Eon Siblings
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Chapter One - The Separation

Serenity awoke with a start. She'd always been a light sleeper, but something tugging at the back of her mind told her this wasn't just any restless night. She sat up and cautiously craned her neck to look around. The field was quiet and desolate, except for the light snoring of her siblings and a light midnight breeze rustling through the grass. She wondered if her senses were failing her. Perhaps she picked up the movement of a small bug or something; it was likely in her dreary state. Still, her phenomenal senses had never failed her before. She pushed away the unsettling thoughts and went back to lay down, when she heard something rustling on the other side of the field.

"This isn't just my imagination," she muttered to herself. She jumped to the side when she saw one of her siblings move in their sleep out of the corner of her eye, and then went back to scanning the horizon.

She could tell that her restless mind had awoken her older brother, Shadow. As the oldest of the quintet, he seemed to be telepathically linked to his siblings. He yawned and rolled onto his stomach, golden markings glowing softly, and sat up. He licked his lips twice and then turned to face his sister.

"What is it?" he asked. Serenity could tell from his voice he was absolutely exhausted.

"Oh, nothing," she lied, although she knew he could tell that it wasn't the truth. His "telepathy" was rumored to miss nothing that went on in his siblings' minds.

"No, what is it, really?"

"I thought I heard something. That's all."

"That's not it, is it? Serenity, you're an Espeon. Aren't you supposed to pick up everything that goes on with that tail of yours?" As he asked, her dual pronged tail shifted in the breeze.

"Supposedly. My senses must be failing me. I'm... I'm getting old, Shadow."

"Sister," he said, his golden markings gleaming in the starlight, "you're younger than I. We just made it to true adulthood last week. Something is troubling you. And if you sensed something, it must be for real."

Serenity couldn't hold back a blush, and she hoped he couldn't see in the darkness. Shadow nudged his sleeping siblings.

"Whaaaaaaat?" Inferno moaned. "Darn Umbreons always too active at night." He rolled to his feet drowsily.

"And Flareons are too active during the day," Shadow retorted. "Wake Sparky up."

Inferno did as his brother told him and nudged the sleeping Jolteon, who, unlike Inferno, jumped up instantly.

"What is it? Is there trouble?" Serenity could tell that Static, which was his real name, was abnormally hyper that evening. She decided to let it go as he was the youngest.

"Calm down, Sparky. It's probably nothing; we're just making sure," Shadow explained.

"Then why wake us all up? Why couldn't just a few of us check it out?" Inferno whined. He must really not like the dark, Serenity thought to herself. Shadow read her thoughts and nodded.

As if on cue, Oceana awoke and rose to her feet. The relatively young Vaporeon tended to be the peacekeeper in the group, quelling disputes but normally keeping to herself. She gave a small yawn and let out a deep breath.

"Why is everyone up?" she wondered aloud.

Nobody had time to answer her, because a dark shape was rapidly moving towards them through the tall grass. It emerged from the wall of plants headfirst, which caused the siblings to back up a step in unison.

Its small purple head was a telltale sign of what to follow. As it came into full few, its thin neck expanded into an incredibly wide hood, with false, but intimidating, markings that reminded Serenity of a large face. The rest of the giant snake was all tail, and it tapered at the end. The Arbok rose its head high into the air, and moonlight gleamed off its hood markings. The behemoth hissed and waited for the siblings to make the first move.

The staring contest lasted almost a minute, but eventually the snake lost its cool and lunged. The siblings split apart, Inferno and Oceana taking the snake's left, Serenity and Static taking its right, and Shadow took it head on.

The snake hissed and picked its target. Its large violet tail lashed out and struck Static without warning. It coiled around him and squeezed as hard as it could.

Inferno recklessly blasted out a stream of fire at the foe. The brightness illuminated the field and almost blinded the snake. The blaze was accompanied by Oceana's watery spray, which snaked around the flames in a spiral. The fire and water struck the cobra's hood simultaneously and sent it reeling. Static found his opening and extended his spiny fur.

The snake screamed in agony and released Static from its coils. The Jolteon leaped free and retaliated with a bolt of electricity to the giant's head. Shadow was already on top of the snake, just below the hood. His golden markings shone bright white as he bit at its neck.

Serenity knew it was time to finish the fight. She channeled her mystical powers into her chakra, and released it in a single rainbow beam of energy. It struck Arbok's small head and the giant snake yelped. It knew it couldn't win, and retreated into the grass as quickly and silently as it had came.

?We showed that snake who?s boss, didn?t we?? Inferno said happily. Oceana merely shook her head.

That wasn't the end of their troubles. Serenity's tail was vibrating quickly and violently. Shadow looked up into the starry night sky and saw what she had picked up.

Three dark shapes soared through the skies. They encircled the open field and with each cycle headed closer to the ground. Serenity instantly recognized them as Salamence. The lead dragon roared and pulled into a sharp dive, the other two following close behind.

"Run!" Shadow yelled.

The siblings didn't have to be told twice. Instinctively, they scattered. The two rear dragons split apart and went off to chase Serenity's siblings through the grass, but the largest had his sights set on her. Serenity bounded and weaved through the grasses as fast as her legs could carry her. She jumped away from the wavy grass as the Salamence hissed and bursts of fire erupted from its mouth, incinerating the foliage behind her. She risked a look back to see that the dragon was almost on top of her. She yelped in surprise and ran faster.

As she faced forward again, she realized she had reached a great rocky plain. A hiss from behind told her she couldn't slow down or she would surely die. The Salamence bellowed and brought forth another blast of fire. Serenity jumped high into the air and came down hard on the ground a few feet away. She gasped as the ground beneath her feet crumbled, and as it melted away, she fell with it.
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Chapter Two - The Cave of Crystal

Serenity landed on her side. The ground beneath her was solid and hard, and the pain radiated through her bones. As she rolled to her feet, she opened her eyes and looked around.

