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im going to sleep now.  when i get back from work tomorrow i will try to finish the smilies, also i have a couple other ideas.
this is now the official good night thread
good night homos. try not the burn the place down.
I remember the goodnight thread on cosmo
I too am going to bed. I'll work on some of the art stuff tomorrow. Goodnight my fellow beekeepers
oh geez beekeepers xD
Kinda like that.
WTF it's 2:20? Uhhh PD MB, you sweet sweet honey bitch.
why are we called the honey bee in now??
(06-21-2016, 08:42 AM)King Wrote: [ -> ]why are we called the honey bee in now??

[Image: Final+Fantasy+VII+Screenshot+32+mukki+naked.jpg]
that image is perfect.
(06-21-2016, 04:39 PM)pichubro Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-21-2016, 08:42 AM)King Wrote: [ -> ]why are we called the honey bee in now??

[Image: Final+Fantasy+VII+Screenshot+32+mukki+naked.jpg]

We need to make a thread for these.
Hey you guys! There's this old place called Pokedream and apparently it's shutting down, and there's this really cool old drunk guy from like... the south or some shit, and he's like rambling on and making liek a eulogy and shit and it's really c00l. you should check it out.
yay qoorl made an account
i love the thread qoorl.
Great thread Qoorl.
So this qoorl dude.. he's like going through the history of this PD site... at least from the time he joined, and it's really disjointed because he's apparently a big old alchy.... but it's pretty damn interesting. I wish I could have met this interesting cast of characters. This Cosmo things that seems to be coming seems really ominous, but amazing at the same time.
What? Oh yeah it's me. I'm totally drunk, and I am totally gonna spin the entire PD history from the time I Joined till the final days. (as well as I can remember, skipping over parts I don't care about) I'd have a real account here, but I don't know my password. *cry Cry face*
Did passwords change or something? This is weird
Also I can merge your old account into this one if you want qoorl
Post it on here so we can shove it in the archive, too!
Somebody sober start copy pasting... and hmm... I may keep the name Qoorl... or should it stay Southern Discomfort... you deceide HB
but first a cigarette, in all honesty, I'm drunk as all get out, and trying to bring up the history of PD from memoery.... while close to staggeringly smashed is not as easy as one might imagine.
(06-25-2016, 03:02 AM)SouthernDiscomfort Wrote: [ -> ]you deceide HB

The HB revolution has gained STRONG support now!
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