for something in return. Strange? I think so. It happens to everyone really. All my friends want me for etertainment on their terms. I ask them to return the same thing i give them and they tell me to get lost. Why? I cant tell. They want me to buy them food, drive them around, play stuff with them, sleep over at their houses. Its fun but its when its convenient for them. I dont ask for much back, but the occasions i do ask for something i get negativity. Why? The answers elude me. You cant get mad at them either. You ask why they short change you, and apparently you did everything wrong, not them. Everyone seems to think they're infallable (sp?).

All these people have an angle, and they think you have an angle. If i offer someone something to eat when they're broke, they think i'm doing it to get a favor from them later. Pathetic. When did we get so untrusting?

Someone got mad at me once, saying i pass judgement on others but hate when judgement is passed on me. This happens because i find out everything about someone on a subject before i pass judgement on them. My judgements are fair and unbiased. When others judge people, they do it from biased views and from anger. I can play judge and jury in the court of the world, because i can play it correctly.

Society really fails the most though. America has degenerated into a feminist society, if no one noticed. A person can get up on any stage in america and say "Women are better than men" and everyone cheers. A person can also say "Men are better than women" and they get met with hostility. Why? Cuz all men want is sex! Not true. Granted women arent as sexually driven as men, it doesnt mean society should hate it. Women make it seem like its a chore. Its a system where 2 bodies (or more...) come together for an experience. The reason should determine the judgement. If its a hooker or just casual sex, then yea hate it. If its love between 2 people (or...more?...) then it shouldnt be looked down on. Im not saying there arent some guys who just try to bed women, believe me i know a lot of them (i myself am not one) so i can see why this happens. The reason sex is looked down on, mostly resides around the fact that womens opinions are taken into consideration more than mens. Ever wonder if a guy wants to make love because he may love you? Think on it.

I've said for a while now that feminists forgot what they were fighting for. You have equal rights. You dont get equal PAY because you dont do equal work.

Someday we may get an equal society. Where people are accepted for being themselves, instead of what they own or their social status, or gender and race. We wont get there any time soon though folks. Someday we will have a society where everyone loves everyone, and where everyone is genuine. Where we dont use others for personal gain. I await that day, but i expect to die before it gets here.


Traveling back in time on my iTunes, i came back to my coveted fleetwood mac. Older fleetwood mac at that. Sarah, Rumors, some from Lindseys solo album. Its good stuff, go find some if you havent heard anything from fleetwood mac. Strongly, strongly recommend "Sarah". Nice love song, and Stevie still had a good voice. Lindsey, of course, is sexy in any era you hear him sing and play.

Gatorade is tasty. Sorry high horse people, i dont drink straight water. I'm tired of people that arent even over 20 years old telling me how much better they feel now that they drink water. I did some independant research. It doesnt matter if you drink water or not (to an extent, tons of sugar isnt good obviously). It's all dependant on the color of your urine. If it isnt...wrong (you should know your own urine enough to tell >_>) then you're fine on water. My urine is A-OK. I will say i dont drink nearly as many soft drinks as i used to, but i love my mountain dew as much as the next generic white guy. Sports drinks are actually better in terms of health and cost effectiveness. 32oz gatorade out here sells for maybe $1.50 ish, give or take 30 cents depending on the area. A 20oz soda used to cost 1 dollar flat. Then 1.25, and out of nowhere its now 1.50. Im getting a healthier drink, more of it, just as satisfying, and for almost the same price.

Btw, water fankids, coke and pepsi make your water you drink, unless you have a filter on your faucet. Just thought i'd let yall know. Wink

Voices! i hate a lot of peoples voices. Mines not great, but its pretty generic. I can pass myself off as any male you know in existence on the phone, potentially. I sound generic. The things i dont like are these other peoples voices. Some smack their lips when they talk, and anyone thats been with me will see a few eye twitches as the conversation rolls on. Some people whistle on their S's. Occasionally is totally fine, but some people make it mandatory. I hate more girls voices than guys. They dont talk normal out here in cali at least.

Of course speech has a say in it also. "Like" is not to be used as often as these people use it. I've said like more than twice in a sentence, and realized i had just sinned. I will stop a conversation and say "wtf am i saying?" and pace myself. An explanation is worse though.

person 1: i was like, you know?
person 2: uh huh
1: and he was like "WHAT....EVERRRR" you know?
2: uh huh
1: and i was like, thats lame, you know?
2: k, i'm going to go, like jump off, like, a building like, thing, you know? and like, slice my throat, like as i fall, you know? cuz its like, not fast enough!

And people wonder why teen suicide rate is high. A last thing about voices also. Some people hit their T's and D's insanely hard. I skip some of them, or i dont know how i handle them. I dont know how to explain it. Someone says something such as "I don'TTTTTT wanTTT to hear thaTTTTT again." They dont yell the letter, but they make sure you know its in the word. Its something to do with the tongue when they say it.


Street Justice- A concept useable by anyone. The concept of street justice is more or less to be real, blunt, and of course truthful. It becomes street justice when you do it to set someone straight. Such as a friend of yours is being a bastard, so you tell them to chill out, and give them a real, and thought out reason why they need to chill. That is street justice.

The Hammer- Think of Street Justice, but on steroids. A hammer swing can be defined as street justice, but usually done with more anger and passion. The hammer takes emotion to use, and what makes it the Hammer is the fact you are so brutal, blunt, and most of all TRUTHFUL, that whoever you're saying this real shit to, will be devestated and shocked into silence. To do this also, you must show a blatant disregard for others feelings, because you are trying to tear someone down in all fields possible of intellectual proportions. Confidence is shattered, train of thought is derailed, and the mind locks up. If you're certain you just swung the hammer, and your target knows what just blind sided them, the first response usually is either just a flat "No", or they tell you you're gay or something stupid like that. The Hammer leaves silence in the wake, you know when it happens.

Contrary to popular belief, BOTH concepts can be used by ANY person. The Hammer is just a lot harder, for the reason that people arent confident in themselves enough to make sure someone gets shut down in all ways (somewhat tough to do, forum hammers are a lot easier since you have time to reread a post. most people cant think on their feet fast enough to pull off a real hammer) and worry too much about what someone else will say. As i said, cast any caution and regard for human feelings to the wind. Your goal is to psychologically rape someone.

Hope this is cleared up.


I keep seeing these ads for Adventure Quest at the bottom of PD. Someday i will try it, free things are great. WoW has been real boring lately, so now i will hook back up with my friend Eric and we will get into Everquest again. The original EQ, not EQ2. This should be fun yea?

Law and Order. Sam Waterston continues to bring the Hammer as far as TV writing staff will allow, but its still sexy to see anyway. We all know if Jack McCoy was a real person that there would never be a "Not guilty" verdict ever again!

Gaming news. Breeding a new venasaur in pokemon, and potentially a swampert also. Movesets are almost decided on. Probably breeding a charizard after also, for kicks again. SSBM i heard a couple friends of mine were impressed by my falco play, so over the last 2 months since i played them, they picked up falco and apparently got highly skilled. I know i'm still better than them though, and i barely use falco. They'll bite my fox next after it murders there falcos. Woot shine spikes. I was invited to an MvC2 tournament in san francisco in october, but i think i'll decline. I'm still into the game, i just dont want to go with SEAN. Competitive play kinda bites anyway, if you arent a highly skilled veteran or a fresh face that is currently dominating said veterans save justin wong, it starts costing you more money than you make off winning tourneys. No one dominates JWong. The best players in the world have to work their asses off just to beat him. Holder of 5 out of 7 world titles for MvC2? He can back that up.
Masturbation is great. Even if you disagree with why, look at the medical reasons. It boosts self confidence (somehow, personally i havent noticed) it relieves stress, it makes you feel goooooooood, and it can even be a small preventative of depression.

Its fun, its good exercise, its not like it dominates your entire day, and it's even a do-it-yourself type of thing. Self motivation kids! yay! I think our society as a whole needs more masturbation. If more kids are off the street masturbating somewhere, thats less drugs, less violence and other criminal acts they could be committing. Orgasm > drug high. You dont even have to kill yourself to do it.

So spread the word, to your friends and family. Tell them to get others into the joyous art of self pleasuring. It will keep you out of trouble, its practically free, and its just that awesome.


Advertising is a failure. I dont know how it is where you live, but let me explain how this makes a lethal injection more fun than watching tv.

All i see is the most ingenius advertising campaign in human existence. The first one is telling me that this brand new sexy car is the hottest stuff since lava. No one in america owns one yet but because of their generosity they will sell it to me for whats in my pocket! A must get!

The second commercial is people telling me to INSURE my brand new baby vehicle. Geico is by far the sexiest set of commercials on the face of the earth, so i exclude them in crap advertising. Other people are telling me how much cheaper they are than the other commercials im about to see, so i pick my poison.

The final commercial, is one advertising alcohol. Telling me how good cuervo black is with cola, or how clever capn morrigan is by buying a ride home from a pizza delivery. If anyone is paying attention, here's the analysis.

I'm told to buy a car, then insure the car, then i'm told to get wasted and go destroy my car. After i've destroyed my car because of my drunk driving, i need to buy a new car, insure the new car, then go get hammered. Somewhere in the middle of all this i buy new Axe Clix scent, so hot girls will fall all over me just because i had the presence of mind to not smell like sweat.


The Tribunal is the Law and Order of PD, officially. It was decided on by people who have opinions that matter more than the rest of you. What the Tribunal does, is not enforce rules of PD. It enforces rules of LIFE. A council of Street Justice Hero's who shall pass judgement on all. Hammers included, of course.

Current Tribunal:

Me (duh)

Idea from Xion and myself (i'm a whore for credit). Anyone who disagrees...tough cookies. Expect life changing Hammer swings or Knife stabs from any of the above people. This is the official Law of PD now. If you have a complaint, take it up in writing with God since i want to put him on customer service detail Tongue

That is all.


The Green Mile. I've been watching this movie on FX for the last 3 hours. Short and sweet, this movie is cinema magic. Tom Hanks does a standard Hanks job, but Michael Duncan...Dear God. I had no idea he was this good! He is truely gifted. When was the last time an actor actually made you feel during a movie that was supposed to make you feel? Most actors are too horrible to do it. Sir Duncan, has indeed raised the bar. Sadly he gets crap roles in most of his recent movies.

I cant say enough good about this movie. I felt everything that was supposed to be conveyed to me. I was pissed off at Pursey more than once, i was happy when i saw Mr. Jingles playing, i was sad when John Coffee said he wanted to die.

One complaint? They used the wrong music maybe twice in the entire movie. After a real serious scene, i hear this weird upbeat cartoon music, i didnt agree with it.

John Coffee is right. There's too much hate in the world, it's nice to see a movie that actually put some thought into life. People are ugly to each other, we need more love.

So, go watch the movie if you haven't. If you can think in a broad scope, you'll greatly enjoy it.

Side note, people named Pursey ALWAYS seem to suck at life. It's a scientifically proven fact now.
Latest example of the insanely feminist society we live in. Debra Lafave. The florida teacher who slept with her male students, was in the news recently. She tried to pin the blame on the boy student. Playing to the sense that almost all guys are sexfiends (not true) and hoping the public would be on her side. Sorry, we weren't. I know you're just trying to save yourself.

Small edit: Actually the first one she slept with wasnt even a student of hers, i forgot. I just didnt know how to reword it. It's late gimme a break.

It's almost impossible for a 14 year old boy to start the moves on the teacher. She kept flirting and being the aggressor. She even said she kissed him first.

None of that really matters though. Where all of us need to be angry is right here. I didnt even realize this until i heard someone on MSNBC say it. If this was a MALE teacher with a female student, he would have went to jail for 10-20 years for rape. This FEMALE teacher went to jail for like 6 months for sexual abuse or something lame. She might have just gotten probation i dont know. This is just unfair. Either a man should go to jail for 6 months or a female should go to jail for 10 years, you cant play obvious gender favorites. That's discrimination, in our legal system even.

Right there someone just said "Well Adam, you know that most men force their rape victims, and use violence and threats. Lafave just seduced a student". If you just thought that, then let me tell you why you're wrong before you even click the reply option. Yea, i know the male student consented. Sex fiends or not, if you're physically attracted to someone that offers sex like she did, most young teens wont turn it down. Are they confused? I dont know, i've never had to make an immoral choice like that. What most people arent seeing though is this:

If it was a MALE teacher, and a female student, CONSENSUAL sex would be out of the question to any judge and juries eyes. Why? Because of the history of men, all are prejudged to be forcing their rape victims. For all you know a 14 year old and a 25 year old could have actually fell in love. Granted it's some weird stuff, but love nontheless. Does the public care? Nope. Man gets locked away for 20 years saying "She agreed to sex!". Woman gets 6 months because women have almost no history of raping people. Just because it doesnt happen often doesnt mean someones incapable of it.

To sum that up, how it happened is irrelevant. If a man did it at gun point, or swooned her with words, it's called rape, and he does 10 years. If a woman did it at gun point she would get 5 max, then tons of probhation and therapy.



Today (september 21st), my father arrived home at 2pm or so. He had a togo's sandwich with him, and he even got one for me. We ate our food, my father went up stairs into his bedroom. I got on the computer outside his room since i didnt want to use my laptop.

At the time, my father was watching "Hardball" on MSNBC. He's a big political guy, he likes to debate politics and such (and if you think i'm any good, my dad would kick the hell out of me in a political discussion). Anyway, my dads home for about an hour. Around that time i hear him use his lighter. He rolled a joint and started smoking it. After he started smoking his joint, he pulled out his playstation, and started playing a game called "Command and Conquer". For those of you unfamiliar with the game, its a war game between a few countries. This particular one had Ally forces, and the Russian forces. My dad was playing as the russians. For about the next hour after that, i was listening to russian commandos say "affirmative" and shooting people. Tank cannons, rocket launchers, stuff of that nature.

The game is currently (as i type this) on pause, and my father is down stairs. What he's doing down there, is watching MSNBC while smoking a joint and talking to a work buddy of his who is in the house also. My dad is 49, this guy appears between 25 and 30. Both of them are watching MSNBC, smoking a joint, and talking about muscle cars and people getting into fights.

That's the up to the minute update on my father.


An early morning one. Since i'm so bored i'm fluttering about serebii, i found a potential champion for the people over there. A guy thats only been a member on the forum for 2 months, had this to say:

1) 94% of men lie about their member size.
According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of
men need to use extra large condoms.

2) The average man is 4-5 inches long when erect; no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the
truth. Incidentally the average girl vaginal capactity is
only 6 inches, for you women who think you can handle
king dong.

3) 80% of American men are circumsized, though Pediatrics say it is not necessary.

4) No matter what all the ads say nothing but time can
make your member grow. (most men reach
the end of their growth by the early 20's)

5) There is no correlation between member size and
shoe size, hand size, or nose size.

6) Blue balls does exist! It's technically
called "prostatic congestion."

7) Only 16% of men shave their privates.

+Some stuff on the ladies+

1) Only 9% of women around the globe consider
themselves "attractive"
- (20% of British women do)
- 43% of women use the term "natural"
- 24% say they have "average" looks
- 8% prefer the term "feminine"
- 7% say they are "good looking"
- 7% say they are "cute"
- Finally only 2% of women say they are "sexy"

2) An estimated 85% of women wear the wrong
size bra.

3) 60% of women have had breast implants.

4) 75% of women like giving/getting oral sex.

5) 95% of women shave their privates.


1) Masturbation is healthy for both men and

2) 70% of highschoolers have had sex before
they have graduated. 27% loose their virginity senior
prom night. Only 3% wait until marriage.

3) 95% of men would have sex with a girl after 1
month of dating. Only 10% of women feel this way.

4) Teens are most likely to have sex for the first time in June.

5) First-time intercourse is often unplanned, meaning it's less likely teens will use contraception.

6) Virginity is often lost with a person they haven't been dating.

+5 Reasons Why Sex is Good+

1) It is a good workout. Sex burns about 150
calories every half an hour. It will lower your
cholesterol and improve breathing circulation.

2) You won't get sick. According to research if
you have sex 1-2 times a week you are less likely to
get sick.

3) You'll feel happier. You will feel a greater sense
of well-being. Women who have more sex were
clinically proven to be less depressed than women
who dont have sex.

4) Makes you look better; problem is that ugly people
don`t get any. Sex releases hormones which make your skin and hair softer and shinier and tone your physique.

5) (The best reason) You will live longer. Studies
prove that sex makes you live longer. Men who
had sex 1-2 times a week had half the death rate
as those who did not indulge themselves at least
once a month. It also makes you look younger. If
you have sex 3 times a week you may look up to
10 years younger than you really are.

Did You Know?

1) Having sex 3 times a week for 1 year adds up
to running 75 miles!!!!
Of course, all of serebii wasnt happy with this post. As always, for those who can't understand why i appreciate these kind of things, let me explain.

A slightly lackluster topic, but the fact he had the audacity to drop it in a forum aimed at 10 year olds brought a smile to my face. The style was definately well done. He went about it very maturely, professionally, organized and it was clear he did a lot of research. It was unbiased, well articulated, and as all things of this nature need to be, truthful. An example of Street Justice? In normal terms, not really. In serebii terms? Most definately. A future Street Justice Hero in the making if he's willing to keep doing things that make people turn their heads.

Edit- Too lazy to censor bypass, so made it more user friendly.

Original thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=149527
Xions name has been the source of a lot of arguements. Not his real name, the screen name. Xion. This combination of four letters is impossible to pronounce correctly with our current human tongues.

What's worse is, Xion would ask how we all think it's pronounced...and then never tell anyone how it's supposed to be pronounced. More than once, i see a lot of people try their hardest to figure out this monstrosity of literate characters. Here's my take on it:

X can be pronounced 2 ways. 'Sh' or 'Z'. "Ion" is pronounced eye-on. So it's either Zion, or some weird butchery with using SH as a Z. It's much easier to use Z. So i say it Zion.

You could make things simpler and call him kyle sure, but thats too easy. You could also make it easier and use logic. Logic would say "Who cares how its pronounced when we all type? it just needs to be spelled correctly". Once again logic shows up to ruin my fun.

I will say this though, Xions recent Profile revamp is damn sexy. If no one's noticed, Tonberry's dominate most of human existence. Xion was also classy enough to get a tonberry with a crown. Worthy of my hetero man-love even though he has a crazy name? Indeed. Don't ever question that!


For anyone curious of the foreign land the Tribunal is at war in, here's a hint of their mods, pink = Mystre the admin:

Originally Posted by Agony
Quote:I wasn't making a joke, just pointing out that Mystre doesn't know what one is.

[COLOR="PaleGreen"]I've always enjoyed reading a good piece of literature. When I was younger I would look up words I wasn't to sure off. Now you must have been looking at an old dictionary because there is one more set definition of joke and that is your face. Well, from what I hear it least. As I sit here waiting giddy with anticipation. This new book it looks to good to be true it's given me goose bumps. Now I start my new endeavor my new book entitled, "Agony: My Foot up Your Ass". Ohh and one more thing, my dear friend you are?this word it's slipping from my grasp. What is that word I am looking for? Ahh yes I remember now?


That was from an ADMIN. There was a thread saying that the admin cant handle a joke, and then the original poster (Agony, who seems to be on our side in the forum we fight in) was banned immediately after, if you read this.

A couple posts done by God and myself got the nice young man unbanned within 30 minutes. Go team.

Side note: New members are told to watch this before posting on this site. Proof of elitism? Potentially so.



Most of you guys who follow my stuff have seen me go off on love plenty of times. You knew of my desire and mission to find love, to see if it was all that it really seems to be. I come to tell you, it is. It's all i thought it was and more. Anyone that tells you different either got brutally crushed, or they dont know what they're talking about. I'm looking at you people who have sigs/avs that say "love only hurts" or something equally lame. Love only hurts when you're a fool about it. It hurts to lose it yea, but thats like somoene focusing on the one negative instead of the tons of positives. That would be like someone saying they wont eat spicey food, no matter how good it is, because it hurts their stomach afterwards. Make some sacrifices for once! So let's enlighten the general public.

Now aside from my love, i've seen multiple people talking of love lately. I'm still the firm supporter of love and romance, even if i dont get into it as much as i used to. I felt it was my duty to come back to it once more to inspire the masses. Hopeless romantics, i myself am one, that's no secret. As much as i would love to talk about me that's not what we're here for this time. I'm hoping there are other hopeless romantics out there. People that believe there is someone for everyone. A lot of us are pessemistic and cynical people, but for hopeless romance to work you need to throw that away for the time. Hopeless romance isnt even a good term. It seems more derogatory to the romantic than anything else. Love and romance in these circles isn't hopeless, it's pretty sad to see it looked down on. Too many people are trying too hard to analyze things. When you analyze everything that takes the fun and suspense out of it. Stop that!

This is something i would assume is highly debated. The human emotion system invented the feelings of love to block out the desire to not be lonely. I dont believe this to be true. I do agree that a lot of people don't like to be alone all the time. I myself do enjoy time alone, but being with someone is just as fun, and better than being alone. You can't entertain yourself all the time. So does that mean we go out and look for love to fill this gap? I doubt it. Humans feel love because we're just able to. No real scientific reason. Attraction is something different, dont get it confused. Some pseudo right there almost went to the reply button to start typing garbage about pheramones and such. Glad that crisis was avoided. Attraction can lead to love sure, there's no denying that. Love at first sight isn't something i believe in though, regardless of my romantic views. Love at first sight is just attraction. Actual love usually develops after you get to know someone. It doesn't have to take long, i just fail to believe it can be done within seconds of seeing someone for the first time, without even talking to them.

