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Full Version: Hi random people.
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Once upon a time, I was an occasional poster on Seaking Forums. Before that, I was on the Cave of Dragonflies, back when a certain Khaos the Awesome Guy was posting. :V

Then I disappeared for a while. I'm registered on a lot of forums but haven't had a lot of time to devote to them. It's been so long since I was on Seaking, in fact, that I'm pretty sure I don't remember anyone from there, just that I participated at some point. :p But I'm hoping I can be more active online from here on out. 

Regardless, hello!
Secerelty there is no one from seaking forums here lol, but me
How do you know for sure Khaos
I don't even remember seaking forums
@Khaos Ah! Well, that makes things easier, then. xD

Seems like it was just yesterday when the seaking people were all on TCoD! This thread was great, lol.
Oh my god, the pronoun section of the profiles.

It's really cheesy.
Oh, I agree completely, heh.

I think the only thing keeping that forum alive at this point is the games. Those are the only threads I ever see people posting in anymore.
The only thing keeping this forum alive is that old people refuse to let it die and I'm the only poster.
Are you Seaking A New Home
Weird to think TCoD is dead.
oh god I remember Seaking forums

it seems like all these old Pokemon communities are just collapsing these days
Yeah, a lot of them are unfortunately. Seaking died quite some time ago. TCoD's a ghost town. Serebii is still alive and well, and I figure that'll continue. I believe that Bulbagarden is too, but I only pop in there occasionally. 

@pichubro I've wanted to start posting there again, but I can't find much to reply to, and I'm not really one for starting threads. All the general and Pokemon-related discussion threads are pretty dead.
If Serebii or Smogon died, I would be thoroughly surprised.

that said, bulbapedia's forums where never really active

I can't remember the name of the forum, but there was this forum where as part of your profile, you put Pokemon you wanted to trade and what kind of battles you wanted to have and it would pair you with people

what happened to that
I destroyed it from the inside out
... whats the name tho lol
im shocked bmgf is still alive, it was pretty inactive back when i frequented it 10 years ago
Ascaris you man this forum that has like 4 people
this forum is like a bristlecone pine tree, it may look dead, but it has weathered all of internet history and has deep roots
I'm one of the most active posters now and anyone from 2005 would have their minds blown by that.
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