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Full Version: SURVIVE!!!
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Okay...I'll give a senario...You say what you would do,and what would happen...okay...okay...Here goes...

''Lockdown!" an armed gunman has entered your have no idea how to hide...all doors are locked...You were in the restroom stall when the announcement came...You here foot steps...WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SURVIVE ?
i'd stand on the toilet, hold my breathe, and then when he burst into the stall, I'd punch him in the face, kick him in the nuts, take his gun, and hold it to his chin.
What if he has a female partner who shoots you in your arm? I would swing my legs, kick them both and run as fast as I can...Hopefully the nurse is open...Shes not...You get toilet paper to stop the blood. You here screams and gun shots...The gunners wunt to another section of the school...At the class room you see your best friend dead.
I, myself, would have held the gun tighter to the male's head and said, "One step closer and your partner gets lead through his face."
Waddya mean ''wow''?
dont know
well, for the first part, i'd probably fuck with their heads and suck their blood. I hope they dont carry silver bullets.


there was coincidentally a cell phone in my hand when the girl shot me in the arm so i dropped it then i managed to shoot her gun so they where left defensless and i shot both of them then i turned around to look at the floor but......... the cell phone was gone.......

bum bum bum
It was captured by the evil cellphone gremlins, who want more cellphones, so they start to run after you in an angry horde. What do you do?
I would grab the nearest pointy object and swing it while singing "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" with a bat in a carwash. And then I would stab all of the little monsters with a fork. Yes...