Love is still a scary thing. It's an emotion that makes you say, feel and think things you didnt think you were capable of. Some people arent ready to handle emotions like this yet, so its best not to rush. Of course, to love you need 2 willing participants. You can love someone sure, but when they love you back it's truely special. What scares some people the most is the fear of rejection. What if someone you care for doesnt feel the same way? It's definately frightening, but dont get discouraged. This is one of those things where someone has to take a leap of faith. You can't know how another person feels about you until you ask them. This is where a lot of potential love is stopped. Too many people are afraid of getting their feelings rejected. I know it would be an emotional injury like almost nothing else, but it's one of those things you have to do. If you dont ask you may regret it forever. Honestly, heaven forbid you get rejected, it isn't the end of the world. I know it would hurt like hell, but the thing about love is you dont give up and lay there until existence ends just because something failed in it. Love has the pull strong enough to make you get back on your feet, and try again. That's just how love is, it plays with your mind and heart all the time, and sometimes it crushes you mercilessly, but people want it so much that they're willing to endure that hit several times if needed. It's one of the hardest but most rewarding journeys you can make in this life.

Am i saying everyone needs love? Not quite. I cant really see a reason why anyone doesnt want to love someone or be loved ever. I can understand not at this time, because you arent ready for it, but really some people say they never want to experience this? That's too harsh. Life is a period of time where 1 soul can try to have all the experiences that's offered to them that they want to try. Love is by far one of, if not the most, complex, and challenging experience to have. It can be the best thing ever, and within seconds become the worst memory you have. That's still scary, and i still say don't get discouraged. For the sake of repeating to prove a point, share your feelings. People standing around wondering how others feel is a waste of time. Load the gun and shoot, take the chance. Tell someone how much you care about them. It's pointless to sit there thinking that you shouldn't confess yourself because you're afraid of rejection. You're afraid the thing you have will be gone. I won't lie to you guys, this is a gamble here. It can ruin what you have with someone yes, but it can also make it blossom. It can become something truely beautiful that both of you enjoy, that people see how happy you 2 are together, then they want to go out and find it too. That's how this quest works. 2 people achieve it, and the onlookers decide they should try too. When they're successful, they inspire others again. It's a good cycle.

I really don't mean to repeat myself, but some points have to be drilled before they sink in. I encourage anyone that has feelings for another person, to tell them that. Don't randomly blurt it out though, of course use some judgement. Wait for an opportune moment before saying it. You don't want to mess up your chances just because you said it at the first possible time you could. I say take your time, but i still want you to tell the people how you feel. For all you know they could feel the same way as you, but they're too scared to say it. Take the initiative, make things happen. Of course you need to know, that almost all love requires some sort of sacrifices on all the participants parts. You have to decide early if it's really worth it.

I have a friend that lives in texas. He has a girlfriend in florida, and they've been in love for almost 2 years now. They communicate online and by phone constantly. They care about each other more than anyone i've seen before. This is what inspired me to go for love, so i'm hoping it drives my point home with you. For 2 years they've been talking about the sacrifices they're preparing to make. My friend is planning to switch colleges and do many other things so he can move out to georgia with her, and go to college there. His love is going to move to georgia where she owns another house, and fix that up so they can live together in there. What i'm saying is he's about to leave everything he's ever known behind, in the name of love. She is about to leave almost everything behind to make the ends meet for both of them. That's commitment, and they definately felt the reward is worth the effort.

They're indeed correct. The reward is worth it, so get off your asses and try! Confess feelings, love someone. Take the risks. Nothing happens if no one tries. People! Make it easier for each other too. If you think someone has the same feelings for you as you do for them...TELL THEM. It's that simple. It's complex and simple at once. Confessing the feelings and getting it started is the scariest part, but it's probably the easiest once you do it. Keeping it going and deciding that the effort is worth it, that's the tricky part.



Time for some recent showings of fights in a foreign land, but i only show mine. My thread so meh Tongue

Quote:Wow, you guys really can't take anything around here without a crack of the whip to maintain stone-set order, can you?

While these two might be subject to the strain rhetoric like this creates in a civilized conversation I am not. I don't think that the intended humor was lost on him. I think, like anyone else who reads about a comparison between the Nazi's and the staff of FFH, he didn't find it funny. The maintenance of order around here hardly requires genocide (though there are often times I read what people have written and feel that they should be shot.) Like this for example:

Quote:We call that a hypothetical question, so you don't answer that, m'kay?

That isn't what 'hypothetical' means. You meant 'rhetorical' question. You come down from on high with this lofty intellectual superiority and you don't know the difference between rhetorical and hypothetical? It makes it hard to take you seriously.

Quote:We had our free will, we were making and linking our good conversations, and in from left field comes the nazi-mod who bears the rules like an iron fist of law.

[COLOR="Pink"]Well, well, it's the William Wallace of the internet, here to fight off the oppressive, conversation-annihilating (left field) moderators, whose only goals seem to be the implementation and regulation of senseless freedom-hoarding rules.

Don't flatter yourself. This isn't "V for Vendetta" and just because we have rules doesn't mean that the people who come here are under some kind of oppressive regime and are in need of a savior. (That's what Mystre is good for around here.)

Mecha is hardly a Nazi-moderator and, if anything, has been instrumental in fueling this senseless Kefka-inspired discussion. So, before you slap on the war paint and cry "Freedom" through the valley of cyberspace, keep in mind who you're talking to (You just called a 16 year old Canadian Manitoban a Nazi? twice.)[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Pink"]It never ceases to amaze me that people, the very people we're trying to attract, show up and immediately have a problem with the staff. In the past six months this happening has led me to take a close look at the staff (myself included) and how we do things around here.

And in looking you know what I found? I found a group of people who (for the most part) get along and do the best they can. We've all been friends (in one respect or another) for a very long time and do what we can to make topics interesting, to keep people posting, to keep spam to a minimum and to give members activities (aside posting in the forums) to do while they're here.

And in turn we get these clowns "from a land far away" who waltz in, call some of our best people nazi's, make accusations, and then proceed to lecture us on how/what we're doing wrong.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Pink"]Thanks, but if anyone gets to judge the staff, it isn't a couple of Johnny-come-lately's from the land of Narnia (or whatever traveling comedy troop the two of you come from.)


This was a mod or an admin, i cant remember. That is what he said to us on the forum, and yes he does post like this. Not in pink though, i did that for easy viewing. Here was my response:

Quote:That isn't what 'hypothetical' means. You meant 'rhetorical' question. You come down from on high with this lofty intellectual superiority and you don't know the difference between rhetorical and hypothetical? It makes it hard to take you seriously.

I pray to a divine power you aren't serious. Everyone knew what he meant, even if he used the wrong word. If you were indeed serious, then that's still pretty lame to flame someone on grammar. I've posted it before on mog though, so go do some searching of my mighty less than 20 posts. What kind of elitist has nothing better to do than to attack someone because they used the wrong word? Someone very, very bored i think.

As for the rest of your "post", let's just take a bigger view of it as a whole. Apparently you think you're quite the comedian. What with making all the witty comments and --astounding-- hollywood comparisons. Sadly, you won't be taken as seriously as your mod counterparts, because you weren't able to address anything that remotely resembled an issue. Your big pseudo smart self, walks in and calls us a braveheart gang that plays in the land of V for vendetta as well as other hollywood movies.

The only thing that assembled an issue is you bringing up the word nazi. No your staff comments are irrelevant, sorry to tell you. Just like Final, no one directly said anything to you. See, you all seem to keep saying we insulted the staff as a unit. Not true, if you read the posts carefully and try not to overthink the context, those comments did indeed sound general, but they were aimed only at the mods in the thread. You can thank us later though, because i know all of this commotion is making the place slightly, slightly more active.

Of course you wouldn't know what an issue is if it kicked you in the balls would you. Your posting style takes more effort than anyone's style i have ever seen. You center everything, you make 3-5 line paragraphs, and then you sign your name at the bottom. What kind of arrogant, self absorbed, pseudo intellect needs to make himself feel that high and mighty by using all the posting options, that you have to center and sign your name? Someone asked you that once, i read back in time. You said it was your signature. I'm going to have to shatter your fantasy world here. That isn't your signature buddy. That is you writing your name at the end. You have to manually type the letters "p-r-o-x-y" when you complete every post, then shake the hands of whoever helped you write the post and cheer for a job well done. Do you guys go out to celebrate after every post? Drinks on the house! See, your signature in a forum is the place where people only have to type it once, then save it. It's there until you take it off who knew! Most people put pretty pictures in their signatures, and i was too mezmerized by your animation avatar to notice yours though.

Let me save you the trouble of going through your sacred ritual of centering before you make a post regarding what i said. Yes, you are correct, i didn't address any issues in this post either. Does that make me a hypocrit? Not at all. Look up what the word means before you start tossing it around. The reason i didnt address any issues in my post, is because i try to play at everyone else's level. You seemed to have more fun making weird connections between the real world and movie world, and making witty comments about people and how they act, instead of what they say. So that's the reason i made a post like this, because this is what your posts sound like to everyone else. If you can actually understand that, then i'll give you a cookie before nap time.


Why am i showing this? I'm giving people examples of street justice. I am far too lazy to quote tim, xion, and yes devils, marvelous, very hot and sexy work, and mines easier to go into detail on.

So read it over, you will notice some things about my style:

-I use lots, and lots of opinions. Why? Harder to argue off than facts. Facts can be overturned by other facts, but opinions dont have the limitations of facts. Opinions can change, they're cool like that.

-Step ahead obviously. Think about how someone can respond to you, then close that out. Make them work to get to you.

-Play your game. Sounds cliche or something, i know, but you have to establish firm control. I do this by playing by their rules. Sounds like a contradictary, but it isn't. I'm able to play by almost any set of rules, and i find it easier to use someone's own things against them than to really do anything myself. It's tons, tons easier.


Obviously i didnt hit him hard enough. He stumbled, that's easily clear, but he didn't go down from it.

Quote:I pray to a divine power you aren't serious. Everyone knew what he meant, even if he used the wrong word. If you were indeed serious, then that's still pretty lame to flame someone on grammar. I've posted it before on mog though, so go do some searching of my mighty less than 20 posts. What kind of elitist has nothing better to do than to attack someone because they used the wrong word? Someone very, very bored i think.

You two show up, touting your intelligence as the reason your voice should be lent credence, and then screw up on semantics. I'd be a fool not to point that out. If you're going to boast about how much smarter you are than everyone else then avoid blatant and obvious mistakes like in the future. Also, if I'd wanted to flame him, I would have. What I did was point out a clear mistake in the midst of an overtly sassy post.

Also, I'm an administrator here. I can comment on whatever I like whenever it pleases me in whatever fashion I deem fit. The two of you come off like prophets from the East and then seem confounded by the idea that people make fun of you for it. You say I didn't address any 'issues' in my last post and I'd say you're right; there aren't any 'issues' here. Global warming is an issue. Over population is an issue. You two are entertainment, not so unlike the freaks in said shows back in the 1920's.

I'm sure you'd like nothing more than for me to defend my posting style and frankly, it's Sunday, I could indulge you. I, however, don't have to explain myself to you or anyone else. I will say, however, centering and writing my screen name at the bottom of the page takes all of 10 seconds. You make it seem like I craft a proclamation every time I post. And while I agree, the style and detail of my posts outshines the casual moron off the street, you hardly have to send off to NASA to know how to do it.

Hypocrite? Maybe before you tell me to look it up (to know the meaning) you should look it up and learn the spelling. You two are such clowns, you especially. You flaunt your intelligence as the reason you have the right to say the things you do when you so obviously lack any kind of understanding of the population here. You hide behind circular logic and recycled statements while you fail entirely to grasp one very simple idea;

We use people like you as long as we can. And then we get rid of them. So keep dancing monkey. If your novelty wears off we'll have no choice but to add you to the list of beheaded jesters.



My response, the killing blow. I'll add in who said what, to make things easier. Agony is some random forumite who seems to agree with us. Proxy is the admin, and i am myself.

You need to read a bit better from now on, and i'll tell you why.


Quote:Wow. Despite this thread being entirely TL;DR, it still made me lol a little that the staff members are falling into every trap in the book. You're proving exactly what these new members are saying. Wether they're all sock-puppets or a gang of friends is irrelevent, they're still right. Now, we can all sit here and make ad hominems all day, or you can actually realise that this would just play right into your opponents perception of you. I really want to make an automated crapflooding script that would repeat the words "SERIOUS f**kING BUSINESS" infinately, because none of you seem capable of understanding the meaning of that statement. And you can ban people all you like, just because you silence someone doesn't suddenly make them wrong.

Agony had that one quite nicely, and you just played right into it yourself.


Quote:What kind of elitist has nothing better to do than to attack someone because they used the wrong word? Someone very, very bored i think.


Quote:Hypocrite? Maybe before you tell me to look it up (to know the meaning) you should look it up and learn the spelling.

OMG I FORGOT AN E ON PURPOSE APOCALYPSE NOW! Baited you twice in the same post. As i said, you obviously understood what i said, and what i meant, so attacking spelling because i forgot a letter is really stupid. Honestly, i'm certain you are the only person that read that word and said "He mispelled something what an idiot". If i butchered the word, by all means attack, but i made a real common mistake that 90% of normal people would make. If i spelled "through" as "thru" you would be up my ass so far i'm your hat. You really don't have anything else to work with, so you flame my spelling and grammar.

It's obvious i have you pretty flustered, so let's keep going.


Quote:You say I didn't address any 'issues' in my last post and I'd say you're right

You agreed with me, i win again.


Quote:Global warming is an issue. Over population is an issue.

Irrelevant. An example of pseudo smarts at work. Global warming is AN issue. Over population is AN issue. They are not THE current issues we're discussing. You lose again.


Quote:And while I agree, the style and detail of my posts outshines the casual moron off the street

You know you just called 99% of the people that use internet forums morons right? Including your fellow staff members. Making sure everyone see's this example of elitism at work. Also, you can't agree with something i didn't say. I didn't say "Proxy's post style is the sexiest thing since breast implants", i said your post style is way too unnecessary for every single post you make. I win again.

(Proxy, and i actually wished i said hiding behind mod powers somewhere in there, but i think it's implied)

Quote:Also, I'm an administrator here.

I was waiting for this. Another bait. You're easier than drunk chicks to take home. I don't really remember breaking any rules. I didn't post anything vulgar where vulgar wasn't allowed (i posted about masturbation in the rld oh noes!). I haven't spammed, and you may say i insulted staff. That isn't true either. I shared my opinions about the staff. Granted they were blunt and harsh, but they are still opinions. Am i to be banned for sharing my thoughts? That defeats the purpose of the forum.

Your move sweetums happy (i used a different smiley, but its vbulletin not pboards, so we cant see it Sad )

Normally i am not one to taunt, and i think taunts are lame. I knew he hates to lose, so i made sure he knew i was superior. Rare example of me using a lame, stupid and retarded kid taunt Tongue


Class session once more. From what we learned, read carefully on this one. In my post, i quoted as usual. Quoting is good because then someone cant alter a post, like they would anyway, but it's more official. Also (learned it from Ric, go figure) i quoted him denying things, then quoted him saying things that made him say he does things he says he doesn't do. In short, hypocritE. Quoting again, while using other, more credible (i'm credible enough you ass clowns >_>) members to debunk the opponent. It works well.

Still on quoting, notice the selective quoting i did. Compare the original to the one i did. I used a lot of messages, but i used half of them. I used the half that's incriminating to himself, if he didn't have the other half. What this does, is make him TECHNICALLY say things, when he didn't mean them. Most people are too stupid to even say the simplest, and easiest way to brush all of that off, which is "next time quote the entire thing, not just part". This is a huge tip i'm giving you, write it down.

Also, the quote style is indeed a magical way to fight. It allows you to attack someone, without offering any weakspots on your defense. It's like standing their with a shield up, then waiting for the opponent to attack, and then counter attacking before they can do anything about it. You next to never initiate the attack on the quoting stance. I'm a little more advanced than average players, so i'm able to mix multiple styles that you are not yet aware of grasshopper. Examples of the quoting style can be seen in the above post, obviously. Again, notice how, i'll use this one as an example:

Proxy: And while I agree, the style and detail of my posts outshines the casual moron off the street

There was another half to that message, but i only used this part. Why? So i can say this without fear of retaliation:

Me: You know you just called 99% of the people that use internet forums morons right? Including your fellow staff members. Making sure everyone see's this example of elitism at work.

This was an attempt to turn public interest against him, as well as piss him off. I think i succeeded.

Some smaller tips, but highly important. If someone actually does hit you solidly on something, play it off. Exaggeration works best. The hypocrite line? I honestly didn't know how to spell the word. I made it seem like i could afterwords though, and yes i did plan on him nailing me for it if i was wrong. Don't fool yourselves, that was indeed a trap with bait, even though it was unnecessary, and potentially not needed, i made sure i had it ready IN CASE. I can't stress the importance enough, you MUST cover your back. It's tedious, but it can save you.

You have to establish control early, and fast. If you launch the initial attack (such is my style, i prefer ambushing someone since it makes it harder for them to counter me) make sure you don't include anything that can hurt you. Hit them on what they said or did, and that only. Give them as little to work with as possible. Experienced fighters, such as myself, are able to counteract this of course. It becomes a fight of who can make the most technicallities and establish a foothold on the other. If you attack first, close them out. Do not give them the chance to fight back. If someone ambushes you, keep your cool. You have to be able to survive the first hit and keep your wits about you. On your counterattack to the ambush, you must, it's imperative, you MUST cripple them, and force them to play by your rules.
Typing this while listening to Rhapsody of Fire's "Power of the Dragonflame" album. I only mentioned it because Xion mentions it when he posts, and it sounds cool hehe.

As emo (almost as fast as the term emo appeared did it become an insult. comedy) as it sounds, everyone's selfish. To an extent of course, and to even say that i'm going to need to use an extreme hypertechnicallity to justify it. This is just to show you how stupid saying this kind of crap is. Calling anyone selfish, is nothing knew. Humans are selfish creatures by nature. We use others for our personal gain without remorse, and use some half ass logic like "in the name of progress" and such things to justify it.

To pass this on to all the citizens and make you all selfish too, i'll let you know how you are. If you have ever done anything you wanted, you are being selfish. Ever call someone on the phone? You're selfish. You called them when you wanted, and when you had the free time. You don't know if they were busy or not before hand. Why are you being so mean and using other people? You use them for the personal gain of sharing your voice, and heaven forbid you share feelings and opinions!

Have you ever wore clothes? You were selfish enough to use defenseless resources like cotton and general linen, to make them into something they may not want to be! Then you parade them around like a trophy to show it off to everyone else in the world. What's worse is most of you compare! You compare your trophies to other people's in an effort to be superior. How disgusting!

Ever eaten something? Yes, you're selfish. That cow may have had better things to do like eating grass and drinking water before you shamelessly killed him to eat him. Of course the cow was being selfish by drinking water. That water had better things to do like evaporate and rain again! Hell you may be the type of wastes nothing, so you sold the cows tongue to mexicans to eat, and you made pants and a couch out of what you couldnt eat. The hooves and stuff could be used for dog food, no one knows what's in that crap.

I hope you feel good about yourselves, you're all selfish. You use this stuff for the personal gain of surviving. We should all stop this and just lay there until we die, then we wouldnt be selfish anymore. That just brings the fact up you can't die easily either. You laying there until you waste away uses precious air! Other selfish people need that! Stop being so selfish!


Now with easy breaking points for easier reading!

Religion, holy crap. I'm opening the Pandora's box of all logic once more! Sorry, no ideology fights this time guys. We're sticking to what i know how to do best.

Churches have the greatest tax evasion plot in history. Churches 99% of the time own a decent size, decent looking, and decent location for property. They get away with this premium location for free. The only thing they pay for, if anything is the cost of building the church itself. Even then the government might FUND this construction. Whats even worse, is they trap a bunch of people inside, and then take your wallet. They tell you God needs the money. Yes, a formless divine being needs 5 dollars from me. I dont mind paying, dont get that wrong. I just wish the priest would say "i need this money to eat" and i would have no problem. Honesty is rare. Besides, churches can host fund raisers (i believe government still regulates these, but i'm not certain) and bake sales. That makes decent money.

Let's not forget, these guys DO NOT PAY TAXES. What's wrong with that? It seems like the government protects church, in amendment rights as well as funding (potentially), but then says with a sturn voice: "Church! Don't you go and play with State now, thems the wrong crowd for you, you got me boy?" church meekly replies "Yes'm papa Government". Of course, church still sneaks into papa governments room and screws up his political plans. This produces a real screwed up sect of people known as "the religious right" that sent my country along with it's government into a nose dive since the year 2000. I hate getting into politics, but i'll touch on it. This new religious right, is unlike anything i have ever seen. They seem to be the embodiment of everything i see wrong in religion. This new government of mine, just passed a bill that in a nutshell said the president has the legal authority to interpret the geneva convention laws as he pleases. Either that or he's allowed to ignore them, i cant remember. I remember the final consensus was the president cannot mutilate, rape, or murder victims. EVERYTHING ELSE IS COOL. Holy shit, that's definately going off the deep end. It's bad enough we have no allies left in the world, our economy is gone (it may be steadily rising according to fox news, but if they knew anything they would know the economy was as far down as it could go without being the second Depression, so the only way to go was UP) and a bunch of christian fundamentalists want to nuke israel so jesus will come. Marvelous.

The above was kind of off topic, i get carried away. On track: religion pays no taxes, but is protected by the government. If we taxed church its not like anything would be substantially different. The people of God just need his book, not the nice black silk and velvet robes some priests sport. Carlin once said "taxing the catholic church alone could wipe out the federal defecit". i say we give that one a shot some time. Of course, Bill Maher had this to say, along with author Reza Aslan:

Maher: Religion deserves to be taxed
Aslan: Good point Bill, what do you think is a fair tax % for your soul?

Oh man, that was good for a laugh. No lie, both of them laughed afterwards.

Yes, religion is open in the boundaries of: taxing, and church in the government. nothing else.


Street Justice Heroes! Where? In the TV mommy! My word!

Yes, here is where i will tell you where to find examples of media style street justice.

Bill Maher.

Has a show on HBO. Watch it, it's where i get most of my political news. Even though Maher is a liberal, he stays objective. When people, liberal or conservative, get out of line, he unleashes justice upon them. Hammer worthy? You would think that, but he's a rare hammer striker. His audience makes you think he does, but here's the secret. The audience to that show will cheer and clap to ANY smart sounding liberal, or current hot button issue that goes liberal. You can go on that show, and say "we need to pull out of iraq, we are there for causes that dont exist" and everyone will go nuts. Maher is a hero, his audience is full of pseudos, but i avoid politics most of the time.

