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Click on your profile (your name).

You see that big ass box with your profile picture, its the same color as that little tiny square. That big box also uses the fieldset.

I can do and make that non-colored, but then it looks really stupid.
You can change the fieldset to black, but then the words on the profile page are the same color as the background. The color of those words comes from the table (you can't add text color in the fieldset for some reason), and if you do that, it just fucks up further things since the table text color is used throughout the entirety of the forum. You effectively open Pandora's box.

If I can make the search box larger, it can just cover up that blemish. I don't know how to do that however.
Ah. I didn't catch it at first because I was testing with my control panel... not my actual profile.  I see your problem, and I stumbled upon a start of a possible solution. I was able to get this: but it's still not right as the name is cut off. (If it's possible to lower the person's name in that field then it may work.)

what I did was:

Quote:fieldset {
background: #ffff99 url(test_image.png) repeat-x;
color: #0000000;
padding: 12px;
border: 1px solid #000000;
margin: 0;

By not having a semi-colon after the background hexadecimal it makes the whole profile box thing transparent. (which obviously isn't good) but adding a background image to it makes the search bar and top part of the profile whatever the image is.  Now what's weird is test_image.png needs to be a certain height to even work. The dimensions used to get the above result was 45 x 24. But making the image's height smaller allowed more of the name to be visible at the cost of having part of the search bar thing not be black. However; I've tried, and it's not possible to make it a height where the name isn't somewhat cut off and doesn't leave a white dot near the search bar.

EDIT: This isn't a good fix. I believe I have found the actual fix for it.
lol I'll mess with it tomorrow

do you see what I mean though in that I wasn't worried about the tiny yellow blotch because in trying to fix if you just cause more issues
Uh, yeah, there's kind of a huge flurry of posting going on, I'm a bit distracted now
(06-25-2016, 03:18 AM)Kirby Wrote: I've run into 2 'paradoxes' in the themes I have worked on so far.

Honey Bee: The same thing which makes the background for your profile page main box also colors a small box near the search bar, I can make that the same color has the header to get rid of the box, but then that makes the profile page look retarded.

Pokedream: The same thing which colors the first row on the main page dark blue is also the header of the post top page, search pop up, and quick reply box. So I can either have the main page look fantastic and all the rest look a bit off, or all the header thing look good, or the first page look like shit.

I just felt like I needed to post these before someone complained about them. I cannot fix these unless I compromise.

I figured out a possible fix for the honey bee theme one. The only problem would be that the search field would be super close to the search button.
As seen here: [Image: NxTy9Ci.png]

I PM'd you the value to change.

I'll look into the Pokedream-related one.  I don't know how manageable or feasible it would be to try out this one theory as I'm not familiar with how themes and such work, but I was wondering if there was a way to change the names of certain areas on the pages themselves, so they don't share the same name as others, and thus the same color schemes/formats.
I've been thinking about it, and I might be easier to fix this when I just add the gradient to the upper panel to cover this over.

Sorry, I am going to be busy most of the day again. Me and my life having a friends, what is wrong with me.
i like the direction the honey bee skin is going in but the colors are too garish. adding gradients would definitely help but maybe also tone the color palette down a little bit.
little tweaks here and there... this is awesome!
ALSO KIRBY here is the lighter colored background stuff.
[Image: Xlouf3p.png]


[Image: 1lPlmCp.png]

Also, PMs are very hard to read on this style, and probably the other ones too, so I'll send you a PM so you can see what I mean
Correction: The PM alerts that show up near the top of the screen are hard to read
I think the skin is now ready to be used as the default, any thoughts?
there are a few tweaks I need to make, the text is the wrong color in a few random places you don't see that often
im not feeling it. id rather make any of the other nostalgia themes as defaults over this one.

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