The cave around her was bright at first, and when her eyes adjusted she realized the walls were bright blue. Upon further investigation she observed that the walls were either covered with crystal or made of it; with only the moonlight shining in from the hole she had made in the roof it was impossible to tell. She didn't have much time to ponder the thought, though, because the Salamence was investigating her disappearance above.

It cautiously moved its massive blue head into the hole, and sniffed the air. It must have picked up her scent, because it hissed and began furiously shaking its head back and forth in the hole. It pried itself out and began to vigorously dig with its clawed forefeet.

Serenity crouched as low as she could. She was downright terrified and exhausted by the pursuit. The dragon had made the hole substantially wider by now, and pieces of displaced crystal and rock rained like a shower on top of her.

The behemoth had stopped digging now, but just as Serenity began to sit up again, its massive head snaked its way into the hole. It had decent room to lash around by now, but the hole wasn't quite wide enough for the dragon to fit any further into the cave.

Serenity knew she had to do something fast. The only visible exit, besides the one the dragon was attempting to enter through, was across a vast lake of shining blue water she just now noticed. However, she was not a strong swimmer. Besides, she didn't want to end up a snack for whatever lurked beneath the waves.

A spout of flames erupted from the dragon's mouth and reminded Serenity of her current predicament. She mustered what energy she had left and unleashed a rainbow bolt of energy towards her attacker. The wave hit the Salamence square in the jaw. It roared and thrashed its way out, and began to dig again. Her tail began vibrating furiously again; quite obviously another threat was coming. And something told her it was something big.

The Salamence abruptly stopped digging. Serenity heard it beating its massive wings. Perhaps it's finally leaving, she wondered. Her hope was cut short when the dragon brought itself down hard on the roof of the cave. The ceiling, unable to withstand its great weight any longer, caved in, showering the now open pit with a barrage of large pieces of crystal.

The dragon landed on the slippery crystal ground directly in front of Serenity. She backed up several paces and crouched in a corner. Salamence took a huge step forward, blocking any chance Serenity had of escape. The dragon charged up for an enormous blast of fire. Serenity could see waves of superhot energy spiraling towards Salamence's open mouth. She closed her eyes and waited for the impact.

All of a sudden, she heard a crackling, powerful noise from her left, near the lake. She opened her eyes to find that a bright orange beam had connected with the dragon's right flank and had sent it reeling into the crystalline wall.

Serenity turned to see what had produced the beam. It rose high above the water, its blue scales shining in the moonlight. Its almost golden underbelly appeared to be made of ironlike plating, and its huge four-toothed jaws hung open, ready to unleash another devastating Hyper Beam.

The Salamence faced its attacker, hissing loudly. Then, without warning, it lashed its tail out at the Gyarados, slamming into the water snake's hide. The giant serpent hissed in fury and slid out onto the crystal ground. Serenity remained in her corner, too scared and full of awe to move. After all, she told herself, how often do you get to see two titans fighting?

The Salamence charged another flamethrower, and sent it careening towards the Gyarados's head. The giant serpent charged its own attack, and unleashed the Hydro Pump in a powerful beam of water.

The two beams collided halfway between the combatants, creating a huge pillar of steam that rose to the heavens. Both produced equal force, and for several long seconds they stood in perpetual harmony. At the same time, both warriors gave up, and charged at each other.

The Gyarados coiled around the dragon in a way that reminded Serenity of the Arbok. It's snakelike body first wrapped around Salamence's left foreleg, then it proceeded to bind the dragon's body just above the wings and just below the neck. The Gyrados's jaws then clamped down on the Salamence's neck. The dragon screamed in a mixture of pain and anger, and lashed out with its massive tail in hopes of knocking the serpent loose. It discovered it couldn't and so it craned its own massive neck and bit down on the tip of the Gyarados's tail.

The serpent yelped in pain and released the dragon from its bite. The Salamence found its opening and struck the Gyarados in the head with its tail. The attack dazed the serpent, and gave the dragon the time it needed to pry the water creature off of it with its right foreleg. It then grabbed the Gyarados around the middle with both its forelegs, and tossed the serpent away. The Gyarados hit the ground hard and was too weak to rise.

The dragon beat its massive wings, sending it into the air. It then came down next to the writhing serpent and bit down hard where its head met its neck. The Gyarados screamed in pain. The dragon flew up again, and careened towards its foe to crush its skull by landing on it.

It never got that chance. Another orange beam shot out from deep within the lake and struck the dragon hard in the chest. It flew backwards and slammed into the wall. The dragon slid down the crystals and came to rest at the base of the wall.

Serenity twisted her neck towards the lake to see a second Gyarados rise from it. Its scales were a slightly darker blue than the other Gyarados, and it slid onto land to see to its fellow Pokemon's wounds.

The Salamence's claw connected with the side of the new combatant's head and knocked it onto the cold ground. The two struggling serpents were surely doomed, as the Salamence roared in triumph and began to charge its draconic breath to incinerate the two simultaneously.

Just then, the dragon reeled to the side as if it had just been struck. A creature materialized seemingly out of thin air in front of Serenity's own eyes. As its glowing silver invisibility shield melted away, an enormous snake made entirely of rocks appeared, its massive skull dug deep into the side of the dragon. As Serenity looked closer, the Onix was not actually made of rocks but truthfully raw crystal. The crystal Onix bellowed a battle cry and rose high above the dragon.