Jon Stewart.

More justice, and a hammer wielder than his counterpart Colbert. Stewart keeps it unbiased as always, and goes into his battles knowing everything on both sides. Effective way to play indeed. You can recognize Stewarts hammer very easilly. The smile disappears from his face, he leans in close, and says very calmly, a message. The message is delivered clearly, bluntly, truthfully, and everything else required of the Hammer. Jon rarely, rarely uses his Hammer though. It's only for extreme situations. I remember, one man on his show said something along the lines of "homosexuality is wrong" and stewart hit him with a 1 liner so hard, the man just sat there. A few seconds after a commercial rolled. There might have been more talking in between the hammer and commercial, but it definately was from Jon saying something to get the public to think about something else. He plays a great Judge, and is worthy of being a hero.


I'll enlighten you to a fictional Street Justice Hero.

Jack McCoy, from law and order. If you havent seen him work, it's truely magical. He plays by his own set of rules, and is a devestating prosecutor. Brilliant tactics that work off mere impulse and bluffs, such as trying to get a confession out of a witness with no evidence at all. He'll sit them down, and scare them half to death with how he's going to shatter their case in court, and instead of them getting a 5 year sentence, he's sending them away for LIFE if they don't confess. It's great watching the people crack under the pressure. Another one, is if there's 2 defendants, McCoy will put them in seperate rooms. Again, applying pressure on each individual, until one gives up and sells the other out. It doesn't really matter to McCoy which one did the actual crime, he just wants one of the guilty to go to prison for as long as they can. Whichever one sells out the rest of the group doesn't even get to walk away, they either do less time than the others, or McCoy somehow figures out a way to retry the case, with new evidence, and get the sell out to go to jail for the rest of his life!

A truely cunning Master of Justice indeed. Fictional show or not, it's damn sexy.


It's time to destroy some hot button words.

Hypocrite is the latest word to kick around in any slightly intelligent discussion. It's ok to use, but it's way overused. People will flag others as hypocrites just to sound smart or piss them off, or even drive a point if someone else is watching.

Here's what's wrong though. Sometimes, people call others hypocrites on things they did in the past. Like a child calling the parent a hypocrite because the parent did drugs and is telling the child not to. That is total horse shit, and here is why. On some things, like drugs, someone who has tried it will know why it's wrong. I can't really find the correct word to express my outrage right there. It's called learning from experience you moron. There are indeed some instances, as hard as it may be to fathom, where it's OK to be a hypocrite. If you learned from your mistake, and tell someone else not to do the same thing you did, you're just looking out for them. Hypocrite should not be used in this situation.

Hypocrite is also used as a justification. This is just as wrong as the above misuseage of the word. If someone is doing something wrong, then tells you not to do it either, it's almost the same thing as the drug thing. Even if the hypocrite in question is doing the act that everyone knows is wrong, telling you not to do it is still fine. It's called advice, give it a shot sometime. Now, someone that is in this position, will call the other a hypocrite. This is another wrong use of the word. Yes, they are indeed a hypocrite (you finally used it in the right context!) but you did one thing wrong. You used the word hypocrite, to justify yourself for doing something wrong. Never, use this word as a justification for your wrong doings, it's really stupid. The worse part is, there are so many pseudo's out there, that as soon as they hear this hot word, they speak up:

1: You're a hypocrite!
Hypo: I'm just trying to help you
Crowd: He's right! Why should anyone listen to you hypocrite?!

And so the psedo's and the original moron go on with their lives, continuing to do wrongdoings because they think a hypocrite in their life is the perfect reason to keep doing it.


Hammer Corruption.

My recent trip to FFH left me weary and fatigued. After all was said and done, i noticed i was insanely irritable. I was snapping at people all over the place. Not just online, but my family, and my offline people. I was out of control. Blatant abuse of the Hammer, left me addicted to it. I was ready to smash anyone that pissed me off, just because i knew i could. This is the wrong way to do things. The corruption from this unholy thing, killed most of my sense of humor, and instilled a sense of total elitism on me. Maybe FFH did that to me, but i still blame the hammer.

Before the campaign, i had used the hammer maybe 15 times in my life, somewhere around that number. At FFH i used it maybe 3 or 4 times. It isn't meant to be used that often, and in that quick of a succession. I found myself relying on the thing, instead of using it as an extension of my power. It was using me, instead of me using it. Like all power, it can corrupt even the strongest of willpowers. I didn't realize it had done this to me until yesterday. I was ready to swing at anyone! I needed to stop, so that's why i wrote this today.

I'm going to hang the cursed thing up, if only for a little while, to detox my body from it's dependance. Hopefully, in time my sense of humor will restore itself, and i'll calm down. It seems to be ok so far, so i have confidence.


This is the end of an era. Eric, my buddy for over 6 years, the first and only hetero lifemate, has fallen off. After 6 long years he finally snapped. He has been kicked from the top, into the lowest possible form of human existence. He is GONE to me. According to the cool chart, he doesn't exist anymore. Here for you, is the final story of how it went down. The story starts about me asking if he ever had a fight with his girlfriend. Notice, there isn't much justice on my part. It's 11:30 at night, i already retired the hammer for a bit, and i wasnt in the mood to win this one, so i took all the hits.

This is what 6 years will do to someone that never vents their feelings, then picks a girlfriend over their best friend. Pay attention, the lessons here are timeless.

Eric says:
disagreements yes, fights no

Fullmetal says:
you sound submissive
Fullmetal says:
very submissive

Eric says:
we understand each other in a whole other lvl

Fullmetal says:
must be a maturity thing then
Fullmetal says:
older women~~~

Eric says:
nothing to do with age

Fullmetal says:
well, that makes it official circular logic
Fullmetal says:
Fullmetal says:
i lost my thought

This is where this officially ends the friendship. Eric knew he did it right here and then.

Eric says:
thats ok
Eric says:
In fear for you i stopped there anyways

Fullmetal says:
you're awfully vague
Fullmetal says:
im worried

Eric says:
thats the idea

Fullmetal says:
you bitch
Fullmetal says:
i hate vvague people
Fullmetal says:
minus a v

Eric says:
makes you think

Fullmetal says:
it frustrates me when people are mysterious
Fullmetal says:
because mysterious people usually have nothing interesting in vague statements
Fullmetal says:
i talk to one girl who will always tell me open ended stuff
Fullmetal says:
like "he said that back then, so now i wonder.........................."

Eric says:
simple as this

Fullmetal says:
its infuriating

Eric says:
you moved from beating on yourself to someone else

Fullmetal says:
Fullmetal says:
big time

Eric says:
now you come to me saying you're a changed man and pointing out what you think are my flaws etc

Fullmetal says:
Fullmetal says:
thats pretty insightful
Fullmetal says:
and surprising

Eric says:
and for fear of hurting you, i dont want to give you more to think about


That was the intro, this is the fight.

Fullmetal says:
Fullmetal says:
im done then, you stole my fun

Eric says:
Eric says:
sorry then
Eric says:
that was also with a smile

Fullmetal says:
its easy for you to say
Fullmetal says:
i cant come back at you with anything

Eric says:
sorry man, i hope you're happy, but now im kind of feeling sad for you

Fullmetal says:
do you honestly think that?

Eric says:
if you honestly treat people like that, then yes

Fullmetal says:
its not often
Fullmetal says:
but whatever
Fullmetal says:
feel sad all you like, ill call this done now

^ first attempt to walk away

Eric says:
Eric says:
ill see ya around
Eric says:
unless if you stop showing yourself on msn
Eric says:
Eric says:
thats me being pissed off too

Fullmetal says:
it wasnt much heh

Eric says:
its not

Fullmetal says:
but i can understand

Eric says:
I dont like hurting people

Fullmetal says:
hurting? yes and no

Eric says:
I know
Eric says:
I gave you some stuff to think about

Fullmetal says:
i just know that we wont be eye to eye, and the glory days of old are over

^ second attempt to walk away

Eric says:
you can manifest that into whatever you want

Fullmetal says:
hardly, you gave me a passing thought

Eric says:
not surprised thats your conclusion
Eric says:
you always gave that impression
Eric says:
and you say im boring

Fullmetal says:
go off then eric, let me hear it all
Fullmetal says:
dont say anything if you arent going to finish it

Eric says:
eh not worth it, my right arm is falling asleep from leaning on it

Fullmetal says:
apparently this is 6 years, or the last 2 hours coming back at me
Fullmetal says:
i dont know

Eric says:

Fullmetal says:
if you've had shit to say before you should have said it

Eric says:
you said it yourself

Fullmetal says:
and now you're stopping?

Eric says:
cant let people control me right?
Eric says:
i cant give you everything you want all the time

^ most of the stuff said here, was standard pseudo bullcrap. most people that drop off vague stuff like this and say it's to annoy you, actually dont have anything to say. erics a moron that cant flame worth a d**n anyway, which you will see shortly. maybe because it happened to me, but i honestly dont see anything that really makes sense. lots of open ended crap.


Fullmetal says:
a reason for why you dislike my behavior is different

Eric says:
Eric says:
not dislike
Eric says:
maybe just moved on

Fullmetal says:
you obviously find something wrong with it

Eric says:
its fun talking to you and everything, but lke you said, glory days of old are over

^ he figured out that we're done after this conversation forever

Fullmetal says:
yea, i thought as much

Eric says:
and I for one can move on with reality instead of living in my own little world

Fullmetal says:
makes me wonder how long you really wanted to say that

Eric says:
Eric says:
im just in a bad mood today thats all
Eric says:
Ill probably want to take it all back tomorrow when im lvl headed, but its too isnt it? so oh well
Eric says:
too late, I meant

Fullmetal says:
its already said, you're right

Eric says:
you also got what you wanted so you can move on too

Fullmetal says:
i plan to not talk to you after this, so say what you want now. i didnt realize how you felt, and now that i know why stick around?

Eric says:
and honestly man, people idolizing you in forums? come on, thats having a bunch of geeks admiring you
Eric says:
which honestly...is almost as low as it gets
Eric says:
you're right arent you? your decision, always was

^ i never said anyone idolizes me, and the rest is him talking out of his ass

Fullmetal says:
well just so you know you picked up an internet girlfriend, thats pretty desperate yourself
Fullmetal says:
i made that mistake once and it was done
Fullmetal says:
i may have went on and on about it
Fullmetal says:
and said envious things

Eric says:
hehe thats better than the trivial hardships of dating etc

Fullmetal says:
Fullmetal says:
you have no experience in life
Fullmetal says:
good or bad

Eric says:
you always told me how people are so closed minded, that they go for outer appearances rather than inner
Eric says:
like I said, i hope your girl is worth it

Fullmetal says:
she is indeed

Eric says:
eye candy is just eye candy, its not something you want to keep for long

Fullmetal says:
i dont use her for eye candy, for the record
Fullmetal says:
i stuck to my guns about my love decisions

Eric says:
and where do you get off saying i have no experience in life? Excuse me, but if having to live your life to be experienced is life is what it takes...then you just proved to me how small your world is
Eric says:
a world where its all about you, and how sad you used to be, and how sad you've become
Eric says:
I pity you man, its saddening

^ most people that drop the pity line are pathetic themselves. it shows you really cant do much other than talk down to someone, and what he doesn't know is i could be tearing him to shreds right now.

Fullmetal says:
i was expecting this years ago

Eric says:
so you're not blind
Eric says:
just closeminded

Fullmetal says:
you more or less lied to me then

Eric says:
nah I didnt

Fullmetal says:
i asked you many times if anythings wrong and you always said no

^ most of this from him is out of his ass as well. i'm not saying i'm closeminded or not (which im not), i'm saying he is disagreeing then agreeing. he really has no message here.


This thing starts winding down.

Eric says:
dont have a reason to

Fullmetal says:
guess not
Fullmetal says:
anything else?

^ third attempt to walk away

Eric says:
what else do you want to know?

Fullmetal says:
whatever you want to tell me

Eric says:
eh you ask me
Eric says:
do I still feel stoic to you?

Fullmetal says:
not as much
Fullmetal says:
i already know my world revolves around me

Eric says:
who doesnt?

Fullmetal says:

Eric says:
if you made a place to worship yourself then you cant get anymore obvious can you

^ he's referring to this thread.

Fullmetal says:
on the contrary
Fullmetal says:
my forum thing, i just post
Fullmetal says:
they come to me
Fullmetal says:
and if they're geeks who cares
Fullmetal says:
they're still cool to me

Eric says:

Fullmetal says:
and if you're going to hate on internet people you have to realize you have an online relationship, thats a lot worse than having online pals
Fullmetal says:
you type you love someone to a webcam

^ my only real attempt at a burn. his response is a typical one, i pissed him off, so he acted like it didnt matter. the correct response would be something referring to how love knows no boundaries, not trying to belittle me.

Eric says:
hehe you're funny

Fullmetal says:
i try to be

Eric says:
didnt you just say geeks are people? Implied anyways
Eric says:
its the same here
Eric says:
to fail to recognize it, is contradicting yourself
Eric says:
but you're smart like that

^ please, someone else tell me they saw no sense at all in this. he said i contradicted myself by rewording my message, then agreed with me. that makes no sense.

Fullmetal says:
actually you contradicted yourself
Fullmetal says:
heres how
Fullmetal says:
i never called them geeks, you did
Fullmetal says:
so its ok for me to call them people
Fullmetal says:
you cant

^ feeble defense attempt by me, but it really didnt take much effort. a minor attempt at Justice.

Eric says:
actually you did

Fullmetal says:
if i did its quoting you
Fullmetal says:
i never said "yea my online friends are losers"

Eric says:
Fullmetal says:
and if they're geeks who cares
Fullmetal says:
they're still cool to me
Eric says:
you're suggesting it

Fullmetal says:
that means i dont care smart ass

Eric says:
simple english
Eric says:
go ask your teacher
Eric says:
see if you learn something

Fullmetal says:
hahahaha a flame

Eric says:
other than yourself

Fullmetal says:
ah damn
Fullmetal says:
you done?

^ 4th attempt to walk away

Eric says:
up to you
Eric says:
you about ready to call it quits?

Fullmetal says:
im getting bored

Eric says:
Eric says:
you're running away

Fullmetal says:
if i contradicted myself you have to at least say you did

^ never denied this

Eric says:
you were always good at that

Fullmetal says:
im running away? im the one asking if you got anything left

Eric says:

Fullmetal says:
then what do you got for me

Eric says:
im getting bored is saying i dont have anything to say unless i give you something to work with
Eric says:
so original

Fullmetal says:
if you say so, i've been on your end before so i know the feeling
Fullmetal says:
but honestly you keep saying the same shit over and over
Fullmetal says:
and i ask you to say something else
Fullmetal says:
and you dont

Eric says:
isnt that what you do?
Eric says:
me me me me

Fullmetal says:
thats good, you finally have an opinion

Eric says:
im changed, now i beat on other people, not myself
Eric says:
ha ha

Fullmetal says:
ok, so im self centered, i beat on others, i have a cult of geeks that love me
Fullmetal says:
anything else?

^ 5th attempt to walk away

Eric says:
dont know
Eric says:
is there?

Fullmetal says:
im asking you
Fullmetal says:
because i dont really know
Fullmetal says:
people arent good at spotting their own flaws

Eric says:
how would I know?
Eric says:
you only come to me when you're hurting

^ please, once more i ask for sanity. i ask him a simple question, and i get this vague stuff. am i the only one that see's the wrongness here?


Fullmetal says:
i've already told you that before
Fullmetal says:
and you never had a problem til now
Fullmetal says:
anyway, what else

Eric says:
Eric says:
moving it away from you

Fullmetal says:
Fullmetal says:
its 11:30 at night, and regardless of what wuss out run aways im trying, you're still saying nothing new and boring the s hit out of me
Fullmetal says:
and you can tell everyone i ran away i dont really give a shit

^ i was really bored, i've tried to leave 6 times now. he's just being a moron now.

Eric says:
who would

Fullmetal says:
im giving you the chance to say whatever the hell you want before i go

Eric says:
anyone who complains about a self centered wuss would only get preyed upon
Eric says:
eh go for it, just leave
Eric says:
give me what I want, leave please

Fullmetal says:
sounds good

Eric says:
see ya dude


Final synopsis. He said a lot of stuff over and over. I would ask him if there was anything new, and he would respond as a three year old would by saying "i dont know is there?". Seriously, if after a 6 year friendship, you start spouting off like this, i want everything, not half of it.

Suffice to say, this guy is dead to me, and good ridance. I cant really say anything else about this, it sucked.

For the record, you guys arent geeks. It's a really lame defense that i dont normally use, it's when you dont put up a fight with your opponent to take the sting out of what they say to you. It doesn't work real well, but i didnt want to drag this on any longer than needed.

All of this started after i said "you chose your girlfriend over all your friends. you live for her now, you're her puppet." He didnt like it i guess, but then again who would.

Anyway, comments? Honestly, i dont care if its bad or not. If you really think i live to hurt others, say that. If you think my world revolves around me, say that too. If you think Eric is a moron that needs to be hit by a bus, or his internet girlfriend is a psycho puppet master that makes him dance, say that too hehe. I just need to know if i lost my mind somewhere in all of that.

Over and out.
Lock and load! By all logic wouldnt that be load and lock? You would have to load something, before you lock it. If not, then you lock it out and cant load it! Gah!

Ionic Breeze

For those of you unfamiliar, there is a product on TV called the "Ionic Breeze". What this little gizmo does, is clean the air. I have no idea why you would need to clean the air in your house, unless you live next to an oil refinery or excavation site. This thing claims to pick up things that cause allergies, and unpleasant smelling things. To be honest, all this thing really does is catch dust. The vent on it is rather small, so unless you have a battalion of these things, you arent cleaning much at all.

This little bastard thing costs $350. Thats just insane, especially for a tv product. Anyone that knows tv products, knows that they dont cost more than $20 max. Not to mention i get free stuff in all of that. I can buy a new electric shaver, get second one free, a moustache and beard trimmer, and some specialized after shave, all for just $19.95. This ionic breeze that costs almost x 20 that amount, gives you 1 freebie. It's an ionic breeze for your bathroom. Sounds like a good concept, since bathrooms smell bad. Problem is this thing plugs into the wall, so the intake vent is stuck to the wall also. That doesn't catch much at all. The bathroom one is maybe 4 inches tall too, not worth it. In short this thing is a total waste of money.

All the Ionic Breeze really does, besides catching dust, is provide a psychological comfort to germophobes (dont know the official term for fear of germs). Yes, idiots in america are willing to pay $350 for something that cleans dust FROM THE FLOOR. They all say it works, but again, unless you sleep in smog, the air in your house is the same as the air outside. What bugs me more about this, is it's technology pointed in the wrong direction. If you have a special vent that can clean air, then put that thing on everything that produces pollution. Car exhaust pipes, refinery smoke stacks, even cigarettes. Sure cigs dont cause pollution, but they kill other people. There's a filter on a cigarette on the inhaling end so you dont take in as many of the harmful things, i demand one on the other end so the rest of us can live longer.

Anyone that has this paranoia inducing dust filter, slam your head on the sidewalk while screaming "i will not do stupid shit anymore". You'll thank me someday.


Xion: Hand of Justice

To bring up great old memories, in the first CA drama, Xion saved me. This is the one where the entire rest of the forum thought i was nuts when i said what CA was really like. This is before Pikatwo was a born again forumite, and when Kiba/CA were making postfarming habit in every thread, by nearly everyone that isn't on the Tribunal. I show up after a 3 month break, and remember getting into it with CA in the same day i came back. I don't know how soon until Ric showed up, but it couldn't have been long. We clashed heads a few times, things simmered down, then boiled up again. Some time went by, days, weeks, i cant remember all of it.

After the time went by, i had these guys on me in a few different threads. Most of the forum was against me! It was madness. People seem to conveniently forget this. I can't handle 90% of the forum attacking me at once, it's beyond my skill. Who would save me? It would be an act of hetero man-love that i have never before thought possible.

In the darkness! A man in a little coat with a lantern, was slowly making his way towards me. The strange figure said "What is troubling you?" Exhausted, i responded with what energy i could muster "There's just too many of them, my supplies are all used up, and there seems to be no end to their numbers!". The figure, not shaken in the slightest, tells me "Then do not worry, i will end this". I was stunned! More so that someone was on my side than his bold claim. I let it go, i was skeptical someone could handle all of these people at the same time, when i was unable to do it myself.

Playing the first act of Judge PD had seen in a long time, the hero known as Xion, told everyone to be silent. It was only a mere whisper, but anything more than a whisper, and it would vanish! Xion announced he was about to pass Judgement on all those involved. I awaited patiently, i was ready to accept what Justice was to be dealt. The shocking thing, was CA knew exactly what was about to happen. About as fast as Xion announced the judgement, CA PMed me saying "if xion says ur right, dont throw it in my face k?". You have to understand, i wanted to make her feel it so badly. At the time, i was on my entire "Be nice" high, so i said i didnt care.

A post came...From Xion! The Judgement was made. Xion ruled in my favor, saying all those against me were in the wrong. I was most overjoyed to know i wasn't the only one that saw things the way i did. I had support! This was BY FAR the biggest Hammerstrike that PD has EVER known. Some may disagree, but here is why you shouldn't:

Xion made 1 post. A single, solitary post. This one post, got everyone involved, which was as many as 15 people, to shut up. Xion made a post so devastating, that everyone that witnessed it, was struck into silence. I can't stress enough how strong that hit was. To stop that many people at the same time? IN ONE POST? It was inconceivable! It wasn't just the opposition, even i couldnt say anything.

Xion, who we all knew was capable of Justice, proved then and there he wields more Justice than most of us who walk this earth. It was a feat never done before, and a feat never done again. Respect him if you ever doubted him. He serves Justice, and he serves it well. He is my savior, and has a Hammer that devastates the mightiest of warriors.


Destroying the word "Biased"

Biased, like the other words i attack, needs to be looked at a bit closer. Dictionary.com definition of biased that we are examining:

a particular tendency or inclination, esp. one that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question; prejudice.

