Pokemon requests thread
I need either a Nuzleaf / Seedot or if you can just catch a Hippotas and teach it TM Roar that would be great.
wow. i have a nuzleaf and a hippopotas.
and... ok.
also, i'm doing this:

Whatever is easier for you.

THe Hippotas with Roar would be easier on my end to breed (I need either Roar or Whirlwind on Hippowdon) but I don't mind chain breeding whirlwind if I have to.
woah this method

I have to try this

I already kept some perfect IV tentacruels in some states, all I need to do in combine them now with this
the only question I have about this is what is ditto considered to be? the male?
Kirby make a Pokemon
Ok I must be doing something wrong because this isn't working out.

The next egg I am getting with the Magikarps is passing the HP stat of the female and the Special Attack and Speed state of the male to the baby.

So using that same potential, I breed a perfect IV HP female Tentacool with a perfect IV Special Attack and Speed male Tentacool together and only got a Tentacruell baby with perfect speed.
Yeah its not working for me Leo I did exactly the following:

1. Make Magikarp egg, didn't take it: saved
2. Made another one, accepted and checked, didn't like it
3. Reset, made the egg again, rejected it: saves
4. Repeated until I got female HP and male special attack and speed
5. swapped out magikarps, but in male tentacool with 32 special attack and speed, female with HP
6. keep on getting 31 speed tentacool
To be clear, I checked, the egg I make and accept right now will always make the same pattern magikarp. The pattern doesn't stick if I switch the Pokemon.
it worked for me. Time Machine steps are simple:

1. Breed 2 magikarp (one must hold destiny knot and the other an everstone). check stats of parents at Battle Institute
2. Breed Magikarp and decline the first egg and save.
3. Accept the second egg and hatch. Determine which stats were passed down from what parent. (reset game)
4. Remove Magikarp and replace them with new Pokemon you want to breed. (one must hold destiny knot and the other an everstone)
5. Hatch egg!! IV's should have been passed down.

if you don't like the stats that were passed down return to step 2.
Restart Time Machine:

1. [4. Remove Magikarp and replace them with new Pokemon you want to breed.] Instead of replacing them allow another egg to be made.
Decline again (now save)
2. Accept second egg and then determine the stats at the battle insitute when it hatches.
3. Repeat these steps if you don't like the stats. If you do, return to the original time machine steps.

I might of been screwing up the later part, when I was looking for egg patterns, if I found one I didn't like I didn't take out the parents.
hold up can you give me the straight up method for doing this when cycling to find the right pattern, because the last time I tried this I spent over an hour and a half doing something else, I know what to do when its suppose to work, but not when I don't like the pattern
Simply put. The first egg you decline determines the pattern for the next egg.
If you decline that second egg, then a new pattern is made for the egg right after (3rd egg).
so should I take out the parents and smash both eggs every time I want to reset the pattern?
Anyone have a jolly froakie with protean? I want to try and do a physical greninja
Nevermind my girlfriend found one for me
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i forgot this thread exists
Khaous Wrote:celery can i meet your girlfriend?

Sure; if you got what it takes
I already maxed out its attack and speed EVs by the way. Horde battles help so much
You're a lucky man, celery. I tried to horde train my ex but she couldn't learn surf.
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