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Full Version: Donation Perks
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We're currently on a fairly robust virtual private server, but it has recurring monthly costs of 15 dollars a month which we're hoping to cover as a community. If you send a donation via paypal (of at least a dollar) to send me a pm, and you'll be granted the following perks:

- Change username at will
- Custom username style

Donator List:
- Law
- Dan
- pichubro

If you'd rather not use paypal, PM either me or Faltzer and we can figure out an alternative.

Faltzer's still hosting us and it runs him about $15 dollars a month for the whole server. We're not a huge drain on resources, but he'd appreciate it if we could help offset some of the costs anyhow. His paypal is so send him a lil something if you can afford it.

If you do, send me a confirmation and you'll get the 'perks' listed above. And honestly I don't give a shit anymore about maintaining any semblance of professionalism on the forum, so for every 5 bucks you donate I'll acquiesce to whatever extra forum-related requests you ask for that isn't egregious (like admin privileges). Those of you who've already donated can cash it in.

Things you could get:
1. Profile customisation options beyond what's provided
2. Custom plugins/themes
3. Custom board with mod privileges
4. @cosmoforums email address (if you're boring as hell)
5. I don't fucking know, be creative
When I get more money and donate I want a cosmoforums email.
Animated avatars
you should be able to do that already, whats the size of the gif you're trying to use?
Oh, I never tried lol