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Know of a TV show/movie/book/game/anime you think others will be interested in? Post it here and share it with us! Big Grin Or do the opposite and ask for a recommendation based on some criteria.

Mob Psycho 100
[Image: mob-psycho-1458856489plc48-700x431.jpg]
Genre: Comedy, Action
Created by the same dude behind One Punch Man (my personal anime of the year for 2015), Mob Psycho 100 follows the adventures of a psychic kid named "Mob" and his struggles on living a normal life despite his powers, and what happens when he is pushed to his breaking point. A deconstruction of the shounen genre, Mob stands out as a entertainingly beautiful feat of animation and style. Check out the opening and its amazing use of foreshadowing and flair.

I want to watch a series/anime. Stuff I like is story/action driven. HunterxHunter, Berserker, Claymore are animes/mangas I like. I don't really care about looks or style in shows since my main focus tends to be character development and fights (usually superpowered) that end in gore/death.

As for recommendations, if you guys are into reading I'd say Tower of God is possibly the best current manwa. The art is super pretty and in full color, not blank and white pictures. It's set up in a way that lets special effects from the action shine really well. As for the story, it's about a world where people train to enter a tower where they aim to climb to the top, taking a test every level in order to get to the top and grant any wish they desire.

It combines a lot of really good series:
  • The Liars Game, where there are a lot of tests and games that characters must overcome using twists and strategy

  • Early Naruto where power levels varied greatly from character to character and the protagonist is not ever this over powered force and often relies on companions and battle strategy

  • XMen in its variety of characters and factions as well as superabilities and weapon diversity.

    It's honestly really good and has a lot of universe depth and not afraid to break away plot shields to make a good twist. It's really lined with twist after twist and a lot of creativity in sticking to and breaking tropes.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure might be something you'll be interested in Roxas. It starts off pretty slow, but really ramps up in the supernatural powers and fight scenes after "Part 1". JBA is divided into parts that follow different protagonists in the same world, and by Part 3 every main character has a superpower called a Stand that has a unique ability. The best part about JBA is that isn't never about sheer power like in DBZ, but it's mainly about counters. Someone could have physically the strongest Stand in existence, but they could by fighting someone that is weaker but has a direct counter to their powers and lose. And it's great that there's never really a scenario where a fight gets repeated, it's always fresh after 20+ years of Araki writing it.

As far as character development goes, it's a typical shounen flair but it does it better than most. Characters do mature and learn from their mistakes over time. Although Jotaro is pretty much the same throughout, I think he's autistic or something. Never talks unless he's trying to look cool with a one-liner. Tongue

The manga is on Part 8 while the anime (2012-present) is currently on Part 4. I would recommend the anime for at least the first four parts, it's not only faithful to the manga, but was also clearly done with true fan passion. It's gonna take years for the anime to catch up, but either way both the anime and manga are worth checking out.

Almost forgot to mention, but many of the Stands and characters are named after Western rock bands/songs. Kinda fun to have someone have a power called Another One Bites the Dust or an enemy called AC/DC for no reason other than the author being a total Westaboo. Haha
I can back up mob psycho 100. Gives me a strong one punch man vibe.

Also Jojo. Third seaSon is Killing it
I've been considering watch Ranma 1/2 after I picked up some random manga issues of it at a county far for 2 bucks a pop, is it worth it?
I read Ranma 1/2 back in high school, it was a cute comedy but I never finished it. Not sure how the anime compares.

Also, the newest Mob Psycho episode was hype AF.
liked what I saw of JoJo but I don't think I liked the voice acting on either language. I thought the plot was weird and the style too but I guess it gets better with time. 

I rewatched Danganronpa and enjoyed it a lot. It's basically Phoenix Wright mixed with Battle Royale a.k.a. better version of Hunger Games. Children kill each other then try to refute who the murderer of each crime was.

Danganronpa 3 is currently airing but I really wouldn't recommend it if you haven't played Danganronpa 2 (which is only available as a video game). You can watch game plays of it but the story and the character development are super important to establish before Danganronpa 3 since it's set between 1 and 2.

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I'm very slow to the party so i'm like years behind everyone else. That said, maybe people haven't seen these.

Hajime no Ippo - A show almost exclusively about the sport of boxing. The fighting is pretty visceral and heavy in a way I haven't really seen in other shows. I love the level of detail it goes into for training and the actual rules/technical terms for the real-deal sport. It's exaggerated a great deal, but I find that it otherwise remains pretty grounded and exciting. It's got kind of a weird sense of humor but i'd hardly call it a detriment. The facial expressions are fantastic throughout. It continues into New Challenger and Rising but these are mostly terrible and I don't recommend these - the first season ends more or less on a high note, so...

Yurikuma Arashi - It's a show about girls who get eaten by bears. It's kind of a giant metaphor and the opening gives that away but it's super weird and engrossing. There's so much attention to detail, like all of the generic classmates have super distinct appearances so they all stand out. I would try to describe more of the show, but it's almost impossible with how strange it is. Pretty neato overall, though.

Another - Horror show about a lot of superstition surrounding a classmate who 'does not exist' to the rest. The class itself is more or less haunted and there's a lot of death. It's sort of a mystery that the viewer tries to solve alongside the protagonist, and while it's kinda easy to figure out, the actual trip to the end is pretty entertaining. The visuals are also extremely nice, and set the tone perfectly. There are two versions of the show - one edits out actually seeing all of the gratuitous gore. As an example, one of the characters falls and impales themselves on an umbrella and it's super gross! The other version lets you see it all in hilarious detail.

Gargantia on the Verduous Planet - A weird show that starts out as a typical sci-fi mecha affair fighting aliens in an eternal conflict until the protag and his robot end up getting warped onto a strange planet covered entirely in water, and end up dealing with the local populous atop a giant mobile city on the water called Gargantia. The society is extremely low tech, and he has to learn to adjust to the culture while also trying to figure out how to return to battle. This one is a lot of fun, and I love the setting a great deal. The first couple of episodes are a little rocky but once it gets going it's really absorbing. I loved this one from start to finish - it might be in my top 5 of all time.

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