The Salamence showed no fear and let its flaming breath at the Onix instead. The flames engulfed its head and it screamed in pain. Serenity guessed that the flames had a strong affect on crystalline structures. If she didn't do something soon, her three unwilling protectors might be killed. She mustered what strength she had left and blasted the rainbow beam at the dragon.

At the very least, it disrupted the attack for the crystalline Onix to finish it off. The giant shot forth a beam of bluish-white ice that glazed over the snarling beast, encasing it in ice. The Onix bellowed triumphantly, and then reeled to face Serenity.
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POV shifts to Shadow for the next two chapters. A bit of violence in this one, just to warn those of you who shy away from that kind of thing.

Chapter Three - Into the Darkness

Shadow could not hear his siblings' thoughts over his own heartbeat as he fled. The behemoth behind him hissed and belched a cone of fire that he just narrowly avoided. Upon reaching the forest, he had more obstacles to overcome, such as fallen logs and creeping vines. But then again, so did the dragon. The trees blocked his pursuer's flight path and it was forced to land.

The dragon roared in frustration and with a quick blast immolated a wall of floral debris. It lumbered into the forest creating quite a commotion, purposely uprooting trees to expel its anger. Shadow knew this was not the Salamence's element, and because of its pale blue skin he could see it clearly from any vantage point. His midnight black fur was better suited to the dank jungle anyway, and he stood perfectly still where he was. When the dragon regained focus on the hunt, it realized its prey had vanished. Its small golden eyes were not suited to staring through the dark forest. It gave a great hiss and stalked off.

Shadow made sure the beast was out of sight before shifting position. He crept through the woods, searching for a way out. He'd walked a solid fifteen minutes through foliage that all looked the same before he realized the Salamence had never actually left.

A stream of fire from behind him convinced him the dragon was still there. Unable to leap away quickly enough, the dragon's breath singed his hindquarters and his left flank. He collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

The dragon roared in triumph and closed in on his immobile foe. It didn't see the blur of white careening towards its head. From the corner of his eye, Shadow saw the white streak zoom past the giant's small head, leaving a large red gash across the right side of its face. The dragon snarled in pain as its gouged eye pumped out blood.

The blur skidded to an abrupt halt. Shadow observed that the creature was quadropedal like himself, but had sleek white fur, and was a heavier build. The creature had black claws and a strikingly dark face, with a blade-like horn jutting from its skull. Its red eyes glowed in the gleaming moonlight seeping through the canopy of the woods.

The Absol howled and attacked the dragon again, raking its claws across the blinded creature's neck. The Salamence gave up the hunt and retreated, presumably back to the open field. Shadow struggled to his feet-- a great challenge since almost his entire back half was charred. The two Pokemon stared at each other for a good long while. After a while, Shadow broke the uneasy silence.

"Thank you," he managed, "how can I repay you?"

"Funny you should ask," the Absol said. Its voice wasn't deep or mysterious in any way as Shadow presumed it would be. Rather, it reminded him of a veteran soldier. "I'm on the trail of a spy. It can't be allowed back to its master."

"Then I shall assist you if you wish," Shadow suggested. So he did, and after almost an hour of walking stealthily through the lush green underbrush, he spoke up again.

"Er, what exactly are we looking for?"

"A Banette that carries important information about us."

"Who's us?"

"We are-- it'll have to wait! I see the scoundrel!" Shadow followed his companion's gaze to the foot of a large oak tree. A small black humanoid Pokemon sat at the bottom of it, grinning broadly with its zipper mouth. It had blood red eyes as well, and they resembled Shadow's eerily. He didn't have much time to ponder, for his companion had already rushed forward, claws extended.

The ghost Pokemon cackled evilly and floated through the trees. His burn still healing, Shadow trotted weakly in the direction of the hunt.

"I'm chasing it back to you!" the Absol roared through the forest. Shadow took this as an opportunity to rest, but before he knew it, the ghost glided through the trees in front of him, looking over its shoulder and still cackling. When it spun around, it stopped laughing abruptly and attempted to retreat back the way it had came.

Shadow didn't give it the chance. His golden markings glowing vibrantly, he pounced as a cat would and landed on top of the spy. The ghost tried to make itself ethereal, but Shadow's markings only glowed brighter. His companion bounded through the brush at last, smirking.

"How long did you expect to evade me?" he asked the ghostly puppet.

"Fufufufufufu, wretched rebel scum, I shall never speak!" the being retorted. Shadow was surprised it showed such confidence in a potentially deadly situation. His thoughts were interrupted by one of his siblings-- he couldn't tell which-- screaming in their minds. He considered finding the source, but decided against it, resolving that his siblings were resourceful enough to survive on their own. Besides, he had the Banette to deal with.

"Oh, I think you will," the Absol snarled. Its blade horn glowed white, and several triangular bullets shot from it, slamming into the ghostly Pokemon's skull. Shadow almost flinched hearing its screams, but didn't physically do so.

"You think a little torture will open me up? You are sadly mistaken, my friend. In fact, I'm almost enjoying it. More?"

"Consider it done," Shadow's companion replied. More bright triangular bullets shot from his horn, and became almost a stream rushing into the spy's mind. It screamed in both pain and delight. When the Absol finally stopped, dark purple blood oozed from the ghost's forehead, slowly but steadily. Shadow grimaced as he sensed the last trickle of life leave their captive.

"Darn!" the Absol yelled. "We could've uncovered the secrets of the Cult itself!"

"Relax," Shadow told him, "at least whoever you're fighting didn't learn anything about you."

"I suppose you're right. Consider your debt repaid."

"I never did catch your name, friend."

"They call me Scar."

"Why?" Scar shifted his head to the side, and the wisps of white fur slipped from across his forehead, revealing a massive cut running across the length of his face. It had since healed, leaving a gruesome scar.

