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So what is the hullabaloo about?
its hilarious how trump wanted to delay the new muslim ban so he could bask in the glory of his serviceable speech for a lil bit. then the whole sessions thing blows up in his face. dude cant catch a break.
democrats massively overestimate how much anyone gives a single fuck about russia. it seems the party grandees have learned nothing from the loss.
(02-04-2017, 11:31 PM)omalliecatt Wrote: I think the patriarchy makes sense as a concept, because society does favor men being in positions of power/being more powerful than women. But men being in a higher/more powerful standing generally doesn't necessarily mean that men aren't hurt by the system. So calling it the patriarchy isn't necessarily entirely misguided, because it describes the way in which the system of oppression works.

As far as the term itself, I think that it isn't the best. Like the patriarchy, the term feminism makes sense if you think about it as promoting femininity (which is the main thing punished in the patriarchy), but both terms have messaging issues. They automatically alienate a significant portion of people, because it takes a bit of research and conversation before you actually understand what is being said. But changing terms is not really realistic for a social movement this big and prevalent.

I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread omg
This season of "USA" is being too dramatic. I can't wait for the next session to air. I wonder what the writers were thinking...
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so leo, how the CIA coup against the Trump administration going?

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