There's your background. This falls into one of the words pseudo's kick around. I can't remember ever saying this word out of context. A lot of people tend to though, and that should change. Usually whenever i heard this word used, it was used by someone who is losing an arguement. It's one of those trick cards you can play to instantly discredit someone entirely. Just like the insanity defense in court, this card rarely, if ever, works. Not that it can't work, it's just it gets played at the entirely wrong time. When it gets misused over and over, it loses it's strength. Now that the "Biased" card is worthless, anyone that knows what they're talking about almost never uses it. I would say NEVER uses it, but there are extremely rare incidents, where this word is justifiable. Those instances are few and far between though, i think one only happens every time the planets align in our solar system.

Someone has to be pretty desperate to toss this sucker out. As i already mentioned, 99% of people that use this card are already losing against someone else. They hope they can play the card, and ruin someone entirely. Honestly, would you like to win by discrediting someone instead of showing you as the correct? This is the situation where you already lost a fight to someone, but then they failed the drug test so you win by default. Are people really happy with hollow victories like that?

Another thing, everyone is biased about something. I'm not saying everyone is biased about everything, i'm saying there is always 1 situation possible, where you will have a biased view. It doesn't have to be politics or something, it could be you got screwed over in life by something. It could be anything, like you got beat up by black kids and your bike was stolen, so now you hate black people. It might not always be that simple, but you can't be 100% objective about every scenario possible. The math doesn't add up to it.

Final verdict: Biased is a hot button word. Pseudo's toss it around with abandon, and as such, it lost it's power. Not that it was that strong to start with, but people may have paid attention if you said it. Lump this in with all the other failure words i'll eventually get to from my list. There are better words out there, and you don't need one like this to win a discussion. Either take your defeat with honor, or be known as someone that would rather win over all else. The point of any debate type discussion or arguement, isn't to win (although winning makes it so much sweeter) it's to bring understanding and share a point of view. Many people forget this.


The Microwave

is a device that is a miracle in itself. I use this thing to do 1 miracle almost daily, maybe more. Sure people say Jesus can walk on water, but you don't know if it could be shallow or not. Jesus turned water into wine, that could be food coloring. We have no way of knowing. This is why i like actual proof i can inspect. A microwave performs a miracle anytime you ask it to, with no complaints.

You can ask a microwave to cook food for you, if you're kind enough to put it in a bowl for it. Press maybe 4 buttons if it's anything simple, and it will make food possible to eat for you. The miracle isn't just in that, it's in how the microwave does things itself. The microwave gets as hot as your oven or stove, within mere seconds. It has no flame either! It's a light bulb inside. The bulb is able to super heat in a quick amount of time and cook your food thoroughly. Another amazing part of this event, is after cooking your food for you, you are able to remove the food as soon as it's done. Somehow this device is able to super heat it's chamber in seconds, and cool it off faster than it heats up. I don't think Jesus was able to make something fire hot, then comfortabley room temperature at will. If he could they never mentioned it.

A microwave is capable of these feats, yet we don't worship it. We don't go to church for it, we don't ask it to save our souls. The only thing we do for it, is donate a moderate amount of currency, and then we enslave it. It's not even like the microwave gets the money, it's former owner does. This is a form of slave trade! This is by far the worst one, because no other appliance in our households short of the television is able to do anything this substantial. The TV decodes frequency waves from satellites in outer space, which is impressive in it's own right.

Don't worry, religion screwed us over already. We aren't allowed to worship it, even though it does great things for all people on earth. The microwave doesn't discriminate, it doesn't say mean things to you either. It even tries to enlighten you. You can ask it if it knows how to make something you dont, like "Pizza reheat" or "Popcorn". It's such a kind machine, yet we don't give it as much credit as we need to. If we're not allowed to worship it, i say we can at least give the microwave a hug or something.


Let's keep going on religion

of course not harshly though. Well ok, somewhat harshly. I'm doubling back to what i said before. To agree with Bill Maher on this one, religious people are very arrogant. They try to convert you, without you asking. They say they're doing you a favor, which they very well could be. It would stay a favor, if they kept it at 1 request. If it was "Did you consider following Christ? I could help you if you did" and you can of course, agree, and no harm done. You could also, disagree, that is your right as a human to have free will. The conversation should stop on your answer. There is no reason for it to keep going, they ask, you decline, game over.

It doesn't work that way though. The arrogance comes in right here. Religious people look down on anyone that doesn't follow their faith. Granted, christian fundamentalists don't outright kill anyone that doesn't follow them (actually no religion does, people seem to like focusing on the insane fundamentalists, instead of the devout worshippers) but they are still arrogant nontheless. I say this, because i am yet to meet a christian that leaves me alone. I have met MANY, don't doubt that. They ask me once, i say no once. They ask again, and this is where most of my rage takes place. Anyone that follows a faith, seems to think they've made the right choice and you've made the wrong one. I have seen this enough to use it as a generalization like this, so if you are one of the people that say you don't do this to others, more power to you. They give you some warm hearted reason, like saving your soul, and i could go on about how it's a scare tactic, but i won't.

It's just a view difference here. I don't follow a set religion, and i'm fine with that. You follow a set religion, and that's fine too. Follow what faith you like, you have free will. By you trying to convert me, you are attempting to strip my free will. Once more i will say, the first request is perfectly legal. Any more after that, is the arrogance. I don't plan to be swayed by your pressure tactics! By you saying Jesus/Ala/Elephant God/Buddha is my savior, you assume you are at a higher level because you take comfort in knowing you are "saved" and tried to save another.

If someone was offended in that, tough cookies.


True Stereotype Stories: Crispus Attucks

I actually saw this on the discovery channel recently. Crispus Attucks was a black american colonist in the 1700s. He was a free man, and considered a patriot (or so i think, the special didn't clarify it, but he was implied to be free). The show i was watching was discussing "The Boston Massacre" and how it was the spark for the revolutionary war between america and britain. Attucks, among with 4 other patriots (thats what they were called back then, guessing its a political tag since its patriots and royalists, royalists being britain) were shot and killed in this event.

Apparently it was a riot done by the americans at a british barracks. They were taunting a guard stationed on lookout at the barracks. After some time passes with this mob insulting the english guard, he calls for reinforcements from inside the barracks. After more troops come, the american crowd, like true americans, talks shit to the authority. Why? Because we can apparently. Yelling and rioting goes on for a few more minutes, then a gunshot is heard. The americans were all unarmed, so it had to have come from a british soldier.

The shot was fired at Crispus Attucks, who was near the front of the mob at the time, and close to the soldiers. This is the stereotype:

The black man was the first to die.

You see, we are no longer able to blame hollywood for killing black co-stars first. It is already historically proven, that black people are killed first in 9 out of 10 disagreements they are involved in. Whether he started it or not doesn't matter, someone finished it for him. He was used as the Martyr thereafter, and the revolutionary war was supposedly ignited because of his death.


Listening to Freedom Call and Rhapsody of Fire, like usual.

Kelly Clarkson is a miserable failure in the Art of what we call Music. She won a popularity contest known as "American Idol", and got a record contract signed. First off, American Idol is a horrible show. The concept is ok, to spot upcoming talent, but how the show operates as far as the performers goes, is what's wrong. The performers just sing old songs, and get judged on it. That's all. It would be an enormously better contest if the participants actually wrote their own songs. Anyone with an good voice can be called a good singer, but they still aren't artists yet. The show itself seems racist. Everytime i've seen it, the finalists were always 1 black man, 1 black woman, 1 white woman, 1 lation man, 1 latino girl, an asian of either gender, and a gay white man. Where's the straight white guys? It's irrelevant, we'll get to racism another time. I don't have the power to reform social policy yet.

Anyway, Kelly Clarkson won one of these God forsaken contests, and got a record deal. She receives my standard red meat beef of why i hate most singers. They appear as themselves on the album (e.g. Eric Clapton, Phil Colins, Kelly Clarkson, Jewel etc) but there's a lot more than just them involved in these songs. At least some people tried, like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Give credit to the people that actually help you get a song out please. None of this "i wrote it all, my idea, so why consider a band in the equation?" Probably because you can't play the entire song by yourself. The thought obviously never crossed their minds. It's so disgusting to see someone like Christina Aguilara (who cares if i spelled that wrong) get on stage, with 10 other people behind her. She just sings, she has nameless people on guitars, keyboards, drums, back up singers and such, then has the balls to say it's all about her.

As for Kelly's song writing talent? I heard a CD from this woman. In no less than THREE different songs, she uses the same 2 main points, which are:

- A man left her
- After her man left her, she can't breath/sleep/eat/live/piss and those sort of things.

That is a sign of zero talent, and why american idol fails as well. "Since you've been gone" is the glaring example of how good she is, and if you even think that song is ok, for all of us, i request you go drink a gallon of bleach before bed time tonight. This song makes me want to shove broken glass into my ears to prevent the bleeding the song causes. All it is, is her talking about how she's such a victim, that someone left her. The song pauses, then she screams one of the worst chorus lines in the history of song.

Since you've been gone (Since you've been gone)
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so moving on
Yeah Yeah
Thanks to you, (thanks to you)
Now I get..
I get what I want

Well that's further proof she can't write a song too different from anything else she writes, this reiterates my whole 2 points theory. The actual chorus doesn't sound like those lyrics though. It sounds more like a combination of strangled cats, crying babies, and dentist drills. What's even more sad, is this is what the kids love. More proof of how most new music these days, is trash.

What's even worse is Seans whipped ass's girlfriend likes Kelly, so his ringtone is this song. It takes a lot of willpower to not kick him in the throat, and smash his phone.


This brings us into our next topic, Whipped Men.

Dear Lord i hate whipped men! First off, let's not get confused. Whipped means you live by a womans word. She says speak and you bark. You are on a leash at the foot of the bed. There is nothing wrong with doing nice things for your woman, and there is no harm in listening to her. It's when you do everything she wants, all the time. If you have the overwhelming urge to choke slam someone, but she says "i like him don't do that!" and you say "ok, sorry". WHIPPPPPPED *crack*. Don't deny it.

All you have to do, to break this leash, is have an occasional opinion. You need to put into context your needs as well. This is dangerously close to a feminist line, so instead of dancing on it, let's jump over it. This is more proof of our overly feminist society. I can even loop this back to "all men want is sex lol" and go off on the positives of sex, and how it's great for all involved, but we've seen that before. If women truely think all men want is sex, then stab yourself with a fork. Men want someone to love, companionship, children, and all of those things just as much as a woman does. If you really think men just want sex, then you have to admit all women want is money, and a man servant. In most relationships, the man has to do the romantic things. The woman demands things, and gets mad when she doesn't get it. Heaven forbid the man on the leash bites you after so much abuse.

Some women, will tell you to buy them everything. Most women get a paycheck equal to what men get, despite what feminist propaganda tells you. The man pays for dinner, buys gifts, pays for the movie, provides the transportation and the like. The man however, see's what movie the woman wants to see and eats at the restaraunt the woman wants to eat at. This is beyond whipped at this point, this is just pathetic. However, this carries a lot of technicallities. It is perfectly fine to reach agreements. I'm calling whipped, when you do things you hate, because she tells you to. Finally, after all is done, they get back to the woman's house. The man would love to come inside. This isn't always a sex thing, some guys may like hanging out. Even then, who cares if the man wants to be intimate with you. If this is the first date, disregard all of the above, but if this is a long time relationship, then be outraged. A guy just spent anywhere between $50-$300 for this date alone, depending on gifts/restaraunts etc. He asks you to give a free service, that only takes your energy, that won't even take most of your remaining day away. Omg you're taking my time i have oprah to watch Angry

A woman will think she's smart, by saying "you bought all this stuff for me to sleep with me? i'm not a wh*re". Ok, you aren't a wh*re first of all, secondly, if you think you're a wh*re, then what are men? We just emptied our pockets for you, and ask for what we thought was an equivalent exchange, and this attitude comes in. My god. FEMALES, understand and get off the prejudice, that only a few men are actually losers that f**k women just to do it. Most of us want relationships and romance just as much.

Now, granted in both cases of men and women, we're only talking about the extremes. Very few men live to f**k women, and very few women live to financially bleed a man to death. Of course, people always focus on the most negative ones, which are few and far between, than the positive ones which are in abundance.

Whipped men really break my heart though. When you disregard your free will because you like a girl, you make an excellent puppet. Someone would love to put you on strings and make you dance at the carnival. Whipped men make great attack dogs. They take the hit when someone argues with the master, then bark and bite until the enemy withdraws. The whipped guy just gets a pat on the head and a "good boy" compliment. No treat even, because asking for something in return is degrading to women Sad

For even mentioning sex, and how it can be a form of love instead of just f**king, gets a lot of prejudice. If you can't believe more guys think the same as me, then just call me a one in a million so you can sleep at night.

For the final time, this isn't including everyone that walks the earth, but it includes more people than you think. Some people are in the situations, but are in denial.


Falling gas prices, if you guys are constantly reading this thread, you will notice i spotted this almost a month ago. Within the last few days on the news, there is tons of talk about how they are falling for the midterm elections coming up. If there isn't insane gas prices on the middle class that is usually democratic, then they hope to swing more votes to the republican party. Some even go so far as to say the president is in a conspiracy to manipulate gas prices.

This is brushed off as just a theory, since there is lack of proof. If we could secure the white house's phone records, emails and the like, i think we could prove it. I'm not going to really sway into the conspiracy theorist way, but i'll show you how it's extremely possible.

VP Cheney, is involved (i think he owned it at one time) with an oil company named Halliburton. President Bush used to manage an oil company of his own. Between these 2, i'm pretty sure they could have connections to other major oil people. After the companies got record profits like i said was a reason a month back, the white house would have the connections needed to at least "politely ask" big oil to lower it just for a bit.

I would bet money on it, that after the midterms, gas prices will spike back up. Whether it's an actual conspiracy or not, we don't know.

I'm not trying to have a political opinion on this, i'm just reporting a story and...having a political opinion on it.

Besides, this is for me to gloat. It's rare that i'm a step ahead of major political analysts, so i can brag once in a while yea?
Now for some life changing advice.

I found out Luca is not the lead singer of Rhapsody of Fire, he is only a writer/guitarist, not the jack of all trades. A sad day. Fabio Lione is the one with the godly vocals.


More life changing advice:


Easy to spot if you know what to look for. For those that don't know, a pseudo in this context, is someone that tries to sound smart unnecessarilly. They can be identified by a lot of things, so here's a few.

A pseudo will use more big words than needed, in order to sound smarter. Using a big word every now and then isn't wrong, it shows you can dig into your vocab, but pseudos use as many as they can per sentence. Example

Pseudo: I believe in this newly discovered crisis, we will need to take a progressively diplomatic standpoint in order to achieve the insight necessary to view the entirity of this situations scope.

I probably got that wrong in grammar and such also. Pseudo's flame grammar, because they don't know what else to do.

They also jump into any conversation. A man that is a pseudo will jump into a conversation about womens abortion issues, because he thinks his extensive knowledge more than makes up for him not being a woman, so he is able to enter this discussion. A man can enter an opinion into abortion, but they shouldn't try to make the final call on it. Pseudos jump into any discussion, because they will pull reasons out of their asses just to jump into the conversation.

Also, pseudos argue facts in opinion based debates. They go out and google science reports, then copy paste them if it's an online discussion. Offline they just speak it. They are unable to form their own opinion without the help of someone else's. It's not wrong to consider someone's opinion, but pseudo's just take someone else's. In a discussion they take the smartest sounding opinion, and attempt to pass it off as their own, because they only care about sounding smart.

Pseudo's have a habit of watching MSNBC or some other major news network, and after watching all the political discussions, they start quoting them to make themselves sound smarter, obviously. What's more annoying than that, is they always use the hotbutton issues. 5 years ago, i had a history teacher that said "we want to go to iraq for some oil". I thought about it, it sounded reasonable. I told my parents that same day, and they said "your teachers an idiot". Fast forward to any time between now and 3 years ago, EVERYONE says we were there for oil. Hmm, now it's majority opinion, so now we can use it.

I'm staying on politics, since it's easiest. Anyone that walks around and says "George Bush is a moron" needs to shut their mouths. We knew he was an idiot 10 years ago before he even ran for president, and people only say he's an idiot now because a couple people within the last 6 years were brave enough to say it on national tv. Bush being an idiot is something we all thought since he was elected, but it didn't need to be said, since it was common knowledge.

Instead, now we have a few people that said "Bush isn't a very smart leader" and now all these other idiots say "He's right! Bush is a moron! We went to Iraq for oil because he's also buddies with the bin laden family!". My god, shut the hell up you retards. You are repeating things that are said by people you think are smart, and acting like you are the first to do it. Stop that.


Staying on Pseudos, just giving you a break in the brick.

I've noticed in online discussions, pseudos will make some open ended statements. Vague? Sort of, and no i'm not referring to Ripdo at all Tongue

OTHER people, will say weird things like what a poster said last night, about the forum not gaining any intelligence. I called her on the comment, and she said "i have a life, i dont need to discuss this, bye". Something like that, that's my translation. I hate this so much about pseudos, they drop comments about you being a retard and they are superior to you, but WON'T BACK IT UP. You cannot, under any circumstances, make a bold claim about you being able to kick someones ass up and down the street in a discussion, then say "you aren't worth it". You just can't. You may think you sound smart, but you're an idiot to everyone else. Don't talk big and not back it.

In a forum, and using that girl from last night as my martyr, dont call people that like games a nerd. It's rather ignorant, and it shows you just like talking down to people that aren't you. Someone make the connection between playing games in your free time, to having 3 inch thick glasses, horrid acne, buck teeth, and whatever else nerds have. For some reason, nerd is one of the new hotbutton internet insults. Call someone a nerd, and it's supposed to hurt? Repeating, i play games, whats wrong with that? It's fun to me, and that's all that matters. Tell me what you do in your spare time so i can be an idiot and flame you for it, because you are different than me so i have to hate you.

They also have a favorite saying, which is "If you are truely intelligent, you won't flaunt it". Bullsh*t. If your intelligence comes into question in an open discussion? Rape them with it. Don't drop that line instead, because someone like me will then rape you instead, because i'm not afraid to show how fast and well i can think. Pseudos just like to drop these weird metaphors and proverbs that sound smart, but if you hear it or read it more than once, you start to notice it's total nonsense. If you call it nonsense, they say "you just aren't smart enough to understand the depths of the knowledge in my messages". Blah.

In the online world, pseudos call people on games nerds, and forumites and such that get too serious for their taste, losers. They say they have a life, and that automatically makes them better because they don't do what you do. I have a life, i'm living as we speak and you read this. I stay online a lot, because it's enjoyable. Nothing wrong with that. Instead, retards (this is beyond pseudo anymore, this is just retarded) say loser sh*t like "i have a life". Yes, adam repeats himself a lot, but that's how you remember things. How is dealing with people online not living? One of those other questions no one can really give me an answer to. A simple answer, is we all try to do what we enjoy most, as much as possible. I enjoy posting and such, that is my life, and i enjoy it. Repitition, repitition, repitition.

Slightly off topic. Pseudos just follow the in crowd. For my chronic readers, that just thought "Adam, you ripped up kaylas friend earlier for disagreeing just to disagree, and now it sounds like you're doing it also". I will answer with, i am Mr. Conductor, and i know what i'm talking about. I have a level enough head to disagree from the crowd when i actually have a valid opinion. If you don't understand, then in short, you'll just have to figure this out on your own Tongue

Pseudos stick to one side or the other of it. They follow majority when it's smart sounding to them, and they disagree just to argue for the sake of arguement (quote ala ric). It all retraces back to "they can't form their own opinion".


Small musical entry.

I believe there is an unspoken rule in DragonForce, where they say "ok guys, how many notes can we playin in 7 minutes?" If you havent heard a song from them, they really pump out the music. If they had a concert, they would need a break after every other song.

Rhapsody of Fire is extremely sexy, even if Luca isnt on main vocals like i used to think.

Freedom Call is decent, but they have one song that really dominates the others.

Palace of Fantasy is that song. The lyrics are pretty good, the melody is good also. What makes this song sexier than most of what even Rhapsody puts out, is the drums and chorus. The drums, hands down carry this entire song. A couple of small solos before each chorus verse, and each drum solo is more difficult to play than the one before it. If you hear this song and have an ear for music, the drums here will make you feel it a lot.

The chorus is sexy also, i really like how it was done. When the chorus plays, the lead singer sings a line, then the rest of the band sings another line after that, but they sing it so it overlaps, which is a marvelous effect. The lead singer and the band sing in different keys, and as i said it overlaps, extremely hot. There's also a set of choir singers, they are lines 4 and 8.

A palace for my fantasy
When I come to my land of fantasy
Where I fly on wings of harmony
All my passions inflame
Welcome to the palace for my fantasy
When I come to my land of fantasy
Fly away from the shades of misery
Hope and passion remain

That's the chorus, but this is how it is sung.

L1: A palace for (start L2) my fantasy
L2: When I come to my land of fantasy
L3: Where I fly on wings (start L4) of harmony
L4: All my passions (start L5) inflame
L5: Welcome to the palace for (start L6) my fantasy
L6: When I come to my (start L7) land of fantasy
L7: Fly away from the shades (start L8) of misery
L8: Hope and passion remain

As i said, it's insanely hot, and if you IM me on aim/msn ill send you the song.

In Rhapsody news, i dont know if War of the Universe is hotter than Emerald Sword, the debate continues.


Advertising again.

I'm trying to copy paste song lyrics from a web site. I can't get to the web site, because there are too many ads. My computer can't load the entire page, because it can't load one of the ads. It's sad to know that web sites load advertisements first, before content. It doesn't just happen here, it happens everywhere on the web. Ads > content, for the sole purpose of turning a profit.

Greed for the loss Sad


Tactics time.

I know me and some others go on about Justice and such, so here are some ways to sharpen your handling of a sacred art.