"I see... I'm Shadow."

"You know, we could use your help in our quest for liberation. Our sages could also heal that wound of yours."

"Well, I..." he considered what he was about to do. On one hand, Scar had saved his life, and he didn't think "interrogating" a ghost released him from his debt much. On the other hand, his siblings could be in trouble. But then, he needed to let them look out for themselves once in a while.

"Alright," he finally concluded.

"Then step this way, Shadow." Scar's horn glowed brighter than ever, and with a twist of his head, it sliced through the very fabric of the dimension itself. A rift of purple and black light appeared in the area Scar had cut, as if the dimension itself were like a curtain. The Absol stepped through the gaping hole, and his body vanished behind the dark colored veil. Shadow took a deep breath and followed.
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Chapter Four - The Battle Plan

Shadow felt as if he were falling through a void. Though he breathed it in, he couldn't feel the rush of air on his midnight black fur, and it bothered him. Then, his thoughts were interrupted as the cold ground rushed up to meet him. Naturally, he landed on his stomach.

The Umbreon staggered to his feet and looked around. The first thing he noticed was the lack of light. No stars shone in the sky, as if it were an inky black blanket draped over the world itself. A small bonfire crackled brightly nearby, however, and after his pupils adjusted, Shadow observed the leaves on the conifers around him were gray. Their trunks were of a shadowy tint, and were as cracked and splintered as the barren ground beneath him.

"Incidentally, were you planning on standing there all day?" Scar questioned.

Day, Shadow thought to himself, what kind of place is this?

"Our healer is over there, by the campfire."

"Good to know," Shadow replied, attempting the sarcasm his siblings had mastered. He limped towards the orange blaze. As he drew nearer, he began to notice the surprising number of eyes watching him. Not with his own eyes, of course, as it was too dark to see anything, but he could just feel their presence.

A being glided out of the shadows, its long green and white body clashing with the gloomy landscape. It was tall, and hovered just above the ground. A large red spike protruded from its chest on both sides, and Shadow felt as if its large violet eyes penetrated his very soul. The Gardevoir floated elegantly toward him, and as it looked him in the eye he almost looked away. Something about it was intimidating.

"May I present to you Madam Szora, our healer and commander in chief," Scar's voice radiated importantly from behind Shadow, "and this, my lady, is Shadow. He assisted me in the capture of the spy."

"Charmed," she said, less-than-enthusiastically, but had the courtesy to bow.

"As am I," Shadow managed nervously.

"Let us spare these pleasantries, for the time being," she said quietly. Shadow noted her voice was calm and commanding, but serene at the same time. "You've been burned."

"Yes, and--" he stopped abruptly as the Gardevoir's delicate green hands began to glow with light blue energy. He realized the same was happening to his hindquarters, and the burn felt as if ice had glazed over it. In seconds it was gone, and Shadow knew his health had been restored completely. His hind legs felt sturdy, and he bowed.

"Thank you," he said as he stood up again.

"Lieutenant," Szora said, ignoring him, "how goes the war?"

"We've finally penetrated their preliminary wall," Scar boomed, "and the spy has been dealt with."

"Good. We're making progress, then."

"M'lady!" a voice from behind yelled. Shadow turned to see a purple rattlesnake slithering hastily toward them. The Ekans skidded to a halt next to Shadow and bowed low to the ground.

"What is it now?" Szora moaned, with a hint of emotion in her voice for the first time.

"A messenger has arrived!"

"Bring him to me then!"

"Very well, ma'am!" the snake slithered off quickly, and in an instant returned with a golden floating husk. It had a silverish underbelly, and a crescent moon halo hovering above its head. "Presenting Mr., er, what did you say your name was again?"

"Zcladmekclo," the Shedinja droned.

"Mr. Zlamekkeko!"

"Zcladmekclo," it said again.

"Oh, sorry. Mr. Zukamako!"

"Just forget it, warrior," Szora sighed and waved him off. The snake slithered back into the shadows. "Now, what is your message, Mr. Zcladmekclo?"

"I bring a message from the High One. He says this war is as good as over. He says after hearing the message you will surrender your forces. He says that we have your sister."

At those words, Shadow could feel Szora's heart clench and contract, though her face showed nothing.

"You can let your master know we won't give in to him, no matter the cost. You can also tell him that his need for hostages is juvenile, and we shall quickly recover her." she managed at last.

"Will that be all, or is there more?"

"That will be all. Scar, get this thing out of my sight."

"With pleasure," the Absol said smugly. "Come with me, messenger."

The two Pokemon left, leaving Shadow alone with Szora. After a long silence, Shadow finally spoke.

"You're upset."

"Characteristic of an Umbreon to detect hidden emotions, isn't it?"

"I suppose... What do you want us to do?"


"What do you wish of your army?"

"Well, there is an assignment I've been meaning to give to someone. It's a one-Pokemon operation, and highly dangerous. I need someone with camouflage to sneak behind enemy lines and take out the head of our foes directly. Now, though, I'm adding to it. It's now, in part, a rescue operation."

"What do you want me to do?"

"You?" She paused. "I don't know that I can put that much trust in you."

"Can I at least try?"

Szora stared at him for a moment, but then waved her hand, creating a map of the surrounding territory. It was three dimensional, and in blue. A large red shape expanded from the upper right corner, and covered nearly the entire map. With another wave of her hand, a purple beam snaked slowly across it, starting from a large blue 'X', presumably their present location.

"I need you to head northeast from here, and under cover. Entering enemy territory -- that's the red area on the map -- you'll travel past the Morbid Mountain Range and through the Swamp of Sorrows. Stealthily, you'll make your way to the upper right corner of the map, and head northeast a few miles farther, where you'll find a great chasm. It is there you will find the leader of the opposing army. His name is Spectre, and he aims to kill us all."

