Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Does anyone here watch it? I just started it, and I think it's pretty good and stuff, but the posture of the characters is terrible. xD Then again, Jojo's isn't really meant to be taken seriously, so that doesn't really matter.
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I have watched a few episodes of it. I haven't continued it in months and the third anime arc is supposed to be release this year.
Fallen Wings
My new favorite show. I binged watched about half of the first season last night. The opening theme is now stuck in my head forever.

Although why they use Roundabout for the ending theme I have no idea haha

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I need to get into this show, my crush is big into it
If you like beefy men with British accents (in the dub) with names like REO Speedwagon and Dio fighting weirdos then it's right up your alley. It takes about ten episodes to really get going though.

Stardust Crusaders if where it really amps up haha

The author is such an Americaboo though.
sounds like I might enjoy it. I decide which anime is good based on if the protagonist is hot or not. if not, I'll see if the story is deep. if not, i'll see if it's just fun to watch.

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