Guns Debate
What are the best kinds of guns to get, and what will help you fight the state most efficiently.
ban schools, keep our guns safe
I think ones attached to military jets are pretty good.
(02-28-2018, 10:17 PM)tim Wrote: ban schools, keep our guns safe

I personally believe in the right to school, but I do agree we need to teach education with concern. I don't think we should be teaching the mentally ill or anyone under 18. Also, schools should only be for teaching life skills, nothing crazy.

Schooling was more important back in the day, but the pen is nothing to the national statistical agency these days.
u serious?
Without school how do you force kids to become literate or learn basic math or develop social skills? America has a problem with the lack of education, we should be reforming our school system rather than getting rid of it.
(03-01-2018, 10:05 PM)Ascaris Wrote: u serious?

sorry, I was too deep into sarcasm

I was making fun of an anti-gun argument

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