Sept 24, 2006, 11:02am, Fullmetal wrote:
Class session once more. From what we learned, read carefully on this one. In my post, i quoted as usual. Quoting is good because then someone cant alter a post, like they would anyway, but it's more official. Also (learned it from Ric, go figure) i quoted him denying things, then quoted him saying things that made him say he does things he says he doesn't do. In short, hypocritE. Quoting again, while using other, more credible (i'm credible enough you ass clowns >_>) members to debunk the opponent. It works well.

Still on quoting, notice the selective quoting i did. Compare the original to the one i did. I used a lot of messages, but i used half of them. I used the half that's incriminating to himself, if he didn't have the other half. What this does, is make him TECHNICALLY say things, when he didn't mean them. Most people are too stupid to even say the simplest, and easiest way to brush all of that off, which is "next time quote the entire thing, not just part". This is a huge tip i'm giving you, write it down.

Also, the quote style is indeed a magical way to fight. It allows you to attack someone, without offering any weakspots on your defense. It's like standing their with a shield up, then waiting for the opponent to attack, and then counter attacking before they can do anything about it. You next to never initiate the attack on the quoting stance. I'm a little more advanced than average players, so i'm able to mix multiple styles that you are not yet aware of grasshopper. Examples of the quoting style can be seen in the above post, obviously. Again, notice how, i'll use this one as an example:

Proxy: And while I agree, the style and detail of my posts outshines the casual moron off the street

There was another half to that message, but i only used this part. Why? So i can say this without fear of retaliation:

Me: You know you just called 99% of the people that use internet forums morons right? Including your fellow staff members. Making sure everyone see's this example of elitism at work.

This was an attempt to turn public interest against him, as well as piss him off. I think i succeeded.

Some smaller tips, but highly important. If someone actually does hit you solidly on something, play it off. Exaggeration works best. The hypocrite line? I honestly didn't know how to spell the word. I made it seem like i could afterwords though, and yes i did plan on him nailing me for it if i was wrong. Don't fool yourselves, that was indeed a trap with bait, even though it was unnecessary, and potentially not needed, i made sure i had it ready IN CASE. I can't stress the importance enough, you MUST cover your back. It's tedious, but it can save you.

You have to establish control early, and fast. If you launch the initial attack (such is my style, i prefer ambushing someone since it makes it harder for them to counter me) make sure you don't include anything that can hurt you. Hit them on what they said or did, and that only. Give them as little to work with as possible. Experienced fighters, such as myself, are able to counteract this of course. It becomes a fight of who can make the most technicallities and establish a foothold on the other. If you attack first, close them out. Do not give them the chance to fight back. If someone ambushes you, keep your cool. You have to be able to survive the first hit and keep your wits about you. On your counterattack to the ambush, you must, it's imperative, you MUST cripple them, and force them to play by your rules. Play your game, it isn't just a cute metaphor. Make them play to your tune.

This is the example on the "Quoting" tactic, in case people wanted it again.


More tactics, just a small break.

Open Ended.

People that drop open ended comments, are 99% of the time going on a total bluff. Anyone that says "i could kick your ass" and doesn't prove it, is a pure bluff. For those wondering "Adam i've seen you make that claim before", this is the difference. I do indeed say it, but i know i can back it. If they never call me on it, then they fell for the threat. We aren't here to watch me play in the sunshinse though.

Vague comments and open ended, signs of powerless fighters. Rewind back to the Eric confrontation. He used tons of vague and open ended comments, i called him on them, and he NEVER went into them. Guys, it's imperitive that you back up your claims if you get called on them, otherwise you look stoopid.


Sh*t talking.

Easy style to butcher if you know how, and i am about to teach you how. If you are in a discussion on points, instead of straight flaming, and someone talks crap to you, saying stuff like "i f**ked your mom", only respond ONCE and once only. Tell them "that isn't even the point, so be quiet". The beauty of the sh*t talking style comes into play here though, they keep talking crap to you until you get pissed off, and drop down to their level. It's tempting to do so, believe me, but it's worthless. If you tell them off once about them not being on topic in the discussion, ignore them after that. Don't acknowledge any of their statements until they come back into your domain. Play your own game remember?

I personally like saying "objection! relevance?". A joke can really lighten things up, and it sounds clever. Kill them with a smile.

I really hate the sh*t talking style though. It's so easy to do, and effective to people that fall for it. This style degrades the art of Justice in my eyes. Just ignore them when they talk crap. If you don't respond to them, they don't feed off of it, so just ignore it. Rather simple aye?


Exit Strats

Anyone can attack someone trying to back away, especially if they are saying the open ended stuff i mentioned above. There's a time to recognize it, and a time to destroy someone. If someone says "you aren't worth the time" KILL THEM. Unless you're talking sh*t Tongue

If they don't give answers for why they are leaving, then yes, chase them. Most common is:

Loser: I'm tired of this, and i have to go pick up dinner

Something stupid like that. What this is, is someone reassuring themselves they still have the high ground, and letting the public know he thinks this arguement is petty. Everytime i've seen this, it's been from someone who's getting their ass kicked. All they're really doing is running, because you're embarrassing them. They log out, and think of what you said over and over, until they can think of a way to counter it. That, or they're stalling until their backup gets there.

The ONLY exit strategy i use, and i permit (big shocker) is the boredom card. Why? It works. When i use it, it's true also, don't get the wrong idea. When i say i'm done with someone because i'm bored, i let them know why. In Erics case (easy example) he was repeating himself over and over, then i'd ask him to say something new and he'd use open ended and vague comments. I got bored extremely quickly, hence why i left.

The "Opinion" card is a good one also. If someones hammering you rather brutally in an opinion discussion, just say "hey it's my opinion, don't get mad because you disagree with it". Wham. Counter Hammer! I don't use this one as often, but i think a lot of you other people would benefit from knowing of it.

Exit cards are fun to play though if you know how. If it's someone that's just trying to fight, they get infuriated. It's fine to say "wow run away then". It's not fine to spam over and over that they're scared and such, don't overkill it.



Traps are my personal favorites to use in these situations. The feeling you get when they fall into one is orgasmic. This is the easy way to set them up, and how i do it. When i post (i'll talk about offline shortly) i read my post over once or twice for quality. If i hear myself in my head say something that disagrees with something i said (complicated to explain, basically think as if you're reading it instead of writing it) then i reword it until it forms a trap. Traps should be used for:

- Self incrimination by your opponent
- Contradicting themselves/ forcing a hypocritical statement
- Playing public opinion against them
- Set ups for quote combos
- Get them to focus on fixing their mistakes instead of attacking you, which may give you some needed breathing room
- Proving a point

In a nutshell, getting them to screw themselves over. If you're clever enough, you can get them to bend anyway you need them to. With Proxy, i'll use quoting and such. Traps are anything, including quotes. Versatile tools.

Anyway, Proxy. About not knowing how to spell hypocrite. I read the post over before i posted it, and i saw hypocrite and said "is that how it's spelled?". Instead of looking it up, i said "i've been calling him a grammar flamer, so if i'm wrong he'll definately bite on it. if he does i can drill him for it". Of course, he did. Flamed me on grammar.

That trap set up a few things. It proved a point, that he's an elitist that flames grammar. It set me up beautifully to make some quotes. I was able to turn public interest against him, and i got him to focus on himself instead of me. Got most of what i wanted in one shot, not bad. After that, i was able to put him on serious defense.

When done right, your trap can make someone go from disagreeing with you, to agreeing with you, then spending a bit trying to salvage their thoughts and reputation.

To use a trap offline, is a bit extreme. Sometimes they can randomly happen, which is great, but most of the time it takes planning. If you know your opponent well enough, you can predict his reactions ahead of time, and plan traps accordingly. People will say it's extreme to think of arguements with offline people before they happen, but meh Tongue

If a trap fails, it's not biggy. The purpose of traps is to give yourself more wiggle room, and if they backfire, it does no harm to you. Just make sure you have something else to work on, not base your entire strategy off one. You're in trouble then if they don't bite.


Opinion is the magic word.

A good reason i don't get into political discussions. In politics/science, you argue facts. Whoever has the better proven facts, wins. No sport in that. Not to mention in this day and age, pseudo's go read and copy some reports and such and make them sound like opinions. Really devolves the art of Justice.

Side track. Politics suck, because in those discussions no one concedes, and they solve nothing. Science is ok, because that actually matters.

As i said above, this is a great exit card. Opinions rock. They are FORMLESS. You can change them at will, and without reason. If you do it to conform, sometimes people don't like that. Others get this mistaken idea that you change your opinion to suit someone else's need or copy them. bleh. Sometimes people just have agreeing opinions, let it go.

You are open minded when you change your opinion based on new info. You are an idiot when you stand by one until death. This doesn't mean change your opinion everytime you hear something new. Well, change it if it sounds logical to you, but don't change it in fear that you're close minded.

Only change your opinion if the new info makes sense to you, and challenges what you originally thought. In other words, change often, but don't change just to change.


==Original post made by Pikatwo not me==

Oct 15, 2006, 12:30pm , kg wrote:
1. Camille says that Christianity is just as violent as Islam, what with the Crusades and all other things.

As we all know, Christianity and Islam are somehow morally equal because once upon a time people were stoned to death by Christians. Muslim apologists will always attempt to play the moral equivalency card in an Islamic debate, shouting 'OMG lol you racist, Christianity is just as bad as Islam lollercopter!' when it is completely irrelevent! Violence perpertrated by Christians happened centuries ago and isn't as important as the current threat Islam poses. Just because Christians butchered and murdered people in the past doesn't suddenly relieve Islam of responsibility, either. Of course, throw all of the above at an apologist and what do they do? Why, spit out the same flawed idea that Islam and Christianity are perfectly identical, and therefore Islam will eventually be magically reformed, even though it hasn't progressed one bit during its existence, unlike Christianity.

So if someone brings up Christianity's past in an Islamic debate, simply tell them: "Irrelevant", or smash apart their argument with something more earth-shattering.

You might also like to base some of your arguments off of these questions which no-one seems to answer when I post them during various debates:

1. How would you explain the continuous, non-stop violence perpetrated by Muslims all over the world? The bombings, murders, kidnappings and attacks? How is it physically possible in this universe for a "tiny minority" to do so much in so many places, 24 hours a day, without using a teleporter?

If you read the blogosphere, you can read about the various misadventures of Muslims every single day, sometimes several times a day. Just because you don't see the news on CNN or BBC (which still carry such news, if they're prominent enough) doesn't mean that they aren't there. The "cartoon riots" were a good example of what a small, tiny minority of extremists can accomplish. Since people are often making comparisons with the KKK (the Christian version of Islam's Tiny Minority of Extremists, apparently), I can only wonder when the KKK is going to stage riots, demonstrations, firebombings and attacks against embassies in many countries, leaving over a hundred people dead! When will the KKK assassinate people around the world (or attempt to), and stage riots and demonstrations because of a publication that's critical towards Christianity? I'm sure it'll all happen some day, but I won't hold my breath or anything.

2. If all the violence and mayhem has nothing to do with Islam, then why is it that Buddhists, Christians and Hindus aren't doing the same things as Muslims? It can't be a coincidence, so what's the explanation?

3. Why is Islam represented by its most violent followers? The KKK doesn't represent Christianity, nor does Opus Dei, so why is Islam represented by all the terrorists, tyrants, madmen, psychos and angry mobs? It shouldn't be possible for a tiny minority of extremists to represent millions and millions of people, year after year.

4. Why doesn't anyone challenge the aforementioned people? Where's the global Muslim movement to suppress these fanatics who taint the name of Islam with their acts of terror? I'd wager that followers of a religion of peace would want to fight against these dangerous fanatics to prove to the world that their religion is peaceful.

5. Why are virtually all Islamic states so screwed up (if they don't have tons of oil, in which case they're slightly less screwed up)? It's a religion of peace that's perfectly compatible with democracy, secularism and human rights, so where's the problem? The West is rooted in Christianity, and we don't seem to have such problems.

6. Why do Muslim immigrants cause so many problems in The West, and elsewhere? They come from a religion of peace that's 100% compatible with secular and modern values, so again there shouldn't be any problems. Muslim enclaves and ghettos where not even the police dare to enter without backup shouldn't exist, should they? Gangraping native girls should be pretty non-existent, right? The riots in Paris couldn't have possibly occured, could they? It's pretty amazing that a school consisting of immigrants was forced to close down in Sweden due to the constant violence, isn't it? It's odd that such modern, democratic and integrated people would march in the streets and declare death for Europe, right in the middle of London, all because of some Danish cartoons. What's going on?

7. Are people (government, media, intellectuals, scholars etc.) being extraordinarily politically correct towards Islam only because they're politically correct sheep, or could threats, coercion and violence from Muslims have anything to do with it? Do you think some people in France shut down an art exhibit (or something like that - I forget) because they didn't want to offend religious sensibilities, or because Muslims appeared and told them that they'd better close it down right now, or violence would ensue?

8. While dhimmis and PC idiots are largely to blame for this, don't you see anything worrying about the erosion of Western culture? The constant need to appease Muslims and get rid of anything that might offend them, such as flags, religious symbols, books or just historical knowledge? There's nothing worrying about this at all? Just get rid of anything that Muslims don't like (please note that this does not work both ways: Muslims are not expected to return the favour, and they won't), and a multicultural paradise will ensue? Quite a few months ago, I read about a French school where a play by Voltaire was banned/considered for banning because Muslims complained about something. If you don't know, the famous quote (paraphrased) "I do not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" is attributed to Voltaire. Oh, the painful irony!

9. Finally, if Islam is such a glorious and noble religion and culture, why is it necessary to constantly say it? I mean, you don't see people constantly asserting that Buddhism is a religion of peace that's being unfairly portrayed as violent by the media. You don't even hear anyone say this about Christianity. There's no need to constantly remind everyone that Buddhism is peaceful because it is peaceful. It's plainly obvious, and nobody has a problem with it, so clearly there's no need to repeatedly state the obvious. If you're going to argue that there's some vast media bias against Islam (there isn't, since the West is completely dhimmi and would rather commit suicide than offend Islam, which is exactly what it's doing right now), then have you ever thought why the bias exists? There must be a reason.

Biased, bigoted racist right-wing propaganda, totally unlike the pure, unfiltered and 100% factual information coming from the left:

Pharmecutical companies dominate most of my country.

It all starts at their advertising. They irrelevantly show people doing things that are fun by popular opinion, such as horse back riding, playing in open fields, having picnics, sailing boats and the like. Apparently you can't do any of these things if you have allergies. When people with allergies or the ill-state are shown, it's in black and white, there's a slow song playing, they look depressed. It's portrayed as this horrible treatment. Guantanomo Bay prison torture is more fun than these blasted allergies!

Next time one of these commercials comes on, close your eyes. Listen to the words. You will hear something along the lines of:

"If you have trouble sleeping all through the night, then take this pill. Side effects include dizzyness, nausea, drowsiness, insomnia, difficulty breathing, nose bleeds, poor gas mileage, headaches, low resale value on your home, lack of appetite, difficulty urinating, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction. Do not take megasugerpill if you are smoking, pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant. Tell your doctor about other medications you are taking."

Some have messages about liver problems, but this is the bulk of them. First of all, you shouldn't tell your doctor, your doctor should tell you. If you tell your doctor what you want, he becomes a dealer. The drug industry in america, has become a legal addiction. Worse than oil i would say. Sure oil kills our planet, but these pills kill us 100x faster than the oil kills the planet. My government is trying to get me hooked on some legal stuff, that i don't even need.

They play off your psychology folks. In the commercials, you get hit first by someone stating a COMMON problem. Yes, sometimes we all can't sleep. That doesn't mean go buy pills. Look, your body can take care of itself unless you screw it up so bad it's beyond self repair. If you can't sleep, you're either doing something that prevents your body from doing it, or your body just doesn't want to sleep yet. The key to sleeping? Relax. I know it's hard, but try. A good time before bed, don't take any caffiene and such. Don't run around for 2 hours then jump into bed and expect to sleep. Just relax a while, then get into bed. Once you're in bed, relax some more. Clear your mind, or think of something peaceful to you. I myself, replay mvc2 matches i've seen in my mind X)

Instead, idiots that can't focus their minds, fall for lame pseudo-diseases. Restless leg syndrome?! What. the fuck? First time i saw the commercial for it, my brain froze. A commercial hammered me! "It feels like ants crawling all over my legs". Shut up retard. It's either 2 things, 1st is you are cutting off the circulation to your leg. Second, your body is telling you to move...because it isn't ready to sleep yet. Burn some energy. I know this somewhat contradicts my above statement, so let me clarify. Moving about is not working out (i should have called it that above). When i get restless, i turn on the tv, and walk around my room for a bit. It's easy. I didn't even need to buy pills to do it!

We even suck so much, we put our medicines to work curing stupid things. Restless leg syndrome, sleep aids, allergies...I support viagra. Even the herpe medication! "With treatment, it is still possible to spread herpes to others. Remember, there is no cure for herpes". Anyone else catch that logic flaw? You have a medicine, which can temporarilly prevent herpes. For some reason, they can't nail it down to make it a cure?


More pill injustice.

We have limited funding and effort going into actual cures, like cancer. To this day, if my research is correct, there is no PILL cure for cancer. It's all surgical, or therapy of some kind. The sad truth? If we had a pill cure for cancer, our awesome american government wouldn't release it to the public, until they found the cheapest way to manufacteur it, and the best way to turn a profit for it. The green back is worth more than your life guys.

I'm all for extensive testing though. If we have to wait a few more years because 1 out of 100 test subjects was seriously harmed during the trials? Do more research. Making it as safe as possible is perfectly fine, we dont want people to die from weird side effects instead of the disease.

Stem cell research? What's wrong with that? I was told it's from cells that have no possible chance of being a human life. If the cure to most diseases is in these little things that are more or less dead, USE THEM. What kind of moron says they are human life?! christian fundamentalists Adam...Oh yea ^^; You know stem cells are only harvested from aborted fetus' right? Things that are already dead? Just thought i'd tell you.

Acid reflux is not a disease. Stomach acid wearing down your throat? That means you are eating things your stomach doesn't agree with. Stomach acid coming up means your body is rejecting. It's the same as throwing up. Vomit is whatever is in your stomach at the time, water, and stomach acid. We don't mention that do we? Eating disorder people are a good market too Sad

Regardless, you do not need a pill for acid reflux. I have even heard (not visibley seen though) of test results, showing that these acid reflux pills dont help at all. Big shocker. I don't know how credible this guy is, he was on tv selling a book. He said something along the lines of acid reflux pills do more damage than they prevent, and that acid reflux is your body saying it needs MORE stomach acid. The pill stop stomach acid from being made, so your body screws up more from it. He said vinigar can cure it some how, because it creates stable stomach acid. This isn't my opinion, this is just what i heard, and i found it relevant.

You do not need Dayquil or Nyquil. You only need Quil. Your cold does not care what time it is. The only difference i can see, is nyquil has alcohol. Some say it's because alcohol helps you sleep. I say it's there so you can get addicted. Sudafed and other cold things, cant those be made into crystal meth or something? I know you can make a super drug from cold medications, i dont know which though. This just shows that american pharmecutical drugs are harmful, no matter how you slice it. They are made to get you addicted, and play against your psychological instincts to enslave you. Combine chronic addiction with insane prices, and you have a nice cash pseudo-crop.


I saw a commercial for a law firm. They advertising that they have huge settlement percentages on the defendants side in the matter of a birth control patch side effect.

Apparently, this birth control patch, causes HEART ATTACKS. A christian would tell me "that's because God does not want premarrital sex!" Be silent >_>.

4srs, it clogs your blood. What the hell is in this thing? I thought it was some hormone that kills fertalized eggs for a small period of time, or something of that nature. Why does it poison you? Stick to condoms, tried and true. I have never heard of a condom giving someone a heart attack, unless it's a trojan her-pleasure condom, and you are a horse.

Either use a rubber, or pull out, or jerkoff. You don't need these things. If you actually don't want to use a rubber, then take something safer. Pulling out is not for everyone, sometimes an unplanned (sounds better than premature) ejaculation can happen, then you may be screwed. Never fear, the morning after pill to the rescue! Available without a prescription, for those teens that don't want to get kicked out of home!

Chaser tablets. One of the dumbest pills out there. And with all we covered tonight, this one has to be bad. Only in america, can we devise a pill, thats purpose is to prevent consequence of an immoral action.

A "chaser tablet" if you don't know, is something you take when you go out drinking. The consequence it prevents, is a hang over. A hang over, if you haven't already guessed, is caused by excessive drinking. The reason we get a hang over, is because our body is telling us "stop doing that, it hurts". Now we have a pill, that stops the consequence, so we can kill ourselves faster. At least i can take satisfaction in knowing idiots will die for being idiots, for once.

The saddest part, is why we don't cure diseases. I mentioned it before, but this is more on point. We don't cure them because there is no money in that. You make tons more cash prolonging someones life, instead of saving it. The term "you will live with this disease" is depressing. After polio, we stopped trying. Between evolution and medical science, we kicked everythings ass. Polio was stopped (easiest example) and many others were stopped because of other medical advancements, and our natural evolution. Our bodies might learn to beat cancer, but not for many thousands of years. We could have a cure for it in the next decade if we put all our effort into it, but that is a waste of money, so we won't.


As always, Freedom Call, Rhapsody of Fire, and Dragonforce playlist ^^;

My first job interview didn't go as i expected. Get it out of the way first, don't lie about work experience. Apparently if you have any, they expect you to talk about it.

The rundown. I show up 10 minutes before i need to, because being early looks good right? I'm told to have a seat and wait for "Tom". 10 minutes pass, i see Tom. I know it's tom, because i read his nametag, and someone said "Hey tom come here" and this man responded, and walked over to the other guy. It's pretty obvious to anyone, this was the man to see. He was handling a disgruntled customer, so i didn't mind waiting for that to finish. It's about 3:15 now, my interview SHOULD have started 15 minutes ago, but tom likes to deal with customers. Tom then leaves into his office, until 3:30. He emerges again, and walks towards me, and i said to myself "30 minute wait? he must be busy". He comes out, walks to the customer service counter 20 feet away from me, and talks to another customer. 10 minutes go by, and tom sells this guy a $10,500 50 inch plasma flat screen tv. I saw it on the register, and was promptly shocked. Take note, it's almost 4pm now. I have been waiting for a solid hour. Tom seals this deal, then LEAVES.