At the mention of his old rival's name, Shadow's mouth fell open.
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Chapter Five - Terrors of the Deep

Oceana panted with exhaustion. The sleek blue Vaporeon had ran nonstop since the Salamence attack, though none of the trio had gone after her. She shuddered as a frosty breeze flowed elegantly past her, and wrapped her whale-like tail around her thin legs. She had almost fallen asleep when she heard a mighty crash to her left. It was relatively far off, but she didn't want to take the chance. She stood up, crouched low, and waited.

Once more another crash echoed throughout the dense wood. Whatever was making the crashes was drawing nearer. A chill ran down Oceana's back as her mind raced, trying to pinpoint what exactly was creating such a tremendous uproar. An incredibly loud hiss told her exactly what it was. She backed up several paces and crouched as low as she could in the thick underbrush of fallen leaves and branches.

From her hiding spot, she saw a massive blue head rise high above the fallen debris. Next came its broad white chest and stout legs thick as tree trunks. The creature held its blood red wings in an upward resting position as it lumbered into full view.

Without warning, it gave off an ear-piercing bellow and let forth a cone of fire from its fanged jaws. As the Salamence lowered its head to sniff the ground, Oceana noticed a bloody gash cutting across its right eye. She didn't have time to wonder what caused it, though, for the great dragon had apparently noticed her.

With a roar it lashed its tail forward, toward Oceana's pile of debris. The Vaporeon leapt into the air, narrowly avoiding the dragon's lashing tail as it displaced what she had once been hiding behind. She landed on top of its tail and ran up the creature's scaly back. It hissed furiously and lashed its neck around, snarling and baring its ivory-white fangs. Oceana backed up and sat firmly between the wings of the dragon. It attempted to swat her with its tail and bite her with its bone-crushing jaws, but couldn't reach her with either weapon. At last, it decided on a much more direct route to her. It spread its wings and took off into the sky.

Oceana held firm as the dragon flew up into the air, attempting to shake her off. They soared above the canopy of the forest, and from her vantage point she could see the sprawling plains, the deepest recesses of the forest, and the wide blue sea beyond. This would have been a perfect way to spend the evening if her mount wasn't trying to kill her.

The dragon hovered for a moment, considering its options. It finally snickered out a low growl, and sped like a bullet towards the sea. Evidently it didn't realize its rider was perfectly at home in the water.

Once roughly one hundred yards from shore, the dragon looped around in the air in a sure-fire way to shake off its rider. Oceana didn't need to be shaken, though, for she'd already jumped off, diving with an elegant form towards the crystal-blue waves.

It took the Salamence a full second to realize its mistake. It roared angrily and dove through the air, trying to intercept the Vaporeon before it could get to the safety of the waves. It was a fraction of a second too slow, however, and its claws slashed at air just behind Oceana's tail flipper as she plunged into the sea, creating a foamy spray that shot out in all directions.

Oceana intook a good deal of seawater into her specially designed lungs. She loved the idea that she could breathe both air and water when it suited her. The cool waters felt marvelous on her skin, and she began to swim happily. She dove down into the depths and then, creating a powerful stroke with her tail fin, she shot upwards, breaking the water's surface. She spun around in the night air, letting tiny droplets of seawater shower the ocean's surface. She submerged yet again, creating another large splash as she did.

Oceana was having so much fun, she didn't notice the flurry of dark shapes lurking just beneath her. As she dove once more, though, she came face-to-face with one.

It was a fish, one Oceana herself had never seen before. It was shaped almost like an orb, with a bright red underbelly and a blue top. Its mouth spread across a full half of its body, and the teeth were like spikes. It had yellow fins and evil looking red eyes. Something about it told Oceana that this probably wasn't the friendliest of sea Pokemon, and that nagging feeling was backed up when the fish attempted to take a bite out of her nose.

Oceana reeled back, and the fish gave chase. She wondered how one small fish--about as big around as her head-- could be so ferocious. And yet, there it was, swimming tirelessly behind her. She'd swam for quite a while before she realized how truly childish fleeing from one small insignificant piranha was. With a stroke of her tail, she swatted her relentless attacker, sending it reeling back into the depths. Its skin was rough and sharp, and it created a small cut on her tail. The tiniest amount of blood trickled from the wound, swirling in the water like a red cloud. She licked it once before she learned the strange piranha species she had just encountered were attracted by the smell of blood.

A swarm of countless piranha Pokemon spiraled like a great storm beneath her, each individual swimming as fast as it possibly could towards her. Oceana spun through the water as the first wave of Carvhana past her with a dazzling array of chomping teeth. She dodged the rest of the school, and noticed four dark shapes gliding stealthily towards her in the distance. She swam out of the way again as the school of piranha made another pass.

Oceana continued to dodge the snakelike formation of the bunched-together piranha as she watched the dark shapes draw nearer. They had three visible fins, and all were triangular in shape. They had large rounded snouts, and looked as if they had been cut in half and this was only their heads. Oceana had no idea what they were, but she was sure they meant trouble.

As the shapes came into full view, Oceana realized what they were. Sharks. She knew not the species, but it didn't matter. All she knew was that these blue-and-white creatures were hungry. She decided it best to get away as fast as she could, and rocketed off through the waves. The Carvhana swarm and the quartet of Sharpedo blasted off after her. Oceana was swimming so swiftly, she didn't notice the positively mammoth shape looming just within eyeshot. It was oval-shaped, with an incredibly thick tail trailing slowly behind it. She could not stop herself before it had opened its massive jaws and closed them around her.
My bad for double posting, but here's Chapter 6, for those of you still reading.

