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since i'm trying to get back into video games, i could benefit from a few suggestions. list what game you are playing here, and mention the console if you can.

mighty no. 9 ~ PS4

i'll admit the game is no MM game, but i still get a similar nostalgia while playing this, and don't think it's as bad as everyone claims it is.
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Dwarf Fortress - PC, Mac.

It has a steep learning curve but it's the deepest game I've ever played. The main hurdle is getting over the fact that it looks like this and a lot of stuff isn't explained in-game. Once you get used to it it's pretty relaxing though... until a cave dragon or something decides to say hello and eat all your dwarfs. Tongue The game keeps track of the personality, relationships, like/dislikes, history and moods of every creature in the game. Not to mention it simulates accurate weather patterns and water pressure. I drowned some guys not knowing that water pressure was in the game and my dam exploded. Sad
Comes with two modes: Fortress Mode which is like Simcity and Adventure Mode, which is a rogue-like adventure game.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale - PC.

It's an RPG game where you run an item shop for adventurers. It's a unique concept, but very "anime". Enjoyable if you like visual novels and capitalism.
League of Legions.

It's a trash game where you go to throw your hours down a drain with low reward.

~And other faggotry~

It's like Worms and X-Com combined, and it's SO SATISFYING

Landing a perfect shot, setting up all kinds of shenanigans, all the fucking close calls, finding good team compositions, the fucking setting is fantastic, and Steam Powered Giraffe did a bunch of music for it.

It didn't even come out in 2016 otherwise it'd be my GOTY, although maybe that's not saying much considering what this year has been like. I can only think of like maybe 3-4 other games I was into at all this year...
Kingdom Death: Monster, Seafall.... But those are board games.
Dragon's Dogma

Still fun years later.
Terraria, Skyrim, Hearthstone, Dark souls
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Pokemon Sun and Moon
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