bunch of faggots

ever gone to a site to find in its place a page with the tagline 'what you need, when you need it' and a bunch of links to shit that you dont care about? thats what these guys do. they squat on domains that attract a lot of traffic and use them as advertising dumps, while also preventing people who actually want to make real sites from getting access to those domains. people who do stuff like this make me ANGRY.
fucking capitalism
also i got into an argument with my dad today. not necessarily about capitalism but whether it was 'right' for industries like music and films to be motivated by profit and whether the possibility of said industries NOT being driven by primary monetary profit was too idealistic. he conceded.
Rayne I tried to read into that, but clearly my reading comprehension is not good enough.

What side were you on again?
my dad has an mba. i run around on a forum filled with communists. what do you think.

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