After 3 people asked me "are you here to see tom? let me go find him" tom still didnt show up. I talked to toms assistant, another employee, and toms BOSS. This guy STILL couldn't find me? Ok, so it's 4:10 ish by now. I would know the exact time but i turned my phone off a while back, and i failed to locate a clock or sundial nearby. Finally, i get my interview rolling, almost an hour and a half late. What's so great is i was on time, this guy just forgot me.

We shoot some standard questions, which was fine, but then he asked me about my "experience" to which i had to do some quick on my feet thinking, but i survived. Time passes, and we got to the meat and potatos. Tom asked "when can you come in to work" so i filled out a time table of hours i'm available. I marked the end of saturday and the morning of sunday as unavailable, because that's when i go on dates or visit loser pals. Tom didn't like that though Sad

He says to me "Um, on the phone interview (when i got the call to come in, it was maybe 3 or 4 questions) you said you were available anytime". Ok, let's review. This guy, just asked me a question, that i already answered for someone else. He had it in writing, but felt i had to confirm it? After some more circular logic, he says "well we need new people to work sundays, because our current employee's like to take sundays off". Ok, i see this, you're trying to make sure i do the crap no one else wants to, but that's cool. Tom didn't like my attitude after that though, because i went from a submissive and hopeful youth, to my actual self and started pushing back. After some small passive-aggressive chat, which we did with smiles on, he started drilling me with the point that i would be strictly SEASONAL. What that means, is i would do all the crap no one wants to, and regardless of what i do, he was going to fire me after the holidays. Lovely.

Summarizing so far, i got bullied out of having any weekend time off (in 99% of businesses, an employee gets at least ONE of the weekend days off, but i was getting none) and then was repeatedly told that if i didnt submit to this fact, i wasn't getting hired. Then i was told even if i was hired, it wouldn't be for more than 8 weeks or so of work. This was after he made me wait an hour+.

After this, i was asked if i knew how to rip people off. On the phone, which he conveniently forgot, i was asking for inventory/cashier positions because they are easy, but he was asking me to be a sales guy on the floor. I swear to you, this is a direct quote from Tom "Basically what our floor people are trained to do, is to quickly build a friendship with the customer in a few sentences, then after they've established some trust, we throw in the accessory sales. For example, blank CDs are about a 1-2 dollar profit, but if you sell them cases and sleeves as accessories with them, we make much more profit. You have to make friends with them first though, because if they trust you, then you can sell them anything. They'll keep coming back because they think you're there friend".

Wha? I was asked if i knew how to swindle people. Moral issue. Anyway, i also applied for part time, but Tom said i'd have to do full time if i wanted to get hired. What's all this mean? They may have loved me here, but i don't want in that. I'd end up making a fool of myself anyway, so it's for the best.

For the capper, as i was leaving, Tom said "Next time you come here for an interview, dress nicer." I was wearing my best clothes! You want me to dress nicer than my nicest? Ouch man. I think if i had my facial hair still he would have been fixated on that.

I was told to come back for another interview, because apparently tom is just the filter. Which means this was A WASTE OF TIME. I have to go through it again, and this time it would be serious. f**k that. Let's try applying at the video store next time.


It's all gravy though.

This is how i see the world, it's rather nice. At night especially when i'm out, i like to look at the moon and stars. The street lights are pretty too. Driving home, i see all the lights when i come over one hill on the freeway, and i can see an entire city from above in front of me, all the lights! It's very soothing. Night as a whole is a beautiful thing. The stars and the moon, all the lights. The lack of commotion, but all of it at the same time. Night is a different time from day, obviously, but night changes people. They will unwind, and chill. It's very calm. The air cools down to a tolerable temperature, people will peacefully sleep, some will venture out! Being out at 3am with friends and eating at Denny's is a unique experience.

The day still has it's perks too. I like when there's a lot of clouds, it's somewhat warm but i don't need shorts. A gentle breeze much cooler than the regular still air, is a delight. Even a raging wind is enjoyable, i like when my hair gets blown around. Storms are marvelous also. Daytime storms though, not night ones. Night ones block out my stars and moon.

People say the gray cloud and rain is depressing, but it's not. They are just as beautiful. The rain washes away many things, some of them are unpleasant, so it's a good thing. Life wouldn't exist without it. Most of the time, the rain cools everything off, so you may need to get warm by holding onto someone you love. The rain also makes us stay indoors sometimes, which is a good thing. We get to hang around our family or friends that we may have forgotten as time passed on and we had our own lives to lead.

There's a lot of nice things, and beauty in just the day alone, but most people forget it's there in all the hustle of the world.

I forgot to mention sunsets and such. The magic hour of the day is gorgeous, but the sunrise is even better. The sun rises on the new day, with renewed strength and unseen passion. A marvelous sight as night goes from pitch to a dark blue. The only thing better than that sight is when the sun is rising, but you can't see it yet. This is maybe around 5am ish, whenever the sun comes up for you. The sky is a spectacular shade of blue, and there is some light, but the source of it is unseen. It's a sight to see, most definately.


Rhapsody of Fire again, the laptop doesn't have much for music selection. Too much Rhapsody isn't possible though, and i like using this smiley thing ^^;

I finally saw the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Skip what's between the red text if you actually care about spoilers.

-omg spoilers-

Mixed feelings really. It gave me the closure i wanted from the series, but...It was a different ending than i had anticipated.

That's good, as well as bad. The typical ending of good wins, everyone gets what they want ending, is played out. This movie had a GOOD ending. In it, Ed was able to come home and see everyone after being lost for 2 years. He saw his brother was alive, he saw all his old friends (for mere minutes, but meh) and he got comfort knowing everyone was ok without him.

For this particular story, i was really hoping for the standard happy ending, because i wanted it this time. I wanted Ed to stay home and be with everyone, but this ending was still great. Ed knew he had to sacrifice himself for the good of all this time. The last time he sacrificed himself, was for his own gains, and as a result he was lost to his world. He kept saying "Our dreams aren't the only ones that matter in the world". Somewhat wise and deep, but not so much that it's pseudo like. It provokes actual thought.

The ending made me think more after i saw it. Al and Ed were able to be together, even if it was without their friends. Al was willing to leave it all behind, as was Ed. The true message, was shown throughout the series and this movie. It's about the love between 2 brothers. That love, helped them overcome everything, even being seperated by another world for 2 years. I was happy they were able to be together, but wasn't happy they had to leave everyone else behind.

Bleh, as i said, good and bad.

-omg spoilers end-


My father.

He's a real character. We already went through how he has to get high before he can unite his Russian troops to dominate allied forces in Command and Conquer, as well as become a political analyst for MSNBC and Hardball. Let's probe deeper into his being.

Besides the comedic value, he has other purposes too. Not too long ago, my father was working on his car. He likes muscle cars (i dont know much on cars, all i know is it's from the late 60s, and it's a mustang super cobra thing blah blah blah 428 blah blah blah) so he was in the garage after he got off work. While working on his automobile that he loves more than his own son, he heard screaming from the park at the end of our street. Pops poked his head out to investigate. He saw a group of black kids running from a pitbull. The black kids live at the end of our street, which is funny in itself. The ONLY black family in our section of the suburb, and they live at the end of the street and out of the white folks way.

Anyway, my dad runs to save the kids from the pitbull since the little girl that was maybe 9 or 10 was cornered and about to get attacked. Either stoned, or actually fearless (i make it dramatic!) pops kept messing with the dog, calling to it and such, until it left the black girl alone. In a nutshell, he might have saved these kids from serious injury.

Being black, the kids didn't thank my dad. Instead, the oldest one says "Is that your dog? you need to fuckin keep that thing locked up you dumbass. I'm a go tell my mom and she call the police and sue you". Pops was SHOCKED. I'm amazed he didnt let the dog go again to attack the kids. He just went home to watch Hardball, like a true Champion.

-Bonus on Pops-

During the winter, my dad has this habit that i can't find the reason for to this day. It's been happening since as far as i can remember, as a wee lad. That habit being:

My dad will turn on a heater, while he wears a sweater. Understandable, he's cold, but...He opens the nearest window, to get COLD AIR. Everyone see this? He turns on HOT AIR, to rid him of his COLD AIR, but the HOT AIR is too HOT, so he opens a window for more COLD AIR. Don't think about that situation for more than 3 minutes, or blood will shoot out your ears.


I'm on a roll tonight.


You know you love it.

Where we left off, some slightly more advanced tactics.

Wiggle room. I say this one a lot, so let me explain it. Wiggle room can be as simple as not playing all your cards (i'll explain cards later) or leaving yourself an escape plan. Holding some of your cards can be smart for wiggle room. You need ammo in the reserve to fire when you exhaust your first clip, so i suggest leaving your heavy hits on hold until you NEED them.

It leans more toward the latter of the 2 i mentioned. Escape plan, mostly. Wiggle room is more along the lines of giving yourself the ability to retract a statement. Sounds cowardly, i know, but here's some reasons to do so. Leaving yourself the ability to freeform your opinion entirely, by only changing a word or 2, is golden. It can save your ass at times. Example of it in play, from me and CA (easiest example, dont take it up the ass nubs):


So yea; after a few months I just randomly, YES RANDOMLY, hopped back on PD. I can tell you that I haven't been "online everyday as a Guest", though I have come on as invisible like 3 times just to read some stories and an RP. I DID come in the Forbidden Misc.Section to sneak a peek at a certain thread, but that was like, what, July/Auguest?

My response (condensed):

Lurking almost daily for 4 months isn't 3 random times

That was the initial exchange. Now to point out the wiggle room, which i will put in pink. Example of a trap also? Not really, but it's covering myself.


No, I don't come online even as CLOSE to "daily"

My response:

i said almost daily. You took a few days off sometimes. In september you took almost a week off.

Again, pink is the indication of WIGGLE ROOM. Wiggle room is just using a lot of "seems", "maybes", "possibleys" and the other uncertain words when you address points that are otherwise hard to back, or iffy in general. In this case, CAs logging in presence wasn't daily, i knew that. I knew that, she knew that, she said it was different, i said the truth, i used wiggle room for the predictable coming response.

Again, this is an objective CA post, i'm using this example to show wiggle room.

This tactic can really come back and bite you in the ass though, for the LONG haul. Using tons of uncertaintys for wiggle room at the same time, can weaken your arguements. You sound unsure, and a competent person on my level of Justice would spot it in a blink, and call you on it. I can't really explain it further, you just look weaker when you cant commit to something you say with entirity. Self preservation and flexibility, at the cost of...POWER and devastation. Use sparingly.

The next one, i've repeated a lot, but not recently.



Confidence is A MUST in Justice. There is no discussion. You MUST sound confident, act confident, or more easilly, BE confident.

Again, confidence is key. If you arent confident, why the hell would someone listen to you? Let alone accept your Justice? I tear through unconfident people faster than a drunk hymen on prom night.

It's dangerous, as well as contradicting. I say be confident, but allow wiggle room. Self contradicting aye? Not really. It takes practice. Sounding confident can win the day. Even if you are unsure, just bluffing confidence can make some people back down. If you get called on it, you better be able to think fast on your feet, or you could be in for a world of hurt.

In my personal experiences, i've actually been losing some confrontations, but because i was acting confident, and didn't let off of it, i've gotten people to back off me instead of finishing me. Hell, if you're good enough, you can make people turn around and doubt themselves entirely. Mad skills.


Twisting Words.

Kind of like wiggle room. Twisting words incorporates itself automatically into the Quote style. I'll explain the difference.

Twisting words isn't just twisting someones statement. You can have the ability to twist a perspective, even twist an arguement ENTIRELY. Requires high skill. I use this one a lot.

Usually i use it if i'm losing though, hehe. If it's an opinion debate, and my opinion is generally frowned upon and i later find out it sucks, so i should abandon it, i use this opportunity to twist the event at hand. This defense gets butchered by anyone that questions relevance, or uses the previously mentioned "opinion" counter. Here's how i use it.

If it's an opinion discussion, and my opinion is failing me, i twist it. Not the opinion, but the discussion itself. I twist it from discussing opinions to discussing facts. I really hate when this is done to me, and as i said, the opinion counter beats on it easilly enough, but for the unaware this can spell doom. It's a lame way out, i cant sugar coat that. Using facts do discredit an OPINION, is a way to win, but i rarely use it, and you should almost never do it either.

Vice versa, if it's a facts discussion, such as politics (i hate facts in general, they aren't formless, and other facts can kill your facts, hence i avoid them entirely) you can change it to opinion. You just have to find an easy enough fact to beat on, and you are in business. If you can form a fast opinion off of it, you can work magic. I say it constantly, opinions are Gods in thought form. Formless and omni-potent. Get off those shady facts quick, and get into the domain of yours, using opinions!

Another, subtle and easier to use tactic, is point twisting. Regardless of facts or opinion based discussions, you can twist to a smaller point of the broad discussion. This ties into playing your game. If you want to psychologically rape someone, then find a point you know tons about (opinions or facts) and tip the discussion in that directon. Proceed to kick ass from there.


Play your game.

I started this d**n phrase in my offline world, and it spread like wildfire. No one gives me credit for it though, and i love my credit...Bastards.

Anyway, <above title>. This takes some psychological skills. This term means, to get people to do what you want them to do. Simpley said. Not so simpley done!

It involves a lot of the stuff i said before. Traps, baits, etc. Anything that gets people to follow what YOU set up, predict, and subconciously make them do. Anytime you get them to do what you wanted, you're in control. Almost as important as confidence, control of your situation is a key to victory. If you have people eating out of your hand, you hold all the cards. Play them at will. As i said, this requires almost everything i mentioned in the Justice sections. You must control. You must control the opponent, anyone participating, all the points, all the talk. You must control these. It's imperitive. I can't stress it enough.

I don't care how you do it, just take control of the situation.


I have more of these, but i want to save them for future posts.

My farewell gift to you, kirby, and other random emote faces.

<('-'<) <('-')> (>'-')> <('-')> <('-'<) <('-')> (>'-')> <('-')>




Listening to the Daft Punk album: Discovery. Took me a while to find it, my mom had it for some reason. I definately say this is their best album, Aerodynamic is a good example of how Daft Punk works, and Superheroes makes me feel something epic in my soul, i always end up dancing when i listen to it. Music is awesome like that. By far the best thing French people have ever done, was give birth to the 2 guys that make Daft Punk.

This one's aimed at my mom, but i'll include it as a general sense.

Ever been in school, and there's a substitute teacher, and no one's sitting in their assigned seat? One loud and annoying person (in all my experiences has been BLACK, except one that was a gay mexican) gets yelled at by the teacher, then forced to sit in their assigned seat away from their friends. Before that person is socially executed in front of the class, they sell out everyone else that is doing the same crime, so they ruin everyone else's fun just because there's got screwed over by their own incompetence. Just because this moron gets sent to his seat, you have to also? Hey man, you were being quiet and hanging out with your friends right? What bastards.

This is my moms mentallity. Last week, my dads work had been slow. He's an electrician, so he was out of buildings to wire for the time. I have been actively searching for a job. For one reason or another, i can't land one. I'm still trying at least. My mother however, works from 8am to 5pm everyday. She's quite the model employee. Mother is there everyday, on time, and causes no problems. My mom will NOT take a sick day off, unless she is so sick she can't stand up. Devoted.

My mom, being the retard and child she is, doesn't like it when people get to have fun while she works. Those are her words, to guilt trip us. Sure me and my dad have fun, but we're still doing what we can. Wrapping back to the kid thing, my mom doesn't like watching other people have fun when she has to work. It's that simple. So everyday last week, my mom would come home and cuss both me and my father out. She called us lazy, and it's unfair (life isn't fair guys LOL) that she has to work while we get to play around.

Not a whole lot can be done mom. I've been shafted by 8 different places i've applied to in the last 10 weeks or so, and dad's work slows down every fall-winter. There isn't much else we can do. Of course, she doesn't listen to that. Instead she constantly complains that we sit on our asses, easilly ignoring the fact both me and dad clean house when we're home and do other chores when we do get to stay home, and chooses to b*tch because she loves to do it for any reason. Hell i even did some grocery shopping last week for her. A woman thing to complain? Probably, but I wouldn't go that far on a whim this time.

I swear, my mom could pass for a middle aged emo. Her job is almost no stress, she's a fucking accountant. Somewhere in her 16 years at this company she became human resources also, but that's for office employee's. In other words, she exaggerates that her work is hard. It's my dad out in the elements every day, doing actual labor, and my mom has the balls to call him lazy. Crunch numbers more plz and hush hush mom.

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE my mommy. She's awesome. She just sucks hard when she starts whining everyday, and cussing me out.


Tucker Carlson is a journalist type guy on MSNBC. He's usually conservative, but stays objective.

I used to hate this guy, because i saw him on Bill Maher's Real Time recently (i get my political news from bill maher and the daily show, which is why i probably sound liberally biased) and he was arguing for the right wing. I was one of those sheep that was flocked into the whole "i hate conservatives no matter what they say" crowd, but i broke away from that.

Now i'm able to look at things objectively in political talk, which makes Mr. Tucker a lot cooler. He is conservatively biased himself usually, but he stays objective. Between him and Chris Matthews, political talk is actually awesome. The tough questions, and the frustration they create on their guests faces is a refreshing sight. It's good to know some people can still ask the tough questions in this day and age of filtered press and Fox news.

Keith Olberman or however his name is spelled on the Countdown, is a loser. Don't bring him up please. Rita Cosby NEEDS TO DRINK SOME WATER. My god her voice is raspy. I have to leave the room whenever my parents put her on tv. I can't stand listening to her, i feel my brain hemorrhaging when she speaks. Saaaave meeee.


I'm tired of hearing "arrogant".

Arrogance, is just a form of confidence. Time to explain how people get confused with this word. As usual, here is dictionary.com on arrogance:

offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride

Offensive being the keyword. That is the one that is up to your own interpretation. As i said, arrogance can be tied to confidence. You have confidence for your skills in something, so you let others know. That simple. Sometimes people just talk to do it, so they're lying about their skills, but that's something else entirely.

Time to play psychologist. People take a confident swagger or bravado, as arrogant, either from their own personal anger, or some form of jealousy. Someone could say:

Arrogant guy: Math comes naturally to me, it's so easy!
other guy: wow you're arrogant

Guy number 1 is just gifted in something. Guy number 2 sucks at math, so he's jealous. Easy enough yea? Hell i say BE arrogant sometimes. Use sparingly, but yea be arrogant. There is nothing wrong with talking about your strong points. People just take too many things up the ass these days, and at ramming speeds! Mm suggestive wordplay, i love it.

I myself, put off some arrogance occasionally. It's fun. Part of the whole "human insight" game. Nothing wrong with having confidence in yourself, and nothing wrong with letting others know it's there. The ones that cry are the ones that are jealous, or have seen your skills in action. Either way, jealousy sucks hard. Arrogance is an ok word, and should no longer be used as negative.

One of the other words in the class i'm talking about, used to discredit someone by tearing them down instead of discussing points. Go hang out with hypocrite and emo, loser word.


Small verbal lesson.

"Word Crutches" is one of the few beneficial things i learned from my senior english class. It's a word you use, when you feel you need to use a word but don't know which. For most people they say "like" or "you know", some are more simple and use "um".

Adam's crutch is the word "just". Just because is one i use a ton, so i can say JUST is my word crutch. At least Just is used in Justice.
Still on my Daft Punk album.

Fear Mongering

has become the latest way to sell anything. It's simple. You make people afraid, then act confident, and people will listen to you. Because of the recent spike in usage of this strategy, many things have happened. Easilly noted is America going into Iraq. That was done off fear. To stay on politics, Bush was re elected because of fear mongering also. For the last 6 years, it's been all fear. Whenever the public doesn't approve, someone says something that strikes fear into others, then people stop resisting. Buy some jewelry and a new car, otherwise the terrorists win.

Really the easiest method you can use to control people, and the most effective. Everyone is afraid of something. I don't care how hard you think you are, it's a fact. There is at least one thing that exists on this earth that makes your blood run cold. To monger fear, you figure something out that a lot of people are afraid of, then blow that out of proportion. Example? Sure thing, this is the color coded terror alert system. Yes, color coded, like we're all in fuckin elementary school:

"Today is a yell-no oran-RED alert day, be wary of chemical bombs that will melt your face".

WoW referrance, shadow priests anyone? Face melt action!

Alarmists are a subgroup of fear mongers. They're the ones that play off your initial reaction to something, instead of building fear in you. When we were attacked on 9/11, someone said "i think it was afghanistan" so we went there. Few months pass, and we're still a confused country, then someone says "Iraq has possible ties, they could possibley maybe nuke us sometime in the near future, depending on if they actually have those potential weapons". Lots of uncertainty there. Of course, my country was extremely pissed at the time, so anyone that we were told to destroy, we tried to do so. Still failed in iraq, but that arguement is so played out.

It's sad really, we're at the point in our world where no one trusts each other anymore. Instead of trusting out leaders and government, they have to trick us into doing stuff by making us afraid of it, so we'll turn the other way when they do things like filter media, torture prisoners, and steal elections.


Getting rich quick

is probably the most universal dream out there. We've all contemplated the event where we create something that everyone buys and changes the earth, which grants us the money to never have to work again. It would be nice yea? I know i would love it. The joy of true freedom. You have the money to buy what you want, do what you want, any time you want.

Harsh reality steps in and tells us that the chances of us getting this dream fulfilled, is next to impossible. Harsh reality continues to remind us that nothing is what we want. Sure it can be only money to some people, but to others it could be paradise. We could live in our own worlds then. Harsh reality continues to be a mean guy and tells us humans suck. Not in the standard depressing way, but in the way that we are limited. We don't have anything awesome like powers. We cant fly, shoot fireballs from our hands, teleport, lift huge things effortlessly, things like that. Our world is boring too. No one has epic quests and adventures anymore. A group of friends doesnt foot it across the planet to deliver an ancient artifact to a great wizard. We dont get to do anything fun like that, we lead boring lives.

