Uganda Pikachu and His Bad Creative Thangz
Leo made a thread, so I might as well do one for myself too

Going to post some more recent stuff that I've already uploaded

[Image: happy_guy_jumps____by_johnny_ether-da4pezd.png]
[Image: chase_by_johnny_ether-da4bys6.png]
[Image: top_hat_man_by_johnny_ether-da3ijs2.png]
[Image: jolie_by_johnny_ether-da3ikbu.png]
[Image: tha_hand_by_johnny_ether-da1tqz7.png]
[Image: i_heart_pain_by_johnny_ether-d9a71zi.gif]
These are very good. I especially like the hand-drawn ones.
Your doodles are so cute!
keep at it bro! you have potential. I like studying stuff like perspective and proportions. try incorporating the 12 basic principles of animation. it will greatly improve how you draw things. it's pretty neato.
I do have a couple of books and references on figure drawing and such, but for some reason, I never really look at them, which I guess is the reason why a lot of my art looks the way it does
Hahaha, not bad man
I think this is just going to be a general hub of my creative shit, but anyway, have some old musiquez:

[Image: a1167371830_10.jpg]
FRISKY DINGO • Selective Hearing Loss [2010]

01 woken up by the worms
02 choreo
03 alchemy
04 codex
05 discrete pong
06 mindless struggle
07 ex-decoration
08 eric
09 authel
10 seriouslym
11 manly fun
12 anticlimatic excitement
13 freak
14 sans serif
15 untitled

[Image: a1535184250_10.jpg]
ETHER • Muridae + Other Tracks [2010 - 2012]

01 untitled
02 another brick in the redwall
03 gadget hackwrench
04 hypothenar eminence and the biological recombinant algorithmic intelligence nexus
05 stewed vegetable dish
06 the music industry
07 basil of baker street
08 desperation row
09 fievel mousekewitz
10 maisy sulks in her room
11 the rescuers of the margery sharp whipped cream
12 speedy gonzalez
13 crushd flowr/cokayn
14 rats of nimh

[Image: a3204816387_10.jpg]
MARC KOSSER • Pyannow Kompositions, Volume One [2011]

01 pyannow
02 mephistopheles
03 catheter
04 smashing eggs
05 gokagi
06 desolation
07 painful pill
08 tall buildings shake
09 strength indicator
10 interlopers
11 astigmatism
12 undergoing surgery
Here's another thing I just re-released:

[Image: a1309758182_10.jpg]
MONSIEUR LAMENT • Four Instances of Disdain

01 these tender soughs
02 plangent illusions
03 aimless fatigue
04 how my celestial irises falter
* your celestial irises collapsed [remix by the pleb dude]

Probably my oldest album I've re-released so far.
u suk

also i still have muridae on my computer somewhere
(07-07-2016, 02:57 AM)Mondegreen Wrote: u suk

also i still have muridae on my computer somewhere

Yeah, the re-release of Muridae is basically Muridae with like nine bonus tracks so if you want those tracks too, then I'd suggest you download it

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