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Full Version: Pokemon Gold Demo Leak
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Basically, in 1997 Nintendo allowed people to playtest the demo version of gold. This version of Pokemon with different Pokemon and region was thought to be lost forever and only existed in rumor and photos of it.

Someone released the entirity of the demo online, and the Pokemon community is going nuts. It has differnt starters, an entirely different region, and all sorts of lost Pokemon like Baby Meowth.

[Image: 608x-1]

[Image: JXBgkiB.png]

[Image: large_251.png.63884c90dd5622bd1d8e53fab24821be.png]

shit yo

they are planning to de-demoize the game and make it a function game on its own

I've heard it called "generation 1.5"
is that leafeon
Absolutely insane, ridiculously cool and biggest thing to happen for the Pokemon franchise in twenty years.
(06-03-2018, 11:46 PM)Kelsh2 Wrote: [ -> ]is that leafeon

I believe it is and am seeing no evidence otherwise.

Its kind of hard to tell as some of these pokemon's evolution lines are wonky, like apparently girafarig evolves from... a pair of ghosts stuck togetherHuh wat

if anyone spots the origin of these charts let me know

[Image: Dehm3-6VQAAEneV.jpg]

[Image: Dehm4ilVMAApixP.jpg]
there's a Farfetch'd evolution in the original. haha.
One thing that's really interesting from the playthroughs I have seen is that the game is purposely very hard to play. All the beginning wild Pokemon are level 5, and have healing berries, and from the start and all the trainers at the beginning have level 10 Pokemon. The theory is that at spaceworld they kicked you off the booth once you whited out your party, so they make everything harder so you lose quickly.
I really do think Gold and Silver were by far the best in the franchise. It's like the second performance of a play, Nintendo knew their lines and what worked yet it was still fresh and not wholly perfect. I have really lost interest in Pokémon post-Diamond and Pearl
but I think I'm a nostalgia addict, which is why I study Victorian Literature, so meh
I was looking at the OU Pokémon for the current metagame, I love how much they shook things up by adding a Fairy type, for example now Azumarill and Clefable are now OU. I seem to remember Azumarill was NU for most other metagames, haha.

I definitely think all that Mega evolution stuff was a stupid idea, and why did they make Gengar any better? Couldn't they have just...given Farfetch'd a good evolution? It doesn't seem to make any sense. Farfetch'd is the most oppressed Pokémon in Gamefreak history
Azumarill was UU in gen 4 and 5 because of the physical stat changes and huge power, in gen 5 it was pretty ok for rain teams also.

The reason Azumarill is OU now isn't just the fairy typing, but also because it now has belly durm + aqua jet, which use to be an illegal egg more combo. They changed how egg moves worked in the most recent generations, Chansey can now learn Seismic Toss without resorting to a lead green tutor.
I do think something is lost in the most recent games, namely the exploration factor. The newest games are actually REALLY short if you take out the dialogue and villain arc shit. It feels like they kind of gave up on map design.
Something that I don't see talked about is the base state differences, for the new Pokemon, the base stats are broken for a lot of them with all 50 across the board. But for the new Pokemon, its far more interesting. Recall that this is the generation where Special was broken into Special Attack and Special Defense. So in this early version there are some neat differences.

Gyrados has a higher special attack 85 instead of 60 now.

However, some pokemon got hit hard, like Vaporeon and Mangneton has shit special attack now.
All the new Pokemon have shit stats except for Anchorage who actually evolves into a Pokemon with worse stats lol.
This is insanely cool
yo king
(08-24-2018, 02:05 PM)tim Wrote: [ -> ]yo king

hey buddy whats good?