Chapter Six - The Mysterious Island

Oceana stirred and yawned. Wherever she was, it was quite dark, and rather sticky. It was not until her eyes adjusted did she realize she was inside something. The floor beneath her was colored red. It was moist and slimy, as well. The walls were the same color, with odd white toothlike structures jutting from the outer rim of both the ceiling and the floor. It was at that moment Oceana's memory finally kicked in. She was in the mouth of a Wailord.

"I sense that you have stirred," a deep booming voice echoed off the walls of her chamber.

"Wh-who are you?" Oceana stammered.

"I am Sebastian," the voice boomed again, "and I'm the reason you're still alive. It is not wise to anger a swarm of Carvhana."

"Thank you. Where are we?"

"We are underwater, my dear."

"I know, but where underwater?"

"The open ocean. I can see for miles. Any predators and I'll notice them most likely before they notice us. Oh, you might want to hang on."

Oceana braced herself against what must have been Sebastian's tongue as the mammoth Pokemon rose to the surface of the crystal blue waves. Water sprayed from his blowhole as he intook another breath of air.

"Are you capable of swimming?"


The massive whale opened its enormous jaws, and Oceana could see the clear waters spread across the horizon. The faintest light of dawn was beginning to filter in. She walked shakily out of the whale's mouth and dove into the depths.

"Which way is the mainland?" she asked Sebastian as soon as they were both underwater.

"Behind us, and I can show you the way if you'd-- oh, no."

Oceana spun around in the waters to see the cause of the titanic creature's dismay. Back behind them, in the direction of the mainland, came a cloud of black just beneath the surface. Further observations revealed the cloud to be an enormous swarm of Carvhana. The group was much bigger than the one that had attacked Oceana; it was as if several schools had merged to form one huge wave of destruction. The quartet of Sharpedo led the charge, snapping their bone-crushing jaws furiously as they zoomed into view.

"Can we outswim them?" Oceana asked.

"Even if we could, they would continue to pursue us like an unstoppable tide."

"Well, can we fight them?"

"We can try." The massive Wailord took in an impressive amount of water and released it in a tornado of liquid. The whirlpool sliced through the water like a hot knife through butter and slammed into the incoming swarm. One unlucky Sharpedo was sucked into the vortex and flung out the other side, flailing angrily but unable to pilot back towards its prey. The whirlpool continued on and slammed into the cloud of piranha. It dispersed the group, but they fell into formation again quickly.

"We can't stop them!" Oceana shouted, but already she was drawing her own powers from the sea around her. She inhaled the seawater and blasted it forth with a barrage of rainbow bubbles. The swarm easily avoided it, but it struck another Sharpedo dead on.

The shark reeled backwards and slammed into the gnashing cloud of fish, sending a wave of red blood pulsing from its body as its kin tore it to pieces. Its final shriek pierced the very sea itself, and could undoubtedly be heard for miles. Oceana could not help but feel sorry for it, but she snapped out of her sorrowful trance as she noticed a third shark heading directly for Sebastian's left flipper.

The great whale was too busy blasting whirlpools at the swarm to notice. Oceana decided to take matters into her own hands. She unleashed another beam of bubbles and it struck the Pokemon's rear turbines, clogging them. Twin fiery explosions blasted out of the shark's rear and it screamed in pain. The creature bellowed as it sank into the depths, only able to flail about as the turbines oozed black smoke.

The first Sharpedo had returned. Sebastian intook another great breath, but this time sent forth an enormous shriek, jostling the killer piranhas. They floated around, dazed, and then picked a target for their wrath. The cloud of fish spiraled quickly towards the first Sharpedo.

Oceana, unwilling to watch the carnage that followed, turned instead to her comrade.

"Perhaps we should get out of here now?"

"Yes well-- they're coming back!" His words were true. The fish had evidently completely devoured their kin and had charged back towards the two combatants. "Run!"

"But, Sebastian..."

"Go! Now! I'll hold them off!" Oceana didn't have to be told again. She spun around and rocketed off at full speed away from the mainland and the fight, not wanting to watch her new friend get torn apart. She'd swam a fair distance before she realized she was being followed.

The last Sharpedo had tracked her and was cruising slowly and silently only a few dozen yards behind her. Oceana looked around frantically for a way to escape. She saw none, and decided to face her foe.

The shark circled her, a hungry glare in its eye. It was seemingly unphased by the fact that all three of its companions had just been annihilated. After almost five minutes of circling, it finally lunged in for attack.

Oceana wasn't about to give it the option of striking first. She sent forth another beam of rainbow bubbles. They flooded into the shark's mouth and popped one by one, each one drawing a tiny bit of blood. It staggered back through the water, blood pulsing from its jaw.

Oceana knew what was coming next. Out of the blue came another trio of Sharpedo. They cruised stealthily over to the wounded one, then began a feeding frenzy. Oceana looked away as the shark was torn apart, dispersing a cloud of blood.

Oceana decided it best to leave now. She was exhausted from swimming and fighting, and rocketed away from the feeding Sharpedo. After a full hour of swimming, she saw the ocean floor gradually rising.

An island, she thought, and she surfaced. Undeniably, there it was. A volcanic island covered with trees and enshrouded in an odd white mist. Making haste, she swam towards it.
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Seven is kind of short.

Chapter Seven - An Unlikely Ally

The giant blue dragon hot in pursuit, Inferno dashed into the forest. The decaying leaves underfoot disgusted him, yet he did not slow down. That would almost certainly mean death. He did slow his pace, however, when he could no longer hear the furious roars from the Salamence just above the canopy. He stopped after a good ten minutes of running to groom himself. He hadn't been licking his vibrant red fur for long when he heard a low hiss coming from above. The hiss was followed shortly by a cone of fire that instantly incinerated the leaves above him, and they showered to the forest floor like molten rain.