Harsh reality's cousin, sad truth shows up. Sad truth shows us that other human beings try to play to this sense of wanting financial freedom. How do they do it? They throw tons of stuff at you, telling you that by following this plan exactly, you will become rich in a short time. All these schemes tell you, is to sell stuff. Make a new hip product, and sell it. That, or be a real estate person, or play the stock market. Not hard according to this thing.

If i made one of those types of books to tell people to get rich, i would put this one in:

Item Idea 17- Make a product telling people how to get rich, then mass produce it like i did to get you to buy this one.

Truth in advertising, almost. I think a good way to make easy money, is the common one. Do something fresh. The fact is, it doesn't even have to be successful. There was a wireless company created recently called "Alltell" i believe. Alltell had a service, that let you call anyone else on a wireless network without the charges that usually come with calling cross network. Great idea i say. Few weeks later, Alltell gets crushed by all the major companies. In a perfect world, alltell would get bought out and merge somewhere and make tons of cash off the deal, but not this time. They got outmuscled.

It can still work though, the whole plan is to get bought out. Why compete? Get quick cash.


This might actually be considered a pseudo thing, but REAL men is something i hate with my entire soul.

A Real man, used to be one that could do helpful things like carpentry, without BEING a carpenter by trade. My girlfriends dad built tons of extra stuff on their house, rooms and such. He puts in floors, fixes cars, all as HOBBIES. That is a real man. Both my father and my grandfather as well were capable of doing these feats also.

Todays version of a real man is one that always acts tough, doesnt show any negative emotions, drinks beer, thinks women are only good for sex, and watches football. What an embarrassment. You aren't cavemen god damnit. It's not eat this, sex that, watch the game. That isn't life. So what if you're a guy that gets sad? Oh, you're not a big man anymore. Your friends wont invite you to poker night.

Once more, my favorite scapegoat ever comes back. ADVERTISING. Just look around you! There are commercials for beer where whenever men dont do something generically manly, they get crushed by BEER. What the fucking hell is that? In one, a guy calls his wife to check in. Is that wrong to let your woman know what you're doing periodically? Guess so, because this guy was crushed by a massive beer can. In a different one, someone bought some weird fruity beer, then was crushed by the same beer can (same advertising campaign). Afterwards, one of the remaining 3 says "wow thats big!" then another says "i think its TOO big" then he gets crushed by a beer also. Small shot showing the beer pouring into a glass after that, then it comes back to our crew with 2 down out of 4. Number 3 loads the 2 big beers into the back of the pickup, then says "man that was heavy" then gets crushed also.

Of course real men like classic rock also. Hey i love my music, and i know the good stuff, but George Thoroughgood is a really horrible musician. Real men like rock, just because it sounds manly with all the guitar riffs. They say Kiss is the greatest band that ever existed, Queen is full of queers, and Rush is for panzys. Ignorance abound!

There was a commercial (omg again) recently. It's about MENS WEIGHT LOSS food. Losing weight is unmanly for men, but this commercial really sold it. The commercial constantly showed low carb burgers, steak, pasta, eggs, those kind of things, and said you can lose weight. For the customer testimony, they had manly looking guys throwing footballs then talking about it. Of course the commercial spokesman was NFL quarterback Dan Marino. To further sell the product, all the guys said was "i'm in the best shape ever, and my sexlife is great". 60 seconds of this folks. Real men like steak, sex, and football. Reeeeeeeetaaaards.

Men are supposed to be lumex's. Lift heavy things, eat this, watch violent things, and fuck girls. God forbid love or any other emotion EXISTS for you. The guys will call you a panzy and throw beer at you. If you're really that dumb to live like that, you deserve to erode in a tank of whale piss. Nothing wrong with listening to your heart.


Rhapsody of Fire is one of my top 3 bands of all time. However, they always find horrible directors for their music videos, and here is an example. Even if you dont like the band, they show boobs, so that should be reason to sway the rest of you.


here is a fan vid from teens:


here is Luca doing a solo, which is actually good:


here is a video of one of their first songs, years ago:


thats all i have for now.


The Right to Free Speech

should no longer be used as justification. It shouldn't be used at all by anyone, anytime and anywhere. I'm sorry guys, but you ran out your chances for using this thing. We are at the point where someone will have a belief that is morally wrong by society and law's standards, then they say Free Speech protects it.

When did people become so stupid? Not just to use this perverse interpretation of our rights to justify otherwise wrong actions, but when people stopped questioning it. I have seen many accounts of people in debates, one says "free speech" and the other one walks off and dies somewhere. Hey i say they deserve to die if they do crap that stupid. Morals and decency come before freedom of speech.

Instead, we have people that will go out and talk tons of negativity to people different than them. A few of the main ones being racists, teenagers, pseudo's, criminals, you get the idea. The main one is a combination to me. Pseudo smart teenagers. This group, has recently been using this freedom of speech crap. They walk around using either their teen labels like preps and goths, or they do that copying from MSNBC political talk. After tearing everyone down that doesn't follow their opinion, someone might get mad. They might say "Hey! That's not nice!" and the moron responds "Free speech, i can say what i want".

This is when you need to tell those people "yea you can say what you want, but you could be nicer about it". Too many people are eager to be bastards. Racists do this also though. They say they can hate whoever they want because of free speech. The first amendment isn't your SHIELD from accepting responsibility when you do something that isn't right by moral standards.


Sorry, FF7 is overrated no matter how you slice it. Cloud was the only character with actual depth, in terms of story it was ok. Personal vengeance is a lot more appealing than go get the bad guy (even though the game became that near the end). Black Barret had a white daughter, Aeris sold flowers, Tifa was a childhood friend that ran a bar, and everyone else has almost no significant story worth mentioning. The ones i mentioned still had fast written stories, and what i mean by that is their stories were explained in 1 dialogue. Clouds took an entire game to figure out, which is why i say he had some actual depth, but even that "depth" isn't solid. Most of Clouds story was more of him in total confusion, not tons of discoveries.

The gameplay was horrible. It was the same as every FF game before it. The materia slightly changed things, but only slightly. Materia was outclassed in EVERY way by every system of character building from 8 to 10. The Junction/Draw system from FF8 was the best system hands down. I said hands down! FF9 was pretty good for a gameplay system, you had tons of useful abilities, but could only choose a few at a time. You could have a couple high end extremely useful abilities (auto-potion, auto-regen) or tons of little ones that did things like double damage to monsters of certain types. Combine that with a step back to older times, of the colored mages and warriors, that game was only held back by the slightly kidlike graphics of the characters. FFX made it so everyone could do everything, which was kind of cool, but the sphere system was quite clever. I will concede that FF7 brought the Limit Break system, which has been used in some form since then, and is probably the games best feature.

FF7 suffered from FF6s "toomanycharacterstouse" illness. Not nearly as bad as FF6, but having to work up all the different characters made it more of a chore than a fun thing. As far as characters go, Vincent was a badass, but his combat abilities were garbage. Barret outclassed him in everyway, plus Barret is a big black dude, and when a big black dude has a huge machine gun on his arm, that's fucking hilarious. I ended up using Cloud (duh) and cycled maybe 3 characters by the end, i was tired of working up limit breaks. Too many characters, and you hardly use them all.

Other FF games were cool because you could buy full suits of gear. In Tactics you could get the Genji set, but you had to steal it from bosses. FF6 was hilarious because of this. With the right combo, you could have a 1 man army. That's no understatement either. Genji glove+ another ring i cant remember, but it let you attack multiple times. This was back in the day when you were allowed 2 accessories. Between these 2, your character could have 8 attacks in the SAME turn. Sounds cool right? Combine that with weapons that do Autokill on hit, or other equally good effects, and you could wipe out enemy parties on turn 1. I digress, the point remains you can't get tons of extra stuff, so you can't devise clever strats for your characters besides chain mimicing a KotR double summon. Actually i forgot you could get some stuff like that, using 4x cut mega all deathblow, so the game did have some tricky stuff.

There weren't many good sidequests in FF7. Chase down the weapons, yawn. If any of you think ruby/emerald were tough bosses, go fight the swirling rainbow ball Ozma in FF9. That thing will rape you so hard your ass will bleed. Yes, from virtual reality to actual reality, your ass will rip open and bleed. A ball that had the standard unmeasurable amount of life, but it got 3 turns to your 1, and casted tons of high end spells. It used a spell called Doomsday, which did 9999 damage to your characters, and healed the boss for the same amount. A spell that instakills all of you, and heals the boss. It was great. There was a way around it, but you couldn't set all the characters up on your team for it, so you had to choose who got to live if the spell happened, and the spell happened quite often. This ball would cast super mega hurt spell, then another mega hurt spell, then Curaga itself for 9999. It became a race to somehow outdamage its 20k life regen and keep your group alive. Considering it got 3 turns to your 1, this was insane. Even with haste it might come down to 2 to 1. Let's see Emerald do that. Final Attack+Revive materia icantdie. How disheartening to the thrill of the game.

People who say Sephiroth was the best villain <insert horrible but witty way to die here>. Sephiroth was hardly there. He showed up maybe once a disc for 5 minutes tops. Other bosses at least do stuff in the plot. Kuja started a war by manipulation, then took over the war himself. Sephiroth HAUNTED PEOPLE OMG. Necron was dumb, he came out of nowhere after kuja and that was real gay. Kuja should have morphed into Necron and that would have made more sense. Kefka and Kuja were a lot alike. I've only beaten FFX twice, and that was years ago, so i dont remember much from that. The monster arena is pretty challenging. I dont have a real solid vote for best villain, and it might even be sephi, but i dont like people making up their minds when they dont know the rest of the candidates.

As a whole, all FF games have great music. I listen to songs from 4 all the way to 10. Tactics had the best i say. Plus, everyone forgets FFTactics exists at all, completely overshadowed by FF7. Tactics had that lame solve-nothing ending style though. Gameplay was fantastic.

All this rage stems from one thing, everytime an FF game is brought up in discussion, EVERYONE always mentions FF7. They don't even offer good points, they say dumb crap like "well 7 was just better, i loved it. Why? I just did." I should choke slam you idiots. They usually say some retard excuse, like FF9 had crap graphics (flaming graphics is as lame as flaming grammar), and these same idiots ignore you when you say "Well what about 8 or X?" Jump in the whale piss tank plzkthxbye. Plus GAMEFAQs character battle poll event, is mostly FF7 characters. Use 1 or 2 from each franchise please, not popculture garbage (even though popculture crap like Master Chief and Solid Snake win a lot of votes).

Of course that's just my opinion, i could be wrong.

Games as a whole piss me off, but that's something else entirely.


Equal Force

is easilly one of the smartest things my mom ever said to me. I guess you could consider it a Justice tactic.

What equal force means, is treat someone equally as they treat you. It's pretty simple in concept. If someone gets mad at you, get equally mad, if someone speaks calmly to you, speak as calm. This way, you are in control without obviously showing you are in control to the other person. By doing so, to any onlookers, you look as if you are responding in kind, but not escalating the situation. I could go on and say it shows a bunch of things, but that might be potentially pseudo like, and it really isn't necessary.

Equal Force gives you some nice wiggle room. Anytime someone starts yelling at you and you yell back, they may say "why are you getting so mad?" and try to downplay it so you get public opinion turned against you by looking like you overreacted. Equal force allows you to become as calm as the other person just as fast as they did. You look at them and merely respond "i was only getting as mad as you did, so don't blame me for responding in kind/ with equal force". Works wonders for you in some cases. You may even swing the public back from thinking you overreact, to making it seem like the other guy is an idiot, how cool.

When it's all said and done, and everyone has a clear head, someone might say "why did you get so mad?" and you can nicely respond "equal force, if they're mean i'll be mean, if they're nice i'll be nice". I try to live by that, but it proves harder than it is sometimes.


Las Vegas

is a failure. Isn't that place called Sin City too?

Anyway, this started from, you guessed it, an ADVERTISEMENT. I am way tired of seeing these ads saying "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas". It's always someone being blackmailed, or doing something "immoral". Omg americans doing immoral things apocalypse now.

The commercial that started all of this, was one where some guy is getting his lawn mowed. Straight away they were wrong, because it was a white dude mowing another white guys lawn. That's not how it is in america, but that's something else entirely. After mowing said lawn, the "landscaper" says to the owner "That will be $75". The owner responds "It's usually $30". The blackmailer then says "I went to vegas last week, and WOW, pretty crazy. But YOU? you looked like you were having a much better time". A few moments of silence pass, and the owner says "So..$75? Nice job on the lawn today...". Other guy responds with a big smirk "We aim to please".

Honestly, what the fuck could be happening in vegas that needs to be covered up? You gambled a bunch, got wasted, did some hookers, maybe blew a horse, i dont know what could be that bad that you can tell someone. Got married? Wow, who hasn't had a shotgun wedding in vegas before? Well any smart person hasn't, so maybe i should take that back, but i'm not going to.

If you did something real wrong like had an affair with someone, then you deserve to be caught. All Las Vegas is, is a place where people can go to cut loose and Sin with abandon, just so they feel like they're breaking the rules for once. There are better ways to get your jollies folks. You don't need to go do immoral things in a tourist city, then come back and lie about it because the commercial said so.

However, if you went to see Sigfried and Roy, i can definately imagine someone trying to cover for that.


John Mellencamp

is another musician on my hitlist. He's a fucking Canadian that sings about how great America is. If you have never listened to one of his cds, i'll explain what they contain.

12-15 tracks, of america is great. That is all. The notes in the songs almost seem like they don't change, and the only thing in each song that changes is the chorus. One is "Rockin in the USA" where he spells out "rockin" then says "in the USA" for 3 or 4 minutes. His guitar playing sucks hard too, so he has no redeeming factor. Another is "I was born in a small town" and he explains his life, which i'm guessing started in canada since he is a canadian. He explains it like it's from the american heartland.

I mean sure it's bad this guy needs to be beheaded with an olive fork, but his FANS. O em GEE the fans. Pseudo patriots ABOUND. They all sit there driving their ford trucks listening to the radio broadcast of football/baseball games and eating burgers they grilled at a tailgate party, saying Mellencamp "is a real american patriot". What horse shit. I wouldn't be surprised if Mellencamp was actually a business man that had the same angle as christian rock groups, saying "if i sing about something everyone feels they are required to love and support, i would make millions". I would sit there and say "what the hell took him so long" if i heard him say that.

It's fucking obnoxious and i hate him. It's almost the same response as Real Men. They say Queen is full of queers blah blah, except now the wife agrees with the man. This music does great in the South i bet, where they wear nice white robes and pointy hats, special K might be there favorite cereal. I mean, it's special so it's elite, and it has K in it.

Anyway, yea this is southern music by far. They listen to it doing everything i said above, and they talk with those annoying southern accents i hate so so much. Go work on your farm singing about what a great country we are and incest your daughters please, maybe you'll spread a fatal disease through your closed bloodline and get off my planet.

This ties into something else.


Bill Maher hit on this earlier, but not everyone might watch his show. It was something that was bugging me for a while too.

America needs to stop bragging that it's the best country on the earth, and START ACTING LIKE IT. Maher had an army of numbers to back this, saying we are under 50 but in the top 100 (still horrible) for things like literacy, infant mortallity, healthiest, stuff like that. Basically stuff that matters more than building democracies in foreign areas.

I said it before, and this is just reinforcing it. America needs to take its head out of its ass, and realize we have been riding the achievements of a greater generation for too long. Yes, america tore down the berlin wall, we cured polio, we stopped communists and nazis, but what have we done lately? Nothing. Don't even say iraq, or i will [/choke slam] you so hard your account deletes itself.

With those kinds of numbers, america looks retarded waving the flags and screaming USA around everywhere. Hell, people that have never left this country even say we're the best in the world. Shh please. Until amerca does something phenominal (stem cell patents anyone?) we need to shut the fuck up. Face it, it IS going to happen. We say stem cells are too close to cloning so Jesus hates it? That's our reason for denying the planet potential cures for tons of diseases? Jesus isn't stopping the other top scientific countries from researching it, and they WILL find what we would have if we kept going, make no mistake. Except then that country will get all the glory, and america will continue its downward spiral into a failed land, but all the while we will be chanting USA and listening to John Mellencamp, the canadian, stroke our ego's by singing about the country's greatness.



All they are good for, is going from A to B. Nothing else. For some reason, people find the need to add things to them, like flashy paint jobs, loud mufflers, NOS, better sound systems, rims, things like that. Only retards spend money on this. Half of the engine upgrades people get are pointless, not because they don't work, but because we have SPEED LIMITS. Woooow your car can go 150mph, yawn. Speed limit is 65 kthxbye. Ever notice the only people that blast music loud always blast RAP? In california we sometimes hear crappy spanish music, which i refer to as the circus. Regardless, it's always rap. Windows down, 120 degrees outside, and this guy is sweating so people can try to hear his failure music. I laugh at them, because rarely do people even drives with their windows down, so who the hell are they tryin to show off to?

Paint jobs and rims? You can't see those when you're inside the car. I ask once more, the point? None. All this flamboyant stuff is meant to show off...to WHO? Wow your rims are shiny, they spin. Wow your car is bright pink. Soon as you drive off i will most likely never see you again. You only stroke your own ego. Spinning rims do not help you in anyway in getting from point A to point B. Your car being pink does nothing, not even makes the light change faster. My mom got a muffler change on her car. It went from quiet, to loud and rumbley. She said "i like hearing it rumble! vroom vroom". Mom, all this muffler did was prevent any chance i had at sleeping in your car anymore, because whenever you hit the accelerator my seat goes off like a sybian.

Anything else is pointless, i already said we had speed limits to negate those things. You can't race, that's illegal too, unless you actually find a track to do it on. Still pointless, and a waste of money. If you total your car, you have NOTHING to fall back on, because you put all your money into your machine. Unless you are super rich, save your money. Upgrading your car is pointless when laws prevent any speed enhancers, and making your car look "cool" doesn't help at all either, it had to be said guys.

I blame that movie "Fast and the Furious". Filling people with false dreams of cars they can't have. They suck anyway so why would you want them. I hate cars in general.
I voted today.

How awesome. As much as i bitch about my government, it has its benefits. Every 2 years we are able to attempt a change by using our voice alone. Our voice is in the form of a voting ballot, but it's still our opinions being spoken. After the last 6 years of corruption, scandals, moral injustice, and plain idiocy, people finally got so fed up they went for change.

I don't know the actual statistic, but from hearsay there was a % somewhere near 35-40% voter turnout within the first few hours. That's astonishing. I didn't vote until the last hour because i was busy with loser buddies, but i got myself in there. As far as my story goes, i spent most of today (about 3 hours) reading over propositions and candidates before i went in.

It feels powerful. All these people wanting change and voicing out, and i was part of it! Years from now, even if it doesn't work i can tell people "yea i voted there. my voice was heard, even if my choices didn't win". What people don't see is even if you don't win your opinion mattered. If your choice loses even by a few votes that tells people that it was close and if it comes back up again it can easilly go the other way. Since this stuff happens every two years, you have more chances to get your choice to pass. In the time between elections there can be new discoveries or reports and that will change the potential for your vote to become majority. Carry hope.

You may say "my vote doesn't matter so why should i even bother?" and i could say you're right, an individual vote almost doesn't matter. The counter to that has always been "when ten thousand people have that same thought, THEN your vote matters". Some others may say presidential races are the only ones that matter, and that isn't true either. When the system gets as screwed up as it is right now? Then these midterms matter majorly. Instead of Bush having a pseudo-dictatorship, the 2 year limit rolls around and we're able to kick everyone out that we say is corrupt or we just don't like. This almost instantly dismantles said dictatorship. Now we are able to actually obstruct the president. With this done, we could finally start getting this country back on track. In 2 more years Bush goes out, and america could start picking itself back up. I'm using tons of "maybe" type words i know, but i have learned not to fully assume or trust people with big things like this. I have CONFIDENCE though. The call of duty to fix injustice was answered.

I suppose i seem like one of those people that are happy to say i did it more than anything. Myself, i stick to the whole "don't complain about it if you haven't done anything to fix it". I constantly complain about government, and today i was able to do something about it. Bye bye hypocrisy.


Tim told me FFWA is a depressing place of cyber space, but i didnt realize how bad until i saw this piece. It describes one of their forum sections, and it's sole purpose is to appease the female forumites so they can worship lame female icons like lindsy lohan and heather graham. This also helps the girls to hang around and tolerate the guys i suppose. Combine that with the fact that there is no equal "man shrine" and you have yet another point backing me when i say we have a feminist society. The "man shrine" is being discussed. After a few months of the woman shrine existing the man one is still in discussion? I should check that out soon to see the arguements against it, because i'm confident there are some. Here are the elitist rules for posting in the womans shrine:

Women shrine now open to anyone to post threads. read the rules or get banned from it

1. no men (or trannies)

2. all threads must be titled "Woman of the Day dd/mm/yy - Name"

3. make sure you post AT LEAST 8 GOOD-SIZED pics of ur woman

4. no nudity. that means: a) no nipples b) no vag c) no pubes. bare arse is ok

5. if someone has already posted a woman of the day u gotta wait until tomorrow

6. always post 6 options in the poll: "0/5", "1/5", "2/5", "3/5", "4/5", "5/5", in that order

7. failure to comply with any of these rules, to the exact letter, will result in ur thread being deleted and u being banned from the shrine

If tim doesn't do it first i may investigate this further sometime in the future. I LOL at 7.


Relationships are hard man. They bring out the best and worst in 2 people. In any serious relationship i promise you that within a few months, no matter how well you get along with the other person, you will find yourselves at each others throats at least once in that small time frame. We can give thanks to Love for this. As i have said before, you will be left with some of your best and worst memories from a relationship. When you fight, it's almost always over something retarded. Most likely born from your overwhelming paranoia or the fact one of you had a bad day, you make a big deal over something that doesn't really demand any energy at all to solve. Reflecting back you will tell yourself "wow what a moron i was". It's obvious why though, you care about someone so you will find yourself doing stuff you normally thought you wouldn't. I promise, the more you love someone the farther you will find yourself away from your expected center of thought. Me? I get jealous. I don't get out of control with it though. Stories have reached me where some boyfriends threaten to beat up the girlfriend and the other guy she hangs out with, regardless of what happens. They could just talk to each other after school and psycho boyfriend says "i'll kill that bitch!". Thankfully i'm not that bad. The worst i do is play 20 questions with her, and sometimes she hides details which makes me even more suspicious! It all ends well though. I only do these things because i care, plus i'm afraid to lose her.

