Pokemon Black & White - Where are you??
I've finished the elite 4, caught reshrim and now im up to black city with no dea what to do. im thinking of making an all out dragon team my team atm

Reshrim lvl 54
Samurott lvl 53
Druggigon lvl 48
Krookkodile lvl 53
can anyone help me to find these guys
thundrus (all these guys)
Genesect &
Justin Wrote:genesect aint even out yet

Well that explains why i can't get it thanksTongue
Stuck in the "Get it..maybe not...maybe" phase.
Seymour Wrote:Stuck in the "Get it..maybe not...maybe" phase.

it's a good game but you run into wild battles alot im just trying to make a beast dragon team Big Grin
You never know man, it might not ever exist like the infamous Huh arcues.
Kirby Wrote:You never know man, it might not ever exist like the infamous Huh arcues.

Please be a troll post.
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I love this Pokemon Game but i still not finish Elite 4. My currently Pokemon team is
You can find Deino in Victory Road, Axew...eh, I forgot which route, search it up in your Pokedex, and Kyurem in the Great Canyon. Or whatever it's called. And Tornadus roams around. Check the electric billboards to know where it is. It causes a thunderstorm wherever it goes. I presume that's also the case with Thundurus. To get Landorus, you need both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party when you go to the Abundant Shrine. Keep in mind that Tornadus and Thundurus are version exclusives.
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axew can be found in mistralton cave, and you can find it's evolved form, fraxure, on victory road. Kyurem is a pain in the butt to find, it's in the farthest part of the giant chasm and you have to go to this one part of the area it's in to cause a snowstorm to get to it. it's in the walkthrough

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