Inferno retreated into the underbrush, taking shelter behind a large cedar tree. He could hear the heavy breaths of the dragon as it searched for him. He heard the dragon intake a breath, and then gasped as the cedar tree behind him erupted into flames. The scalding fire leapt to the bushes and shrubs nearby, starting a blaze that Inferno knew would soon consume much of the surrounding woodlands. He darted to the right in an attempt to find a new hiding place, but the heat was already getting to him.

The Salamence must have noticed him, for it snarled angrily and gave chase as fast as its stumpy legs could carry it. Inferno darted behind another tree quickly, but knew that it was to no avail. Soon, the combined might of the crackling forest fire and the dragon's breath would overtake him.

His frantic string of thoughts were interrupted by a roar from above. A second Salamence dove into the now open clearing that was once all forest. In the bright light the flames gave off, Inferno noted its scales glistened with an emerald glow.

The green dragon snarled, and its blue rival spun around to face it. The aggressive blue charged first, ready to rip into its kin's left flank with its lethal teeth and claws. The green didn't give it that chance, swatting it in the skull with its sparkling tail. The stunned blue backed up several paces and roared again.

Both dragons hissed and intook great quantities of the smoke-filled air. Both unleashed their fiery breaths simultaneously, the green dragon's fire as emerald as the controller's scales. The pillars of fire met halfway, slamming into each other at full force. The flames ripped and tore at each other, each trying to push the other back towards its creator. After what must have been a full two minutes, the green dragon lost its breath and took to the air again, the blue dragon's fire meeting air where its target had been a fraction of a second earlier.

Emerald fireballs rained down onto the battlefield shortly thereafter, and the blue dragon couldn't evade them quickly enough. The bolts of flame slammed into its side and back, and Inferno winced when he imagined how painful that must have been. The green landed again, and both dragons relentlessly charged towards each other, baring glistening fangs. The dragons met and began tearing and gnashing at each other's necks and chests. It was at that moment Inferno realized that smoke had been filling his lungs since the first gout of flame had roasted the canopy above him. He was unconscious before he hit the ground.
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Eight is up.

Chapter Eight - Cult of the Dragon

"Do you think it's alright?" Inferno heard a booming, yet feminine, voice ask.

"It should be, but we can't be concerned about insignificant matters now," another more serious voice replied.

"You're right, of course," the first voice said. "Did you notice anything?"

"Other than your battle with Duros? No, but I must admit, it was well fought, though the odds were against you."

"Can it. Hey, I think it's waking up!"

Inferno opened his eyes wearily. A quick glance around revealed that nearly everything within a fifty-yard radius had been reduced to ash, with a few isolated blazes in several spots. But it wasn't the destroyed forestland that startled him.

Before him, the large emerald Salamence stood, but with it was another large green creature. While its long legs looked relatively unsturdy, it held its massive tapered body aloft with relative ease. Its long, whiplike tail ended in three green barbs, each one resembling a parallelogram and outlined in red. Two massive but plain green wings, also outlined in red, were folded along its back. Atop its long, thin neck was an ovular head with two tapered hornlike structures jutting out from the back. Its small eyes were surrounded by enormous red orbs, obviously designed to protect the eyes from harsh weather.

Naturally, Inferno attempted to flee. He might have been able to combat either one individually, but simultaneously it would prove impossible.

"Where is it going?" the Flygon asked his larger companion.

With three beatings of its massive wings, the Salamence rose into the air about five meters above the ground. It quickly proved it could fly faster than Inferno could run, and landed several yards ahead of him, turning its fearsome head to face the intimidated Flareon.

"Is that any way to thank us, little one?" it growled. Inferno, even more frightened now, took off back in the direction he came, only to come face to face with the other dragon.

"Now, now, Esmerelda, you're scaring it." The dragonfly-like Pokemon bent down to Inferno's level. "We saw you evading that dragon. Like we always say, the enemy of our enemy is our friend."

"A-and wh-ho is your enemy?" Inferno stammered.

"Why, the Cult of the Dragon of course!" Esmerelda boomed, walking up behind him.

"And who are they?" Inferno inquired, courage growing.

Just as the Flygon was about to answer, there was a terrifying roar from above. Squinting into the smoke-filled sky, Inferno saw at least a dozen glimmering blue shapes, in an attack formation.

"That answer your question?" the Salamence roared, lowering one wing so that it touched the ground. After a few seconds, she asked, "What are you waiting for?!" Understanding immediately, Inferno bolted up her wing and onto her back.

"So," the Flygon asked, "ever flown before?"

"N--" The two dragons lurched into the morning sky, creating quite an upset in the young Flareon's stomach.

Once they were in the air and the ride became more steady, Esmerelda turned to the Flygon. "Can we get a quick number crunch, Gyro?"

"I'm getting a nine point... three-three, er, repeating of course, percent chance of survival."

"What?!" Inferno cried.

"Great! That's better than we usually do!"

"WHAT?!" Inferno cried again.

"Relax, kid," Gyro said calmly, "our luck is unparalleled! We'll probably make it out of this, even with odds that low."

Inferno said nothing, although his heart and mind was screaming that he was going to die. Knowing his time was definitely short, he turned to see how close the swarm of blue shapes were.

Soaring across the sky, the shapes were easily distinguishable as a flight of Salamence.

"So why is this cult after you, again?" Inferno asked after volleying off a fireball at the nearest enemy dragon.

"Various offenses. You know, raiding their hunting grounds, foiling their attempts to resurrect their leader, the usual," came the answer from Esmerelda.

"In other words," Gyro said, "saving the world repeatedly."

"And, who is their leader?"