Trust. That is what is needed for these things to work. Some tell you "communication is the biggest factor". Those some are only half right. You need to be able to trust your love with everything. Trust supercedes (i have always wanted to use that word ^^; ) communication because of the simple logic saying: if you trust someone enough then you will be able to communicate anything and everything openly. No matter how many times someone else says "you can tell me anything", you have no idea if that statement is true or not until you push some limits. In my professional opinion, that is only half a sentence. The unspoken second half is "you can tell me anything, but that doesn't mean i will accept it or understand it every time". For some Adam examples, i swear a lot. When i say a lot, i mean a_lot. kg might have noticed on webcam, i dont know how sharp i was on my mouth but in my standard speech there's a lot of "damn"s and "fuck"s in them. The reason i dont put them in my posts is because i'm too lazy to censor bypass, or it's just not needed (i proof read my posts). As such i get lectured constantly by my love for my swearing. Not really because she hates it, but because i always cuss near little kids or in public which is bad i guess. I'll continue being honest, it's really hard to trust someone fully. It might be because i'm untrusting, or it might be how it is for everyone but to fully trust someone with everything? Your darkest secrets, your greatest fears, your hopes and dreams, the future you want, all of your desires, all of your feelings...You have to share those. You have to share those and you have to trust each other with them. They aren't yours alone anymore, they're both of yours to share. Can you really trust someone with all of that? You give them all of these then pray and pray hard that they accept them with an open mind.

It works a lot better if you're able to openly communicate. Things will go smoother if you let the other in on your thought process sooner rather than later. Besides the deep stuff above, there are other worthy things to communicate. Such as movie interests, music, what you like romantically, or anything you like to do in your free time. Common interests help here. I'm sure i'm repeating, but if you don't like doing at least a majority of the same things as someone else does, chances are you guys won't work out. Had to be said. Sure it's possible to acquire each others tastes. After that though you still have to be able to agree on a variety of things and enjoy yourselves when you're together. Opposites attract? Not really. The only way opposites attract is if you can dig someone that you have no common ground with completely. It will be quite boring because you will end up complimenting each other constantly on what you like about them, but never really get anywhere else because you don't like doing anything together. You only like the other person, you don't like the couple. A sad truth i learned long ago when i noticed myself liking a few different girls at once. Maybe i was feeling love sick. Either way these girls didn't seem to notice or feel the same way. If they did then they didn't say anything. Haven't i already stressed the importance of confessing feelings? Of course if you were a magnet and you met another magnet, then you're attracting opposites and might be soul mates :*

To both sides: don't assume. I made this mistake constantly at the start. I assumed i knew what she was thinking, i assumed she knew what i was thinking, and that led to some easy misunderstandings. I still make conclusions based on limited information though. That's just how i think. For my love i ask questions instead now, it's much safer. Again, trust works. When you ask the love a question and get an answer, trust the love and the answer. Love makes you paranoid. Sorry not everything is a conspiracy (i had to see me say that one). He/She hangs out with a guy/girl, that's all it is. They aren't having an affair. No one's cheating on you. No matter how many times you ask the answer isn't changing. Ignore the paranoia in the back of your head screaming lies. Help each other out then. Both guys and girls, if someone seriously wounds you then give them a chance to explain themselves. I blame hollywood for this, because constantly in movies/shows someone will screw up completely then say "let me explain!" and the other says "it's too late for that!" then runs off. Let people explain! Even if you made up your mind at least hear them out.

More communication i suppose. Let the other know what you're thinking. Sometimes you may not like something, so speak out. Sometimes you may just want to get some conversation rolling by talking about your random thoughts. Rather pointless to get mad and sit there pissed off instead of saying you're mad. Your love won't always figure it out right away, which is why you tell them. Everyone seems to keep assuming. Body language says a lot but it's hard to understand. Myself as an example, occasionally i look sad. I may not BE sad, but i look like it. I could get crushed by a beer for this but Caitlin reads me pretty well by body language. Usually my sadness pose is me being hungry. When i get hungry, i shut down. No energy man! If i'm sitting around looking depressed when nothing has really happened to make me that way, we usually go out for food right after. Fun times. Point stands: potential pseudo's got one right. Communicate. Trust, then talk is what Adam says though.

Let each other know love is still there. After a while you might get comfortable with each other, so you start saying "i love you" as a formallity. Even if it's apparent to both of you, the other might want to or even need to hear that. A great feeling to know that someone is there to care for you and that they love you when you need them. It doesn't have to be spoken, but a hug or a kiss to show them that same thing works marvelously better than words. Actions > words if i'm not mistaken.

You don't go to these lengths for standard friends, i'll tell you that. When you don't talk to a friend for a while you might say you haven't chilled with them lately. When you don't talk to someone you love you start having withdrawls. You need to hear their voice, see their face, hug them or kiss them. With eyes closed you can feel her warm embrace and smell her hair as you run your hands through it, but then you open your eyes and she isn't there. The only thing happening is you feel your eyes tearing up because you miss her so much, then you get out of bed to write a rant in some pseudo blog thread on a forum.


Blah i had a nightmare at 4am and i've been up since. My eyes hurt :'(

Small whining aside, let's check in with gamer news. More like game injustice. Lately i've been back into my pokemon games, and i noticed some stuff. Take a look at this little guy:

[Image: shinyflygon.jpg]

His name is Flygon. Say hi Flygon.

Flygon is sad though, there's a cool Flying type attack named Aerial Ace but poor Flygon can't learn it. Flygon isn't an actual flying type despite his wings, he's dragon/ground mix. The cool part about Aerial Ace though is that it's designed for fast pokemon because the definition of it is a speed attack, so many things moderately fast learn it regardless of being able to fly. Don't be fooled, Flygon is decently speedy with his 100 base speed. There are many things slower than him and aren't flyers, let alone have wings that learn this cool Aerial Ace attack. Let's take a look at them.

[Image: salamencesprite.jpg]

Salamence. A dragon buddy of Flygon. He has the same 100 speed as Flygon, wings, and learns Aerial Ace. Salamence is a dragon/flying type though, so it's ok for him to learn this attack. It's sad that Flygon can't play in the sky with his buddy Salamence.

[Image: dragonite.jpg]

Another Dragon/flying buddy of Flygons. He learns Aerial Ace too, but not Flygon. Looks like him and Salamence get to go play in the sky together. Dragonite is a lot slower than Flygon too. How can a big lumux dragon with smaller wings than Flygon, who is way slower, learn the SPEEDY Aerial Ace attack? A game creator seems to have it out for Flygon! Let the quest for knowledge continue.

This is Arcanine. He's cool with his base 95 speed, just shy of Flygons 100:

[Image: arcaninesprite.jpg]

The big dog that is slower than Flygon learns the Flying Aerial Ace attack. The dog is a fire type too...neither dragon nor flying, and it doesn't have wings either...

This guy has the same 100 speed as Flygon and Salamence:

[Image: slakingsprite.jpg]

Big sloth dude learns speedy aerial ace too. Another wingless injustice!

Now it's going to start getting ridiculous:

[Image: dugtriosprite.jpg]

The underground mole thing learns an attack designed for things that fly through the sky. Granted Dugtrio is way faster than Flygon, the fact that this thing never comes out of the dirt is why this is stupid.

It's easy to understand though. Things without wings that are still fast and NOT named Flygon can learn the cool Aerial Ace attack right? Simple...Hey who's that guy over there?

[Image: shinyaggron.jpg]

Why it's none other than Aggron! The big dino thing that is made of steel and rocks with a base speed of 50! That's half of Flygons 100! What a slowpoke. What's that Aggron? You just learned Aerial Ace too? So you mean this 500lbs+ monster of metal and stone, with no wings and half as fast as our buddy Flygon, learned the speedy move Flygon wanted to learn but could not? Flygon might need some anti-depressants after this.

[Image: metagrosswhite.jpg]

Oh look it's Metagross. He's big and metal too, but faster than Aggron by a little bit. You guessed it, he learns Aerial Ace too. Ok this is just out of control. Will all the biggest/wingless/slowest things that can learn a SPEED BASED FLYING ATTACK please step forward and explain your story to Flygon so he can become suicidal.

[Image: kabutosprite.jpg]

Kabuto, tiny shellfish.

[Image: feraligatr.jpg]

Feraligatr, huge croc thing.

[Image: shiftry.jpg]

Shiftry, kabuki tree guy.

[Image: mantine.jpg]

Mantine, a stingray. At least this thing is part flying. Then again...IT'S A FLYING FUCKING STINGRAY.

[Image: nidoqueen.jpg]

Nidoqueen, slow dinosaur thing.

[Image: ttar.jpg]

Tyranitar, even slower dinasaur thing.

[Image: ursaring.jpg]

Hey hey! Let's get that pick a nick basket Booboo!

[Image: registeel.jpg]

Registeel, big steel guy.

[Image: parasect.jpg]

Parasect, possibley the shittiest pokemon in existence. His speed is a pitiful base 30.

[Image: groudon.jpg]

Groudon: "Hi I'm Groudon. I'm 15 feet tall and i weigh more than a metric ton"

What do all these have in common? They're huge, heavy, wingless, non-flyers(save mantine) and SLOWER than Flygon. They have no qualifications nor right to use the speedy air strike move.

Flygon can at least have the satisfaction in knowing he is one of the most adorable unevolved pokemon ever as Trapinch:

[Image: trapinch.jpg]

And for the hell of it:

[Image: pikalink.jpg]


Drugs and Alcohol.

This stuff shouldn't even exist. There's almost an endless number of reasons and facts to back what i'm saying, but i'll keep it to a few for the sake of your eyes. I'll go through a couple reasons why people do these things. I'll also give counters as to why you shouldn't, why you don't need to, and hopefully persuade any of you from ever going down that path. To make things easier i'll use examples from my life to show you what i mean.

Reasons. People that do drugs or drink, always try and justify it. I have no beef when someone at a bar says "i just like drinkin". I can't really, that person told me the simple truth of it all. It doesn't need a justification when you only speak the root of the reason. You just like drinking. Not "i drink to forget bad memories". Those are the kinds of things that i don't like in the slightest. You shouldn't use something like that to justify wrong actions, i've said that many times. When you say stuff like that to say you like getting high or drunk, that's showing you as an escapist. Reality is too harsh for you to handle, so you run and hide in a fantasy land. I know everyone does escapist things and i will get to those later. You don't need these things if you're able to handle your feelings and life accordingly. Being overstressed is the hardest. When i hear people say they have too much stress so they go and get high, that doesn't do anything. The stress is still there when you come back. The work doesn't get done when you're high. Nothing at all gets done when you're high. Your accomplishment when you do get high or drunk, is you did what's easiest instead of what's best. It really hurts though, i can never give someone the magic answer for being overworked. Work harder? Skip work? I don't know. I usually tell people to find something fun to do in between homework. When i did my work, overstressed or not, i would work for a few hours then take a 30 minute break to watch a show or play a game. This worked well for me, but when i tell it to other people they just shoot it down. Almost feels like they dont want to fix it, unless they use drugs/alcohol.

Another gem from my mother. Doing what's best over what's easiest. I haven't found a way around that, and i'm glad. It's true that sometimes we just want to say fuck all of this and go take the easy way out, but that doesn't do anything. It sounds harsh saying deal with your life instead of running away doesn't it? Dangerously close to a hypocrisy there, but if you know me then you know i can back up saying this so just ask. Honestly though, you make nothing better by escaping. If anything you make it worse because you put your responsibilities off, you say fuck everyone and do a selfish act by intoxicating yourself for personal gain when other people are counting on you, and you only hurt yourself. You hurt yourself mentally and physically. I love hearing people try to disagree with that, they use that arguement of "have you done it? no. then don't talk". Lol@you. I've seen what it does to people, i've researched it. I know what i'm talking about and have enough info and examples to back my points up rather than you being biased and trying to justify your selfish actions by pulling reasons out of thin air. In your opinion it's ok? Nope sorry. One of the few times the opinion defense fails. Fact: you couldn't handle what was going on, and instead of taking the necessary steps to fix it, you complained about it then intoxicated yourself to forget about it. Didn't fix much did it? Some people say they just want to be happy. It hurts me deeply when people say they aren't happy anymore so they do drugs and stuff. With me in your life, you aren't happy? Granted i can be a bastard sometimes, but overall to say that my relationship to you means nothing? You go out and do something that i don't like because you aren't happy anymore? That's spitting in the face of everything i'm working for towards us. If you aren't happy then it immediately transfers to me because whether you agree or notice it or not, it is my responsibility to care for you and your well being. So please, don't hurt yourself with this stuff and act like i don't exist. Sounds like a pity party right there, i know. It isn't though i promise. You just aren't able to view it from my perspective, you don't see what i see. Instead of trying to understand me, you blow me off with harsh words and try to justify yourself or tear me down. I'm only caring for you, don't get mad at me for doing that. And don't get mad at me for stating the truth that you don't like hearing.

Besides the obvious illegal reasons saying not to do this, the health reasons are huge. Don't bring that same "you havent tried it so shut up" arguement on me either. It harms your body. That simple. To get these feelings, you take a substance into your body. This causes your body to act irregularly, when it acts in a way it isn't designed to normally, it hurts it. Do this enough, and you die. Simple. And don't give me this "it only hurts after you get addicted". For it to damage you during addiction, it has to damage you in general regardless of amount. Blah this is another one of those perverted justifications. Sure it hurts your body, but it hurts others. It hurts your friends and family, and sometimes you hurt other people physically instead of emotionally. Sometimes people say you shouldn't care about them if they do it, because it isn't happening to you. You're right, it isn't happening to me, but i have to watch you go through it. That hurts too much for words, i can't stand that feeling. I have already seen countless people go down to these horrid things, i dont want to see it happen again. Someone please explain in the name of all that's good in the world, what BENEFITS come from these things? Nothing does. That is the answer i have found. It only leads to more suffering on your part and mine. You hurt your body, you fix no problems. You hurt your loved ones when they watch it happen. All you get in return for killing yourself slowly and emotionally hurting everyone else, is a sensation that makes you forget reality for a little while. Reality is still there when you come back, it didn't change at all.

The amount of times i have walked by people i knew growing up that became failures because of drugs and alcohol is staggering. They just gave in i guess. To use my own life even further, Perry. My buddy Perry who was usually cool. Got hooked into the wrong crowd, started doing ecstacy. One night i get signed up to go pick Perry up from a thizz party. A thizz party is one where people go get high on ecstacy if you didnt know. We get to the party (i traveled with a couple friends) and find Perry. Guy is stoned out of his mind, he's sitting on the front lawn drooling and giggling. It was one of the most depressing sights i have ever seen in my life. Life got to him, and instead of doing what was best, he did what was easiest. Perry went downhill after that too. He barely finished high school, he sits around the house all day like me. Unlike me though, Perry ventures out sometimes to go get high. He doesn't care about doing anything else anymore, just escaping to his happy place.

It starts the same too. It all starts with "i was just trying it" or something remotely similar. Heh Perry said that to me when i asked him about it. Experimentation is never good with addicting things. The first time you try it, that's the experiment. After the first time you have 2 choices. You can never do it again, and then all it remains is an experiment. Or you can do it again, then it becomes an addiction. Use any reason you want to say you arent or justify it, but if you do it more than once you're addicted. How is anyone supposed to just let something this major go? Your experiment could lead to your death, it's best to stop now instead of later and after you take some heavy damage.

Some people say "Adam you're just playing the victim". I can assure you i am not. Me showing my care and concern for you then voicing my feelings is me playing the victim? I'm sorry you don't like hearing my disapproval for your actions, but i speak truth. I use myself as the example as well as my feelings because i pray that you care about them enough so that you actually listen, and even better they impact you. You tell me "it isn't about you Adam". When you do something like this to yourself and i have to see it, then yes i become involved. Don't try to avoid that please. And i beg you not to hide it from me if you do try again. I'll only help so much but if you constantly say these things and say i can't talk and i need to leave you alone, then you obviously think these things are worth more than i am. I don't need that. If i were to ever hear that rhetoric again, i won't waste my time. After that phone call, after i take you home, after i leave the place we were at. Whenever the time is that we end that encounter, we're done. I can do so much, and if you choose these over me i wont pick you up anymore. Use all the justifications you want because you don't care anymore, so why should i?

Then again it's my opinion against yours on all counts. I could be overreacting to you, but to me i can sound like i'm right. Let's all have our opinions and walk away then, which is what i should have said to myself 2 hours ago instead of writing this. Oh well.
I guess I'll give it a try. Just got a keyboard again and I feel like typing. :nigga:

My life is confusing right now. I can't say its horrible or wonderful, but I cna say that its giving me some stress right now. My mother is crazy, she gets mad at the smallest things and in the huge things well... She scares me. My father is just her shadow, but he's really a great dad. I really connect with my dad and we have so much in common. Thing is, he never shows his different opinion with my mum and that pisses me off. Another thing -- my brother just came back into town from the Army, and its stressful that on my birthday (May 17th) he will be deporting to Iraq, or maybe even sooner if George Bush has to send out a bigger percentage in soldiers. Then my sister, who's 20, isn't helping much. She's being a bitch who tells on every little thing I do.

Me: Damnit.
Kathy (sis): MOM! KELSI CUSSED! -sticks out tounge-

I mean, how immature? I never told on her when she was 16 and got totally wasted and had use partys when mom was out. I never told on her when she tells me all those horrible stories that she did stuff. And yet, she tells on me when "bad words" slip out or a drink with a friend. Alright, I'm almost done. I guess... I'll go rant about my friends.

Angi -- She's a total bitch. Ask anyone; even people on here know here and hate her. She was my first friend in 1st grade, and we had alot in common and we hung out everyday. Then in 7th grade she started acting like a bitch and acting like she's better then everyone because she dated a black guy. WHO WOULD BE PROUD TO DATE A NIGGER (cept lindsey)?! BECAUSE NO ONE CARES. She's two faced and talks so bad about me. And you know what, it really breaks my heart that my first friend ever, the girl that i could tell anything to, is talking bad about me. We were such good friends. -sigh-

Lindsi -- She's sort of a bitch but in a different way. I don't think she talks bad about me really, because I could easily find out. But damnit, she's rough. A few weeks ago in P.E class she was demonstrating what she did to a girl and did it to me. She pushed me with her side and I fell backward, hitting my head really hard on the marble floor. I almost had to go to the E.R but they just let me go home. But its not really her fault, she sort of was born and grew up in a crack addict family. There for, she drinks all the time and has smoked weed before. Other then that, me and her always hang out.

The rest of my friends are okay, not to much to get mad about. I'll talk about a few people at my school then.

Zak B. -- I hate him. Really, no lie. And I don't hate anyone at all besides him and the Horse. He's a skater/rocker dude at my school who is, I have to admit, pretty hot. To bad I'm not into emo posers who are asses to me. He seriously hates me too because I speak my mind about how hes a loser and needs a life. How he is a horrible skater and is in a HORRIBLE band. He's had sex with this girl, Brianna, and they broke up afterwards. Heh, ironic, no? And now alot of people hate him because he's going out with Nikki (next). I HATE HIM...

Nikki -- I used to be really, really good friends with her. She was a nice girl and we'd hang out alot in school with Cassie. That was until Nikki said some things about Cassie and Cassie went off on her. After hearing both sides of the story, I took Cassie's side... And just before Winter Break, Cassie and her had a huge fight in the Cafetaria. Now, I'm sort of pissed that Nikki is going out with Zak because alot of girls like him and hate her. But who cares? Zak's an ass.

Jennifer -- A bitch. She thinks she's really cool because she's sort of the co-leader of the Rock/Punk clique. Yes, my school has over twenty six cliques. And this one is sort of the most popular. I guess I partially don't like her because she's going out with Tom, a guy from another school, and I've liked him for years. But the other reason is that she really just bothers me.. I mean, she's not even attractive and thinks she's the hottest thing in school. She walks, literally, with her nose in the air. Arg.

Done for now. Tongue Sorry for ranting on about nothing..

i'll comment later, after i have time to read.
Quote:You do not need Dayquil or Nyquil. You only need Quil. Your cold does not care what time it is.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so true, so true.
@ luna your friends are bitches just forget them. i dont need to go into detail talking about each of them individually Tongue

i promise a monster post sometime soon guys.
Sadly that's Everlasts only notable song, but I do love it.
For some reason I always read your rants yet never have anything to contribute... so this is a kind of thanks for posting your rants and stuff.

It's good to know you have a purpose in life. That's pretty cool. Don't know if you care, but hey you entertain me and prove that there's still some good in this world. So I guess your "purpose" is being fulfilled.

I have a request. I'm not sure if you've talked about them, but think you could talk about the substitute people? The one the story never seems to be about, you know? The ones that people forget about, the ones you could plug in with anyone else. If that made any sense...

How come you hardly ever go on msn?
because msn is gay
Thats an understatement. Its beyond GAY.
LeaderMarina Wrote:For some reason I always read your rants yet never have anything to contribute... so this is a kind of thanks for posting your rants and stuff.

It's good to know you have a purpose in life. That's pretty cool. Don't know if you care, but hey you entertain me and prove that there's still some good in this world. So I guess your "purpose" is being fulfilled.

I have a request. I'm not sure if you've talked about them, but think you could talk about the substitute people? The one the story never seems to be about, you know? The ones that people forget about, the ones you could plug in with anyone else. If that made any sense...

How come you hardly ever go on msn?


My laptop broke and im too lazy to go on msn, but i'll start making that habit now.

Substitute people are what? i can't really understand that, but it seems like you mean people that are easilly forgotten and leave no major impression.
Sound like a few people I know.
damn adam. looking at all of that-- shit, you've written a ton. write a book, man!
All the previous PD works thrown into same thread, just the first page is the recap.
i left a lot out too which is the funny part.

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