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Might as well have a catch-all thread for it. Eh? Eh?

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fat pikachu is best pikachu
If we don't get a mega raichu in the next games I'll be sad Sad
I kind of feel like Pokemon has collectively forgot about Riachu weirdly, I think they focus so much on Pikachu these days, that its almost embarrassing to them to admit that it evolves.
I sold all my DS's and Pokémon games.
I would't be surprised if they give Pikachu a mega-evolution and tout it as "the next evolution of Pikachu."
i opened my pokemon omega ruby yesterday for the first time in months. i really missed the games, but kills it for me about battling online is that everyone has the same pokemon teams and sets (talonflame, parental bond khanga, aegislash, protean greninja,) and everyone wants to be a meta game know-it-all.
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(06-21-2016, 02:54 PM)Kirby Wrote: I would't be surprised if they give Pikachu a mega-evolution and tout it as "the next evolution of Pikachu."

These are my exact thoughts, actually.  They gave Pikachu those costumes with the different moves in the last games, I wouldn't be surprised if they give him a mega
man I loved countering those teams back when I still played competitive Pokemon, they were so predictable and easy to take apart
I play Little Cup because then I can sweep with a Zigzagoon :3

So many people on Showdown forfeiting haha
I should get back into the meta-game, maybe not the current generation, but there is something appealing about the old generations, particularly gen 2.
i love metagame up until gen 4 lol. after gen 5, i'm completely lost and have no idea what i'm doing.
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Gross, why play Gen 2 when it was so slow and stall-y? xP
(06-21-2016, 04:17 PM)pichubro Wrote: Gross, why play Gen 2 when it was so slow and stall-y? xP

And that's why I love it.

This is going to sound weird, but I didn't mind the gen 5 metagame. Yes I know, perma-weather, but weirdly it worked out once you actually played it, the different weathers lead to a lot of diversity within each weather that you would usually get in a metagame without anything, instead of 1 bog standard team, there was 5.

The first half of gen 5 was much better however, they kind of fucked up the balance a little when they added stuff for X/Y2, it wasn't too bad however.
Stall is the worst, it's why I play LC. No stall there haha
When I did competitive I never played full stall, but I liked having one stall Pokémon on a team to slow down. I miss competitive Pokémon. I might buy omega ruby again, and sun or moon when it comes out
(06-21-2016, 04:17 PM)polly Wrote: i love metagame up until gen 4 lol.  after gen 5, i'm completely lost and have no idea what i'm doing.

Yeah, gen IV was great, certainly the peak in competitive play
As a player, I like to play cautiously, I actually play the same way with other games as my friends have noted, I do not like to take risks. In particular with pokemon, when I play with stall, I make the other player play on my field, unless they have some kind of weird ass Pokemon or a specialized stall breaker, I have already planned by team in advance to beat them bar crazy luck.

The only generation of Pokemon I haven't played competitively in is gen 3, because gen 3 is weird as fuck. Its the generation right when they started adding new things that the modern metagame has: abilities, limited evs, ect, but right before Pokeon was modernized, so it still have the weird physical special split in types. This leads to weird as shit like choice-band hidden-power flying Salamance, which is just too weird for me.
Yeah, pre-physical/special split is very weird, I couldn't really imagine playing it competitively
I don't mind it in older games, because there are far less moves and 90% of the move choices make sense in that regard (it even kind of makes sense in gen 2 to have a physical hidden power earth or fighting), but gen 3 they threw in a lot of shit so it feels weird that the archaic split like that is still there.
The only thing I found really disorientating is that Shadow Ball is physical, so Gengar can't really use it well, but Pokemon like Flareon can which is bizarre.
So many pokemon were given terrible stat/movepool/typing combinations, though. Sneasel, for example, is Ice/Dark which are both special types, yet sneasel has good attack and terrible special attack, which meant shadowball and return were basically his only good attacking moves, neither of which got STAB. On the flip side, Gengar has great special attack but bad physical attack, yet his typing of poison and ghost are physical types. That being said, Gengar has never been bad since he had so much going for him like great speed and movepool. What the physical/special split did was, since it introduced so many physical and special variants of many moves (Such as making surf special and waterfall physical) was make everyone a bit more useful. Well, except for Alakazam
Most top tier and popular Pokemon in gen 1 and 2 have moves which roughly match up with their typing (mainly because if they didn't, they would be lower tier but whatever). The main exception to this is Gengar who has a fantastic special(attack) yet has no STAB moves for it.

Gen 3 is the exception to this, there are far more popular miss-matched Pokemon.
The introduction of EVs certainly made it more prevalent. Aeroblast being a physical attack really doesn't matter when Lugia's attack and special attack will pretty much be the same in gen II, but when they added EVs and natures, it suddenly becomes an issue since attack and special attack could have a much bigger disparity
One thing I really had about gen 5 and 6 is how they will give a Pokemon and move or something, and it will ruin whatever dynamic they had.

A classic case is Cloyster, Cloyster is a Pokemon who for 4 fucking generations was a premier defensive tank, and gamefreak seemed to understand that for the most part, giving it moves to make it more defensive: spikes, rapid spin, ect. It lost a little utility thanks to stealth rock, but it still was defensive.

In gen 5 they gave it shell smash... which completely ruined what the Pokemon was. They turned a a defensive Pokemon into a sweeper. Why would anyone ever NOT use a shell smash Cloyster instead of a defensive one? 4 generations of history of the pokemon poofed into dust.

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