"An enormous black Salamence they call 'Searinox'. It is said that if he ever returns to the mortal world, everything will be plunged into eternal darkness and fire. Put simply, Armageddon," Gyro replied.

Sending another fire stream at the incoming dragonflight, Inferno replied, "So you two are working towards a good cause."

"Not all dragons are vicious killers, my friend. It would do you good to learn that quickly," Esmerelda replied.

"Y'know, those dragons separated me from my siblings. Can we keep an eye out for them?"

"Go right ahead," Gyro told him, "I'm going to fall back a bit. I'll catch up." And with that, he performed a quick about-face, and glided towards the incoming foes. Inferno reeled around on his perch to see what he was planning to do.

The Flygon glowed green for a fraction of a second. In an instant, a massive sandstorm rose from the ground and into the air, creating a vortex of burning sand around the dragonflight and the caster. Soon after, the raging storm spread out in every conceivable direction except towards them; Inferno suspected Gyro was controlling it somehow. The storm expanded until the entire horizon was covered with a wall of blistering sand. A moment later, Gyro blasted out of the vortex and took his place alongside Esmerelda again.

"That ought to slow 'em down," Gyro said victoriously.

A cone of fire erupted behind them; then another.

"Or just make them angry!" Esmerelda yelled. As wave after wave of fire shot at them, the dragons began to emerge from the sandstorm.

"Then cast another sandstorm around us!" Inferno yelled. The Flygon understood and complied.

"Close your eyes!" Even though he did, he could still feel the sand stinging his body; being trapped in his golden fur. He knew that just as it had the last time, the sand was spreading out, undoubtedly enveloping everything in the immediate vicinity, including their pursuers. The blistering sands made the ride most uncomfortable, at best; severely slowing their movement speed and lurching his mount around like a rag doll, yet still she persisted somehow. Only then did it occur to him that they were flying blind.
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Chapter Nine - The Resistance

Static gave a great yawn as he awoke. Dawn?s first light was filtering through the forest canopy, overlaying an orange tint to the lush foliage. The Jolteon stretched, his spiny yellow fur standing on end. He yawned again and licked his lips, decided that he was thirsty, and went off in search of a water source.

Moments later, his sharp ears picked up the sound of a stream?s serene movements and he traveled lazily in the direction. He found the stream in no time, its crystal-clear waters sparkling beautifully in the dawn sun. Static drank his fill, then arose to watch a pair of Magikarp swim upstream. He considered catching them for food, and was about to, when they were scared by a great commotion in the nearby foliage.

Static investigated. He peered through the brush to see a massive Pokemon fighting a pair of what appeared to be a pair of golden blurs. The Pokemon in question was at least twice the young Jolteon?s size, and appeared to be formed by a mass of stones. It had two pairs of arms -- one long pair it was lashing furiously at the blurs that zipped around its almost spherical body, the other dangling uselessly at its chest. Its stubby legs were trampling the below grass as it reeled around to attack the blurs.

As Static watched more carefully, the blurs began to take shape to his eyes. Though still difficult to make out, the two blurs were almost mouse-like. One had red-tipped ears, cheeks, and a tail in the shape of a cross. The other had blue cheeks and ear tips, and a short dash for a tail.

The Plusle and Minun lashed ferociously out at the Graveler, their small tails growing rigid and illuminant at times. Occasionally, one would volley off a bolt of electricity, only to find that all it accomplished was blind the large Pokemon for a short duration. Eventually, the larger Pokemon became very frustrated and took its anger out on Static.

Static was paralyzed with fear as the rocky creature began to roll towards him. It was almost upon him when the two mouse-like creatures darted towards it, tails glowing in unison, and slammed into the side of the Graveler. The rocky Pokemon went flying into the nearest oak tree. Pebbles on its exterior shattered and broke off, and the tree collapsed under the creature?s weight. Then, the two creatures turned towards Static.

?Hey, mister, you should watch out!? the Plusle chimed.

?Yeah, yeah, you could have been KILLED!? the Minun added.

?Seriously, you should be more careful!? the red-eared mouse said.

?Too true, bro!? the Minun chirped.

?Who are you two?? Static asked, finally getting a word in edgewise. The two mice looked up, their chests swelled, and they began to bounce around ecstatically.

?He?s Poke!? the Minun sang.

?And he?s Prod,? the Plusle said, ?and we?re?? They landed next to one another.

?The Dynamic Duo!? they said together, ?We?re sworn to fighting the Cult of the Dragon at all costs under our leader!?

?The Cult of the Dragon is bad!? Poke chirped.

?Very, very bad!? cheeped Prod.

?Aprikorn-bad!? Poke agreed.

?Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, you two,? Static managed. They stopped abruptly and stood at attention. ?Who exactly is your leader??

?Lady Auriella, of course!? Poke squeaked.

?Lady Auriella is good!? Prod chirped.

?Aspear-Berry-good.? chimed Poke.

?Can you take me to her?? Static asked.

?Yes, yes, yes!? the two mice squealed. They began to prance through the woods. Unfortunately, the Graveler landed in front of them, snarling menacingly. Poke and Prod, startled, couldn?t move. As the creature advanced towards them, Static charged, and with his hind legs delivered two powerful kicks to the creature?s face. It was launched backwards into a second tree. This tree didn?t break, and snapped back into place, sending the rocky Pokemon flying into the stream. It didn?t take kindly to the water, but was washed downstream regardless. The mice gaped in awe for a moment, and then regained their energy.

?We?ll bring strong stranger to Lady Auriella now!? Prod squeaked.

?Yes, yes! Of course, Lady Auriella will be most pleased!? Poke sang. The strange little mice promptly scampered off through the woods, and Static followed.
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