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Full Version: When was the 'golden age' of the internet.
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If you had to picks time frame. Probably before I started using the internet.

as much as people have nostalgia for the older days (I know I like the older layouts) the internet didn't really hit its stride until the mid 2000s with youtube, myspace, and such, also, internet was slow as balls pre 2005

I'd say now that the facebook-ification of the internet is the biggest problem, also mobile phones.
I've only ever used mobile devices to use the internet. When i first joined pd I posted from an iPod. I can navigate the internet perfectly from a phone, and and think I'm actually better at than using computers
Also I wouldn't say mobile phones are horrible for the i internet, but it lead the way to alot more people bei my able to use the internet activity. Causing a resulting lurch forward in mobile phone development accessibility instead of computer accessibility
1999-2005 for community

2010 on for availability of information.

2006-2009 truly a dark period for the internet.
it's yet to come
2005-07 were happening years