Artish Things
In 2016, I decided I wanted to learn how to art.

[Image: MHiIeDd.png]
[Image: fLmIhXe.png]
[Image: qHZsxyT.png]
[Image: eiJa3uS.png]

This is my favorite thing I drew in 2016.

[Image: Nu7yei3.png]

This is the last thing I drew in 2016.

[Image: OuzUJBq.png]

One day I will learn how to draw people. Tongue
Did somebody use Astonish on Magnemite?

I drew it like seven months ago, I dunno if it's shock or sparks Tongue
I like them.
Still learning how to draw people, these are two of the main characters in a game I'm making. I forgot some details like making the older man have graying hair but ehhhh cool fire.

Grandfather and grandson happy

[Image: ursGThr.png]
pretty good yo
Inktober day 1

[Image: bb6Jort.png]
Italian long sword with scentstopper pommel

[Image: EcPnRsf.png]
Nice sword! You did a great job on it.
Thanks, it's practice for when I design the weapons for the party of the game I'm working on.
Very noice! your ability to apply weight into your art is real good! This means they look like they are existing. It's steps towards creating a sense of self. In art, having a character appear they are solid or an object with actual physical properties helps with the suspension of disbelief. This is one of the hardest things to teach and for you, it looks like comes to you naturally.

Drawing humans is hard. I suggest starting to draw boring medical anatomical skeletons. Start with the thigh bones and go downwards to the feet. Try to draw each bone. Then work with the upper arm and to the phalanges.
Afterwards draw the skull from multiple angles. Then the ribs/spine. You'll learn a lot about these objects.
Once you're good at drawing the bones without using references move on up with muscles. Male and female anatomy becomes interesting and you'll start to appreciate the things that make a human so unique and similar.
Honestly, attempt drawing realistic people. Once you're there you can always step to simplified or caricature versions of faces and people.
You have some great skill and I can totally see you greatly improving to what you see in your mind.
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Thanks for the feedback Leo ^_^

Sounds like a lot of hours of practice, but I can try that. I usually start with the head when drawing people, but if I had a choice I probably wouldn't draw them that often anyway since I prefer drawing animals and inanimate objects. But I had to learn to draw them to make concept art so my hand was a bit forced Tongue

I think it's more the clothes than anything else.

More characters for my game, still getting the hang of drawing people.
love your characters! They look good and their color is fantastic
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The colors are what I'm most proud of, I'm trying to make them all have different color palettes while still being accurate to the clothing styles of the 15th century.
Quick and dirty sketch of my character in FFXIV

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