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Full Version: A Startling Proposition.
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If we really are moving to a new forum, and PD's time is coming to an end, I propose we all pick new usernames for ourselves.
Ooh, I'm not too sure about that... I feel like I've always been the same username, it's hard to give it up
trixie if i had to go through ALL THAT WORK to capitalize that t you better not be changing it any time soon.
I was thinking that, too! I FINALLY got my T!!
I'm retiring my Doger The Brave moniker.
Things are going to feel so different
Once we get custom skins it'll feel like old PD again.
But all new names... it'll feel like a masquerade ball.
I am meowth ex aka mex aka the end bringer I am never changing my name reeeeee
I just changed my name recently
Don't think I will do this.
I'd go with Peebles
I already go by a new username everywhere else
i suppose if anyone wants a name change i'm forced to grant it.