Donation Perks
We're currently on a fairly robust virtual private server, but it has recurring monthly costs of 15 dollars a month which we're hoping to cover as a community. If you send a donation via paypal (of at least a dollar) to send me a pm, and you'll be granted the following perks:

- Change username at will
- Custom username style

Donator List:
- Law
- Dan
- pichubro

If you'd rather not use paypal, PM either me or Faltzer and we can figure out an alternative.

Faltzer's still hosting us and it runs him about $15 dollars a month for the whole server. We're not a huge drain on resources, but he'd appreciate it if we could help offset some of the costs anyhow. His paypal is so send him a lil something if you can afford it.

If you do, send me a confirmation and you'll get the 'perks' listed above. And honestly I don't give a shit anymore about maintaining any semblance of professionalism on the forum, so for every 5 bucks you donate I'll acquiesce to whatever extra forum-related requests you ask for that isn't egregious (like admin privileges). Those of you who've already donated can cash it in.

Things you could get:
1. Profile customisation options beyond what's provided
2. Custom plugins/themes
3. Custom board with mod privileges
4. @cosmoforums email address (if you're boring as hell)
5. I don't fucking know, be creative
When I get more money and donate I want a cosmoforums email.
Just one simple step, give Khaos all your rep!
Animated avatars
you should be able to do that already, whats the size of the gif you're trying to use?
Oh, I never tried lol

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