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Full Version: got a ps4
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and a 4k hdr tv, im having eyegasms playing horizon zero dawn

any game recs? just pichubro probably
@pichubro i also have ass creed origins so if you play online hmu
Are you just into action games?

Bloodborne of course, if you have PS+ you can get it for free this month.

Other action games I have enjoyed are

Yakuza 0
Final Fantasy XV (highly polarizing so take my opinion with a grain of salt)
Nier: Automata
Monster Hunter World
Plus Horzion Zero Dawn but you have that covered.

I also recommend Undertale, Stardew Valley, and Persona 5 depending on your tastes.
yeah ps+ this month is stacked

got the nier demo and it kicks ass, ill pick it up at some point. and undertale ive played on pc. ill check out the other stuff though.

also you need a season pass to play ac origins online? on top of ps+? wtf?
update: season pass isnt what i thought it meant and assassins creed hasnt had multiplayer since black flag

I haven't had a console in years. I haven't actively played a video game in years really. Now a days I'm like I want to play a video game. Play a few hours of it. And never come back to it
Also I recommend bloodborne because it's basically a souls game, and stardew valley aswell
bloodbornes free for ps+ this month so i picked it up, its great but im still stuck in the first area
What was your starting weapon?
hunter axe, my origins is troubled childhood though
Spin to win
Hey that worked. Made it to the boss.
Which one, there's two heh. I wish I had PS Plus so we could play it together. I solo'd the entire game. The DLC has some bombass weapons too, not sure if the free version includes it.
i tried using a beckoning bell today and got murdered right when someone connected

and theres two? fuck me
im fighting the cleric beast
I have fallout on my PS4, but idk if I actually would suggest it as a game to get.
If you've seen the Celric Beast, now you can level up happy
but i need blood echoes for that right? i barely have enough to fix my weapon
Yeah, but you can grind them if you really feel like you need the levels
Ascsris have y ok ever played a souls game
this game made me break my controller
(03-13-2018, 11:20 PM)Dock Wrote: [ -> ]Ascsris have y ok ever played a souls game

The DLC is awesome, it gives you the mighty pizza cutter weapon that I used almost exclusively on my NG+ file (before that I was using the Saw Cleaver). Not to mention you get this badass sword when you beat one of the bosses.

[Image: tumblr_nyhvtw5CL61tt3wuco1_500.gif]

The DLC can be accessed around level 20 or so but I would recommend being closer to level 50 to beat it.
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