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Quote:The order of steps in preparing a cup of tea is a much-debated topic, and can vary widely between cultures or even individuals. Some say it is preferable to add the milk before the tea, as the high temperature of freshly brewed tea can denature the proteins found in fresh milk, similar to the change in taste of UHT milk, resulting in an inferior-tasting beverage.[79] Others insist it is better to add the milk after brewing the tea, as black tea is often brewed as close to boiling as possible. The addition of milk chills the beverage during the crucial brewing phase, if brewing in a cup rather than using a pot, meaning the delicate flavour of a good tea cannot be fully appreciated. By adding the milk afterwards, it is easier to dissolve sugar in the tea and also to ensure the desired amount of milk is added, as the colour of the tea can be observed.[citation needed] Historically, the order of steps was taken as an indication of class: only those wealthy enough to afford good-quality porcelain would be confident of its being able to cope with being exposed to boiling water unadulterated with milk.[80] Higher temperature difference means faster heat transfer so the earlier you add milk the slower the drink cools. A 2007 study published in the European Heart Journal found certain beneficial effects of tea may be lost through the addition of milk.
Quote:Passenger pigeons were hunted by Native Americans, but hunting intensified after the arrival of Europeans, particularly in the 19th century. Pigeon meat was commercialized as cheap food, resulting in hunting on a massive scale for many decades. There were several other factors contributing to the decline and subsequent extinction of the species, including shrinking of the large breeding populations necessary for preservation of the species and widespread deforestation which destroyed its habitat. A slow decline between about 1800 and 1870 was followed by a rapid decline between 1870 and 1890. The last confirmed wild bird is thought to have been shot in 1900. The last captive birds were divided in three groups around the turn of the 20th century, some of which were photographed alive. Martha, thought to be the last passenger pigeon, died on September 1, 1914, at the Cincinnati Zoo. Eradication of the species has been described as one of the greatest and most senseless extinctions induced by humans.
Who adds milk to tea? Freaks.

Quote:When the police launched the murder investigation they were met with a "wall of silence"; none of the estimated seventy or so witnesses to the altercation came forward with information.[5][6][7][8] In conversations with family members, seventy-one potential witnesses claimed to have been in the pub's toilets at the time of the attacks. As the toilet measures just four feet by three feet,[9] this led to the toilets being dubbed the TARDIS, after the time machine in the television series Doctor Who, which is much bigger on the inside than on the outside.[10]
Quote:The United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW or CCWC), concluded at Geneva on October 10, 1980, and entered into force in December 1983, seeks to prohibit or restrict the use of certain conventional weapons which are considered excessively injurious or whose effects are indiscriminate. The full title is Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects. The convention covers landmines, booby traps, incendiary weapons, blinding laser weapons and clearance of explosive remnants of war
Quote:Among the collectors of aeronautical memorabilia there is a sub-culture of sickness-bag aficionados. The Guinness Book of Records recognizes Dutchman Niek Vermeulen as the world record holder for the number of different bags (6016 as of 29 January 2010).[2]

In 2004, Virgin Atlantic issued a limited edition set of half a million bags in collaboration with designer Oz Dean of 'forcefeed:swede'. Oz had conceived and run an online gallery of sick bags since 2000 under the project name "Design for Chunks". It challenged designers to illustrate the usually dull medium of the sick bag, as opposed to T-shirts or splash pages which were the standard challenges at the time.[3]

Although the project achieved cult status in a short time amongst the design community, Dean felt that it had run its course and closed it down in 2003. With the offer of doing the project for real (from Virgin Atlantic) "DFC" was opened up again, in 2004, with the strapline "This time it's real!" The printed bags were intended to be on the global fleet of planes for 6 months but only lasted 3, with people walking through the aisles collecting the sets. The project divided opinion and this came as no surprise to Virgin Atlantic which is intentionally the more offbeat airline company in comparison to their traditional rivals, British Airways. The whole set of 20 finalists designs as a framed piece can be found in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow, UK or online at the archived website.
fuck you all, i love my chai latte too much to be swayed towards the path of self-hatred over this elitist tripe!

I like how this thread is mostly what solly thinks is interesting. Don't get me wrong, it is interesting... But in a "if there isn't anything else to read, this would be something to mentally snack on."
No one else is posting anything ;~; Do yall not wikipedia binge!?
I only go to wikipedia to look up facts about something specific TBH.
i read wikipedia all the time. i just never think about this thread.
WARNING: Tvtropes link below

Quote:Oddly, for years after the introduction of early B&W televisions, it was assumed by a significant number of people that dreaming in monochrome was the norm and dreaming in color was a rarity. If you could have asked someone from a time before the age of TV if they dreamed in black and white, they'd look at you funny like you just said the sky is green with pink polka dots. This study notes that before the advent of B&W TV, most people dreamt in color, but people who were exposed to only B&W TV during childhood are more likely to dream in B&W than people raised on color TV.
That makes sense, I would sometimes dream in N64 graphics as a kid because I played way too much video games Tongue
For some reason as a kid, I thought that color wasn't added to the world in general until like 1962 when I heard about B&W and color TV

On phone so I'm too lazy to do much else besides posting the URL Tongue
Huh, we have always called them game trails, never heard desire path before. They're always fun to explore, especially in the mountains.
(10-19-2016, 07:57 PM)Uganda Pikachu Wrote: [ -> ]For some reason as a kid, I thought that color wasn't added to the world in general until like 1962 when I heard about B&W and color TV

Why is this a thing? I mean, I never once thought this. Is this something US kids imagine? I didn't grow up having a TV for most my life or when I was in Guatemala... so this is very interesting and dumb.
Also, the Mayan Zodiac (not really, but a tracker for the days of the "year")'in
(07-31-2016, 10:14 AM)ShineyRoxas Wrote: [ -> ]Who adds milk to tea? Freaks.

Virtually every person who isn't a retard

What are those mean?? -____-
I didn't find it on wikipedia specifically, but I recently learned that the majority of the people in the Free French army in WWII were foreign. So much so that when DeGaulle wanted to liberate Paris with a force that 'looked French', he had an inadequate force and had to use Spanish volunteers.
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